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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Album Of The Day- Unpersons-"III" (2003)

The Album Of The Day is "III"
by Unpersons.


"I can't say I've heard anything like this before, and that is a damn good thing. Unpersons are bringing something unique to the table with this release. They use crust as a foundation for their insane sound, but maintain a very loose song writing style over the course of this 11 song monster, that shows there are really no limits as to what they are ready to unleash on your unsuspecting ears. Mellow, almost jazzy sections of psychedelia turn into out of control bursts of hatred without a moment's notice. The band even get downright sludgy from time to time with a few very well placed doom riffs that are a bit punked up in the vein of late greats, Cavity and Buzzov*en. Add to this some extremely fucked up vocals and you are in for a trip that you won't soon forget!! It is an intense, musical journey that is nothing short of insane and even epic at times. This is an amazing album." (Anonymous)

Track Listing:

01. Iron Worn
02. Apocryphal Son Lying
03. Last Tear for a Fallen
04. The Actor
05. Sheath
06. Ligature, I'm Stolen
07. Beauty-Symptom
08. Blank in the Dead Light
09. ...of Silence
10. Temple of the Defeated Sweat
11. Ukiyo, Black with Vultures



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