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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Javelina Hits the Road

Philly`s sludge-metal badasses Javelina hit the road next week on another East Coast tirade, bringing their down-tuned dropkick of depraved doom alongside some hellish other acts, including Sourvein, Monstrosity, Alleged Satanic Ritual Abuse, and more. The reviews on this face-fisting debut are spraying through the media like bloodied teeth fragments.

"Philadelphia`s Javelina are all about the ugly... like Crowbar arm wrestling High on Fire for possession of your soul..."
- Outburn

"Things go from ugly to uglier in a hurry and you find yourself wondering how the fuck Iron Maiden, Motörhead, early C.O.C., and Celtic Frost... could ever be assembled into something so seamless and crushing."
- Decibel

"...Javelina`s self-titled Translation Loss debut is a motherfucker..."
- Pitchfork

07/10/2008: Richmond, VA - Nara Sushi, with Sourvein
07/11/2008: Baltimore, MD - Talking Head, with Sourvein
07/12/2008: Philadelphia, PA - M Room, with Sourvein, Gunna Vahm
07/14/2008: New York, NY - The Knitting Factory, with Demiricous, Monstrosity
07/27/2008: Philadelphia, PA - Mill Creek Tavern, with Skeletonwitch
08/16/2008: Philadelphia, PA - The Khyber, with Gridlink, Hayaino Daisuki, ASRA, The Claw


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