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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

DriveByWire Updates

From DriveByWire:

Hell yeah, dear DriveByWire friends,

A big howdy to all of you. Hope you're fine. Some excellent news we have for you this summer!!

Besides al the touring the last 2 year (including a smashing UK tour, leaving a trail of smouldering stages and flabbergasted audiences), Alwin and Simone worked their asses off to write a whole new bunch of dangerously heavy songs.

Currently we are working with Remco Cornelissen (ex-Incence, Flying Fortress) beating the shit out of the drums and René Rutten (the Gathering) playing the four string bassmonster, adding even more low-end rumble to the thunderous DriveByWire sound, like an good old v8 engine on full bore! Occasionally you might find Jerome Miedendorp de Bie (ex-Spitball) behind the drums. And then there is Maz (ex-Cords, Dangermen), who sometimes pops up like a devil out of a box playing anything, as long as it has strings and is capable of producing noise that will strip the paint off your walls.

Ehhmm, where were we? … oh yeah, new songs! Damn dear dudes and dudettes, what new stuff we have! Even more heavy and darker than the old stuff, but at the same time more melodic ….. So how will it sound? we boldly go where no band has gone before, so there is not yet a label to stick on, let's just call it " Roadtrip Doomrock" , that'll do….

"Yeah, whatever, but when can we hear this new stuff that we've waited for so long?" I hear you think; expected release-date of the new album will be 2nd of October 2008 ( by Konkurrent/My First SonnyWeissmuller), then your patience will be rewarded!

We are recording at Studio Metro with Maz, mixing will be done by Pete Weiss at studio Verdant all the way up in the beautiful hills of Vermont (USA), mastering by Jeff Lipton at Peerless in Boston (USA).

The first new live gigs are confirmed:

Sept.13 Metropool,Hengelo ( opening for The Freeks ( USA), with the likes of Fu Manchu, Monster Magnet, Nebula)

Sept.26 Emsdetten, Germany (Rock am Brink- free open air festival)

Okt. 2 Burgerweeshuis, Deventer. early show! ( with Brant Bjork and Gomer Pyle).

More dates to be expected. Just keep checking WWW.MYSPACE.COM/DRIVEBYWIRE .

Looking forward seeing you at one of our live gigs, HELL YEAH!

Right on,

Simone Holsbeek & Alwin Wubben

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