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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Announcing Borracho

A tasty and powerful new musical concoction has been brewing in Washington DC and is finally being unleashed upon the unsuspecting world. Borracho starts with the key ingredient of classic rock and roll, mixes in an epic metal sensibility, pumps the toxicity level up a notch with a hefty dose of stoner grooves, and rounds out its smooth but potent flavor with a dash of doom.

Borracho is the byproduct of a thriving microcosm of the rock scene in the nation’s capital. Members of Assrockers and Adam West contribute to the band, but in different capacities than in their main bands. Formed as another outlet for their musical creativity, the members of Borracho - Noah, Steve, Tim, and Mario - tossed around the idea of starting a straight-up stoner rock band, and that each of them would fill a role they don’t play in their other bands. So you find Assrockers/Adam West lead guitarist Mario behind the drum kit, Assrockers drummer Noah center stage singing and playing rhythm guitar, Adam West bassist Steve moving over to play lead guitar, and Assrockers rhythm guitarist Tim holding down the low end on bass.

Currently honing their live set and planning an EP or full length release in late 2008 or early 2009, the band will debut their first recorded song on a 7” split single with Adam West in summer 2008. This limited edition release of “Rectify” on No Balls Records (Germany) should find the band a burgeoning fan base among the more metal-leaning Adam West fans, and expose them to new fans on the European continent.

Borracho will begin playing shows this summer. Their live debut is planned for August 28 at The Red and The Black in Washington DC with Cortez (Boston), We’re All Gonna Die (Boston), and Solenoid (Belgium).

For more information, or to contact the band at www.myspace.com/borrachorocks, www.borrachomusic.com, or at info@borrachomusic.com.

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