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Saturday, June 21, 2008

New Band To Burn One To-Mangoo (Rock/Psychedelic/Electro-Fuzz)

"THE TALE OF THE CLAN MANGOO. One night, while relaxing in a hammock on my native coast, a three-headed god approached me in my herbal induced dreams and said: “Arise Igor Bull-spawn, Shaman of the water bong, Warrior of the booming sound. You are to leave your pleasant life on this paradise island and travel far north to the land at the end of the earth, there in those frozen wastes you will you join an Ostrobotnian clan and together you will embark on a sacred quest.� His voice was low and it buzzed in my ears, it compelled me to obey; before I could ask anything of him, the god vanished from my mind as fast as he had appeared and I woke confused and distraught. A strange word was working its way from the back of my head to my mouth and many moons would pass before I had any meaning for me, nevertheless I raised my fists to the sky and shouted: PERKELE! Not a full cycle had passed when full of gifts from my tribe and armed only with my thunder axe I left for FINLAND. I also took with me some sacred herb seeds in case they didn’t grow in this cold lands. Upon arriving I wandered lost for many moons, the locals were very strange with pale skin, golden hair and eyes as light as the skies. I could not understand a word of their language, which sounded as harsh as their climate. I despaired in the long winter nights and began to wonder if the course of my quest was wise. But that all changed the night I met Pickles, a red-bearded follower of the path of fire, who acted most friendly towards me. Our cultural differences were quickly drowned in firewater and peace-smoke. I was happy to discover that not only did he possess a sacred axe too, but that it buzzed as low as the voice of God. From then on we were inseparable and together we had many adventures in the name of chaos. Drinking as much firewater and stealing as many maidens as we could find in every inn of this land. But we were not satisfied yet. The voice of God commanded us to find the rest of the chosen ones. In a strange moment of clarity Pickles decided to contact some warriors he had met as young in his native Ostrobotnia. They were both veteran warriors who had joined together during the Dead Flowers battle up north. The first warrior was Mattarn,,also known as Sir Mathias Åkerlund, master of the shrieking axe. His element was Air. The second warrior was Jarno, also known as superbum a.k.a. The mad drummer savant. I needed only to hear his articulated paradoxical eloquence to know he was the man for the job. His element was earth. Now our group was almost complete but four doesn't make a coven. Something was missing. That something came in the form of Nikky, a mysterious goth technomage, who completed our sound by adding a layer of electro fuzz produced with many different magical boxes of obscure precedence. His element was chaos. Now the circle is complete. We are the clan, Warlocks and Warriors, the drunken freedomfigthers, joined together in a mystical quest to bring the creed of the buzzing god to as many ears as possible until chaos reigns supreme. We are MANGOO and we are invading your town soon. So all you WASTED GIRLS and drunken clan-members, prepare for the alkohol infused invasion of the drunken freedomfigthers!!!..."

Check out the band's MySpace page to check out their killer sound!

For fans of Monster Magnet, Kyuss, and Devo.

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