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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Album Of The Day-Tummler-"Early Man" (2002)

The Album Of The Day is "Early Man" by Tummler.


Everything about Tummler is "thick" - thick utterances from overdriven amplification; thick percussive blasts, hell, even Brad Buldak's trademark delivery is thick. A kinetic wall of huge sound. This is the kinda stuff where you stand away from the club's PA for fear of spontaneous peristalsis in the lower intestine. Hearing damage at the very least.

This is Tummler's second major release, pert near three years after the release of Queen to Bishop IV on Man's Ruin. And we all know what happened there. The signature Man's Ruin kitty ended balls up on a lonely San Fran street.

So God bless Small Stone for stepping up to plate and knocking one out of the park for the boys from Illinois. Early Man will not disappoint those that dug the rich n' heavy druggy space doom vibes emanating from Queen to Bishop IV. I'll tell ya right now that "Arlo" with it's Danzig-on-Percoset crush and "Planet Moai"'s epic long space funeral dirge have the makings of classics. While I liked "Here's to Your Destruction"'s decidedly upbeat instrumental sentiment than the rest of the album, it doesn't detract from the remainder. I just don't really like instrumentals that much. But that's my own trip. And we all know I have issues. It's great to have Tummler back in action. Early Man is an equal opportunity release. Stoner and Metal fans alike ought to embrace this one in equal measure. (Chris Barnes, Hellride Music)

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Track Listing:

01. Shooting Blanks
02. Ario
03. Freightliner
04. Planet Moai
05. Here's to Your Destruction
06. Lost Sense of the Cosmic
07. Dreaming of a Real Life *
08. War is Our Destiny (St. Vitus cover)*

* Hidden tracks available on first pressing only


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