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Saturday, May 10, 2008

New Band To Burn One To-The House Of Capricorn

Here is an awesome band to check out today. They are called The House Of Capricorn (HOC) and hail from New Zealand. Their music is best described as a blistering mix of Sludge, Swamp and a whole lot of groove. Check out the review below.


Wahoo! Sludge and swamp-flavored rock to get your groove on to! And groove you will! HoC from Auckland have hit gold with their first release, a wicked three-track EP of grimly grandeur. Track one, ' The Rivers And The Rain' is a ripper. I fricken love this tune. Groove, great playing and most righetous melodies give this song life and its a real showcase for the cool vocals of Marko Pavlovic. A sincere delivery and a warm and charismatic voice, Marko trips the song into life with the first lines, "I lost my groove today/ caught up tied down/ blew the game". Compelling, classy and powerful, this track has got it down in our recorded history books as a great Kiwi song. Period! The second track is 'Lies Nazareth' and it continues the dark and gritty theme nicely and shows off the talents, and potential of the band. Recorded by Retractile Audio in New Zealand, the EP was mastered by Alan Douches (Mastodon, Ben Folds Five, Fall Out Boy, The Chemical Brothers) and the band will back it up with a tour shortly. The last track is 'Sleep', it dooms slowly and drags you wretched and filthy by the withered scruff into The House of Capricorn's acid-flecked dreams. And you will love it! This Rules.

-Rip It Up Magazine. 4/5

Official Website

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