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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Free Album Download-Devillac-"Three Hours To Coma"

"The story of our band goes way back and although Devillac was founded in the summer of 2000, we have a history of playing together for over a decade, such bands as Supercruiser and Fuzzbender probably being the most memorable ones and worth mentioning.

After Daredevil Records released the well-received Devillac vs. Transonic Science split in 2001 we started to work on a bunch of new songs for a full-length album that was recorded but never released as some major line-up changes were made in the band about four years ago.
Vesa was replaced by Micki as the singer and Janne joined us as the second guitarist.
We then started to work on new growly rock’n’roll songs that would become the album Three Hours to Coma."


*Merchandise can also be purchased through their MySpace page



Let's face it – The Queens of the Stone Age of this era is not the same one that crawled out of the primordial fuzz ooze over a decade ago. It's not a surprise – bands, like individuals, grow up and change. But that doesn't mean you always have to like it.

For those staring wistfully at their well-worn copy of Queens' debut and wondering what went wrong, there's always the second and third generation stoner rock bands, the ones that aren't quite ready to veer off the beaten path. Even though Three Hours to Coma is Devillac's first full-length, this Finnish four-piece (five at the time of recording) has been kicking around since 2000, so this is a road that the band's tread many a time.

The ten song Coma is thickly steeped in that early desert sound – hard hitting and riff friendly but with enough of a pop sheen to keep it catchy. It seems odd to compliment the band on presumed source material, but really, it was good hearing music that has an obvious nod to both the Queens split with Kyuss and the one with Beaver. The title track, “Mental,” “Kamikaze,” and “Next Level” each have a “Born to Hula”/”The Bronze” feel to them. Those songs have a subtle quirkiness that makes Devillac more than just another Scandinavian stoner rock band. For those wanting something more direct, try the Fu Manchu-inspired “White Knuckle Drive” or the prerequisite slow burning closer "Gainer."

Ultimately, Three Hours to Coma will be filed squarely in the “Sounds like Queens” category. There's not a lot that separates them from the pack, but, as I've said in the past, that's not really the point. (John Pegoraro, StonerRock.com)

Track Listing:

01. Three Hours To Coma
02. Man Without A Spine
03. PB
04. Winchester
05. Mental
06. Kamikaze
07. Rough Mountain
08. Next Level
09. White Knuckle Drive
10. Gainer


*This download is for preview purposes only. It will be deleted in 24 hours. Please support the band and purchase their merchandise.

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