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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Album Of The Day-Brain Police-"Beyond the Wasteland" (2008)

The Album Of The Day is "Beyond The Wasteland" by Brain Police.


“Who are the brain police?” Frank Zappa asked that question back in 1966. Whatever he thought the answer might be, I doubt if he considered that it was a classic heavy riffrock band from Iceland; after all, even Frank didn’t know everything.

It’s too bad Frank couldn’t have lived to hear these guys, because despite his intellectual leanings he was also able to appreciate good rawkin’ every once in awhile; witness his involvement with Grand Funk!

Which is where the Brain Police come in. They formed back in 1998 on the little volcanic island of Iceland, and unbeknownst to most of the world, they’ve been rocking the heavy riff ever since. In fact this is my first exposure to them, but I’m hoping they’ll send me their back catalog, because this is some classic hard rocking ensemble playing, and we all know that any fan of The Heavy can never get enough of THAT. Instantly accessible, they’ve got a gift for melody and evidently do not suffer from bloated self-images, because ego opportunities like guitar solos are always short and to the point and always in the service of the melody. So good on ‘em!

‘Rooster Booster’ has a classic FM sound that seems to combine Mountain with Dozer, with a short, tasteful, fuzzy guitar solo. ‘Thunderbird’ boasts some killer drums and is the song most obviously influenced by Kyuss. ‘Snake’ showcases a bit of the old Fender Rhodes, and ‘Sweet Side of Evil’ sounds like something John Garcia might get involved in after a three-day bender. Nice.

OK, so you’ve heard something like it before, but if your collection boasts the likes of Greenleaf, Dozer, Sgt. Sunshine, Asteroid, Blowback, Unida, Hermano, Nebula, Sparzanza, Josiah, Frame and Honcho, then push ‘em all over to the side and make room for Brain Police. It’s the least you can do. (Kevin McHugh, HellrideMusic.com)

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Track Listing:

01. Rooster Booster
02. Hot Chicks & Hell Queens
03. Black Tulip
04. Thunderbird
05. Snake
06. Mystic Lover
07. The Baron
08. Leo
09. Human Volume
10. Beyond the Wasteland
11. Sweet Side of Evil



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