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Saturday, April 12, 2008

New Band To Burn One To-Black Pyramid

Three man army from Massachusetts formed by veterans of a thousand psychic wars with a mutual desire to pummel the universe with their arcane sonic assault, containing ex-members of Artimus Pyledriver, Palace in Thunderland and Black Fucking Doom. This band brings the doom with an emphasis on the big blues of Sabbath, Sleep and Earthride. This 7” is the first official release and contains a re-recorded version of 'Visions of Gehenna', wich was the opener for their 2007 demo. Side B hosts a new epic song 'Caravan'.

Review Of 7":

Black Pyramid has quickly risen to a level so good that it is frightening. I fell in love with the band because of their three track demo disc and now several months later they are on the cusp of dropping this new 7" on the masses. This is doom done in the way of the masters. You’ll feel everything from Sabbath and Sleep to the esteemed Maryland doom greats flowing through the blood of these battle ready warriors. On this 7" for Electric Earth the band chose to rerecord the mighty riff-fest "Visions of Gehenna" from the demo and offer up a brand new one called "Caravan".

First off the sound quality on these recordings is fantastic. Matt Washburn twiddled the knobs and did a fantastic job, allowing the songs to showcase their psychedelic tendencies without losing a bit of their ferocity. "Visions…" strikes with a brand new ferocity due to the sheer might of the recording. Tones that were a tad flatter on the demo are now clearly pronounced making the song even better. It was a monster in the first place but now stares its full potential right in the eyes only to deftly rip them out with new found authority. The smoky hue of Sleep’s rumbling grooves burns high in the sky above a wall of commanding vocals and earthen riffs that daringly tread paths both pummeling and psychedelic.

What was especially exciting about this release is the inclusion of a new jam, "Caravan". Here the band begins with a wandering spaced out groove that builds light distortion around initially clean textures. Things start to swagger toward a crushing bottom end but the band finds a way to remain subtle and therefore develop an irresistible melodic shuffle coupled with an appropriately mystical vocal delivery. Part two of this track is drenched in total, ground shaking heaviness the likes of which will put a huge smile across the face of all lovers of classic doom out there. I can certainly see why these guys cite Cavity as an influence. Whilst the riffs in the latter half of this track are purely old school doom, the band latches onto a dirt-caked bombast that isn’t far removed from Florida’s finest bottom feeders. You’ll never hear me complain about a band putting such influences to work and BP manages to cross over into some pretty punishing realms here and again without losing their classic swing.

Seriously, if this type of thundering mayhem is your cup of tea there is no excuse to miss out on this release. Trust me that this band is going to drop an LP that every fan of this style will remember. I’m amazed at just how much prowess they’ve shown over the course of four songs. Yes, four songs and they’re that good at this timeless style. Fans of Sleep, Sabbath, Earthride, High on Fire, Cavity and other wielders of ironclad riffs can’t miss this 7". Something big is coming on the horizon from these guys; mark my words, listen to this record and count the days until the band delivers an album that is sure to be a must listen experience in the entire doom world. (Hellride Music)

Mastered by Matt Washburn (Mastodon,...)
Artwork by D.:.SROKA
Pressing of 500 copies: 400 black and 100 white for pre-orders.

Pre-order now.

Electric Earth Records

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