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Friday, April 18, 2008

THE GATES OF SLUMBER: More Video Footage From Recording Studio

Indianapolis, Indiana-based doom metal band THE GATES OF SLUMBER will release its third album, "Conqueror", in North America on May 27 via Profound Lore (I Hate in Europe). The CD was recorded at Volume Studios with producer Sanford Parker, who has previously worked with BIBLE OF THE DEVIL, LAIR OF THE MINOTAUR and NACHMYSTIUM, among others.

Video footage from the recording sessions can be viewed below.

Commented vocalist/guitarist Karl Simon: "This episode is basically a collection of clips from the session at Volume. I backed it with the music to the song 'The Machine' which will be on the album. Because of my shitty movie program on my computer, this might be my last one. The sound to the song is a bit distorted and well, the images are just too dark. But at least it shows the fun that we all had there. There are some cameos from some Chicago death metal legends in the clip as well! Do you know who they are?"

"Conqueror" track listing:

01. Trapped in the Web
02. Conqueror
03. Ice Worm
04. Eyes of the Liar
05. Children of Satan
06. To Kill and Be King
07. The Machine
08. Dark Valley Suite
I. Black River I
II. Lines Written With the Knowledge That I must Die
III. Call of the Black Gods
IV. Black River II

Check out the cover artwork at this location.

According to a press release, "Conqueror" is "an adventurous jaunt, with the epic and colossal nature of the songs being more to the point, which in turn makes 'Conqueror' the most tightly knit, focused and structured THE GATES OF SLUMBER offering to date. Produced and recorded by Sanford Parker, hence one can only expect a nice warm and natural sound that opposes all the triggered and digitally processed garbage that's pretty much polluting the scene, everything about 'Conqueror' is mighty. From the memorably constructed melodies, Karl Simon's passionately sung vocals and awesome guitar solos, and the wicked rhythm section provided by bassist Jason McCash and drummer Bob Fouts, 'Conqueror' is pretty much an album that defines everything we here at Profound Lore Records like about metal, and is an album that again, gives us faith that there is such a thing today as true quality metal with class and conviction."

THE GATES OF SLUMBER's debut album, "The Awakening", will finally be reissued in the spring via Emissary Records. The LP, which was originally released in February 2004 on Belgium's now-defunct Final Chapter Records, has been out of print for the last two years. The album features the live favorites "Broken on the Wheel" and "The Jury". This new version is a remastered edition that includes a bonus track ("The Cloaked Figure"), which was recorded during the original studio session, a totally new cover done by Ken Kelly (KISS, RAINBOW, MANOWAR and also THE GATES OF SLUMBER's second album, "Suffer No Guilt"). It will also come with a DVD featuring live footage taken from Doom Shall Rise III, London and other hotspots around the globe featuring the lineup from that album.

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