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Friday, April 11, 2008

Album Of The Day-Trouble-"Trouble" (1990)

The self-titled album by Trouble will always be one of my favorite albums of all-time. I am not quite sure why the Trouble catalog isn't more easily accessible. There must be some legal tie-ups or that the new label that they are on just isn't serving the band justice, I mean come on, their new album "Simple Mind Condition" was released in Europe last February and has yet to see a US release date. They are currently on a US tour in support of an album that has yet to be released here. Escapi should do Trouble fans a favor and re-issue all of their albums. I couldn't find any streams of the album and the album is currently listed as used starting at $54.95 on Amazon.com if you feel compelled to spend that much for a CD.


Following the conclusion of their recording deal with Metal Blade and three years of relative silence, few fans expected to ever hear from Chicago's Trouble again. But maverick producer Rick Rubin surprisingly entered the picture in 1990, signing the band to his Def American vanity label and helping them record the most consistent album of their career. As suggested by its eponymous title, the record found Trouble going back to the essence of their gloomy, Sabbath-inspired sound, yet simultaneously injecting it with fresh ideas and reinvigorated energy, not heard since their 1984 debut, Psalm 9. Indeed, the Trouble L.P. came absolutely stacked with outstanding doom anthems in the shape of the mega-riffic "At the End of My Daze", the organ-infused "The Wolf," and the White Metal staple "Heaven on My Mind." Meanwhile, the impossibly heavy and catchy "R.I.P.," and the especially psychedelic "Psychotic Reaction" (a hint of things to come), vied for supremacy as the greatest heavy metal song Black Sabbath never wrote. Then again, this honor might have just as easily been bestowed upon the band's mournful redirection of first album classic "The Misery Shows (Act II)," or the majestic denouement of album closer "All is Forgiven," thanks to what is quite simply one of the greatest heavy metal riffs ever conceived. Embellished by extended guitar harmonies and solos, said riff also confirmed Bruce Franklin and Rick Wartell's reputation as the best lead guitar tag team in doom metal history. The same championship belt might likewise have been Trouble's, were it not for the unfortunate condition of heavy metal (glam-rock mania!) at the time of this magnum opus' release; a tragic state of affairs which sadly relegated to obscurity what, by all rights, should have been a genre landmark. (Eduardo Rivadavia, All Music Guide)

Track Listing:

01. "At the End of my Daze" – 3:13
02. "The Wolf" – 4:33
03. "Psychotic Reaction" – 3:15
04. "A Sinner's Fame" – 4:18
05. "The Misery Shows (Act II)" – 7:21
06. "R.I.P." – 4:08
07. "Black Shapes of Doom" – 3:47
08. "Heaven on My Mind" – 4:09
09. "E.N.D." – 2:23
10. "All Is Forgiven" – 5:12

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