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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Mass Releases New EP

San Francisco Bay Area metal/punk/jazz/lunatic combo The Mass proudly releases the limited CD-R EP Holocene #6, now boasting four-string assault skills of Andrew Lund (Lower Forty-Eight, Sons of Oswald). Once again utilizing producer Tim Green of The Fucking Champs, four fullthrottle tunes showcasing blasphemous sonic headfuckery, raw death guitar ripping flesh, thrashing scream throat hate, warped unjazz Coleman saxophone massacre, too-distorted fuck you bass chugs, neck-snapping too-fast frantic drum fragments, thudding plodding stop-on-a dime, fast/slow unorthodox approach to music composition, answering to no trend, caring for no approval, leaving all who know this disc chock full of Fuck-off old-school punk Coltrane disaster-economics. End game, we do not care any more about popularity contests and online friend-orgies, we just wanted to say fuck it all and make the gnarliest shit of our careers, and we did, and you are holding it now here in your hands, fucking crank it sucker.

"Even when they`re bouncing off the walls, hitting you with a flurry of off kilter rhythms, jagged jackhammer riffs, barked vocals, and jarring saxophone, they`re still moving as one."
- StonerRock.com

"...the material on Holocene #6 is the best of their work thus far. Tension builds with controlled, metallic bursts packed with devious guitar riffs that eventually unite under a banner of galloping thrash and later maniacally tripped out jazz metal."
- Hellride Music

"...the band’s hostile, peppy metallinoise scratches that crusty scab on my heart that’s existed ever since Amphetamine Reptile stopped releasing new material."
- Prefix Mag

"If this is the continued direction of The Mass, they`ll be right where Every Time I Die and Dillinger Escape Plan was a couple years ago before those two broke out."
- The Metal Minute

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