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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Album Of The Day-Orange Goblin-"Time Travelling Blues" (1999)

The Album Of The Day is "Time Travelling Blues" by Orange Goblin.

You like your stoner rock, people? Ya like it heavy? Ya want some? Need some? Have I got the band for ya. With a detonating guitar crunch and snarly, bluesy vocals in tow, England's Orange Goblin are one of the tightest stoner rock outfits out there. This follow up to the massively gripping debut _Frequencies From Planet Ten_ (1997) is laced with some ultra-heavy grooves and totally mind numbing doses of metal heaviness (a la Sleep / St. Vitus). Orange Goblin speaks to us with resounding results. Get swallowed within the mammoth walls of noise from such tracks as "Solarisphere", "Diesel (Phunt)" and "Nuclear Guru". How could you not want to crank this up? Light up, crank this and scare the fuck out of your neighbors! Orange Goblin wouldn't have it any other way.(Adrian Bromley-Chronicles Of Chaos)

Track Listing:

1. Blue Snow (MP3)
2. Solarisphere
3. Shine
4. The Man Who Invented Time
5. Diesel (Phunt)
6. Snail Hook
7. Nuclear Guru
8. Lunarville 7, Airlock 3
9. Time Travelling Blues


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