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Friday, September 30, 2011

New Band To Burn One To: HEADLESS KROSS



Headless Kross are a heavy rock /doom metal 3 piece formed in early 2011 in Glasgow, Scotland. They have recently released their debut album, "Bear" as a "pay what you like" download and encourage the free sharing of the album across the planet. Members have been involved in the underground music scene for over 15 years playing in bands such as Ultimo Dragon, Atomgevitter, The Process and many others.

"Bulldozing their way through epic hunks of sludge, Glasgow, Scotland's one and only Headless Kross will bury you under a monster pile of doom. Pooling together a perpetual blend of crunchy and majestic guitar buzz, uber-heavy power chords, and moments of insanity, Headless Kross's colossal sound will leave you beaten and bruised. Check out their latest CD "Bear" streaming below."


Thursday, September 29, 2011




GALAXIES IN THE RIVER play music with a pulse, an ebb and flow-sometimes fast and sometimes slow. They feel most at home in the instrumental vintage grooves of the late 60's/70's hard blues, psychedelic bands of that time. Caring little for trends, ego head trips and catering to the flavour of the day, they seek to explore they're own vision- with a purist, kind of outer style. They walk the outer style.


"Toronto-based band Galaxies in the River harken back to the days when heavy rock music filled your veins with passion. With influences ranging from Captain Beyond to Hendrix the all-instrumental vibes reek of pure seventies heavy rock, complete with glorious solos, psychedelic mind-trips and funky desert rock grooves. The warbled wah-wah and muddied heaviness undermine the otherwise clean production and impressive musicianship. This is a band that deserves your attention."


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Album Review: The Dive

Finding a strong balance between fresh fuzz and fully-realized songwriting is seldom successful in this post-everything age. Nothing sounds fresh, nothing sounds organic, and nothing sounds like it deserves an encore spin in your ridiculous E-91-guzzling tin box you call your car. These four Athenians fully represent the sliver of what remains right about heavy contemporary music. The grooves are undeniable and well-constructed, the timing and structure is perfect, and the songs are as beautifully realized as anything you'll hear today.

Starting your day with Fresh Blue Coffee may be the only fun your life allows. The 90's grunge-throwback buzz is enough to get you past that 2:30 feeling and keep your dick hard. Monkey J.'s vocals scream weathered Mike Ness, but the forlorn and dusty guitar licks complement an incredible rolling groove to make you think twice before leaving your car and walking into class. Go with it. Skip whatever you're doing and listen to EVERY SINGLE TRACK.

Throughout The Dive's self-titled debut, they manage to maintain a steady, spacy rhythm that showcases incredible riffs by Monkey J. and Titos, the steadily-bubbled bass of Livy, and Taz's versatile and unparalleled drumwork. Kyuss-worshippers will find comfort in tracks like Lockjaw and Billy Jean, both soaked in fuzzy Homme-tequila riffs. Rocking chair guitars, choppy rhythms, and a shit-ton o' fuzz characterize The Dive's sound, but Monkey's vocals can't be ignored either. His repeptitive, screened-door vocals counter an atmospheric desert trip that may just be the perfect place to let your body lie.

But from the deserts of the west to the craters of Mars, listeners roll through Lydia & The Pigheads on a distant, spacey, gorgeous trip to a neighborhood bonfire on the moon. This cool roll through the galaxy holds rhythm steady as embers reach the heavens. A crunchy granola roll leads the listener to the track's swaying end. What's most stunning is that this barely scratches the paint as a highlight of the album.

The sound on tracks like Desden, Pets In Rabbies, and The Field are likely to spread this band's appeal beyond Greece, beyond Europe, and into the deepest plunges of this ridiculously monstrous solar system. Desden's hollow-pipe guitar fuzz cruises through a stoner dustbowl, between mountains, ultimately landing right where Kyuss allowed Space Cadet's guitars to act like they'd done all they could. Please.

Hums discovered just beneath desert-guitar pleas characterize the sunburned, hand-holding Pets in Rabbies. Friends join the buzz, rhythm settles, and we're fuckin' jammin'! Guitars take their podium here, breaking and bouncing, chopping and bubbling. You may just wanna play this song, slice tomatoes from your neighbor's garden, and pretend you're done thinking for the day.

The Field carries the album's atmospheres to the psych trippiness we'd been expecting the last forty minutes. Drums blaze, guitars fight over the last available seat, and gorgeous fuzz melodies leave listeners believing they've found exactly what's been missing in their lives. The space-warble here could spend under three seconds filling an arena with more sound than the entire Rolling Stone index generated in several decades.

There's so much here. The fuzzy, hot-box sounds of Fabio, Fabio, complete with exasperated vocals and a deep plunge into a scratched space rollick is breathtaking. Iguana's quick fuzz romp is repetitive, welcoming dune-buggy fun. And Plan 9 From Outer Space is heavy on southern licks, hanging like creepy ex-boyfriends on mossy Savannah trees.

From the album's ashy lead-off stroke to the final breath of the hidden track's primal, organic, and effortless amalgam, The Dive roll through smoky psychedelic jams that no debut album should rightly boast. Soaring, moon-shot riffs, grooving tempos, and a brilliant vocal high-five make this self-titled the perfect soundtrack to a snakebite hospital rush. Enjoy this; it may not happen again.

Facebook | Myspace | Reverbnation | Soundcloud

Heavy Planet was SO impressed with this release that we're pairing up with The Dive and giving away TWO free copies of this album! These will go to the first two (2) readers who send their name and address to heavyplanet2001@yahoo.com. Huge apologies to our readers overseas, this is only open to US residents.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Threefold Law Announces Launch New Mobile Website and Revenant App for the Droid

Threefold Law, Cleveland's doom pioneers and winner of the HeavyPlanet/The Soda Shop March Bandness competition announces the launch of their new mobile website and Revenant app for the Droid. Go to http://www.threefoldlaw.com/ or scan the QR code from any mobile device and get automatically routed to a customized version of the full website with streaming music, live performances, and album reviews.

In addition, Threefold Law presents the “Revenant” app for Droid users. With an intuitive interface and clean design, stream the entire album, read the story, and more. Users of the iPhone, Blackberry, or any handheld device can access Revenant through the mobile site.

Enjoy all of the enhancements, free of charge.

New Band To Burn One To-BEAR BRAWLER



Bear Brawler was formed in January 2010 in the swamp-town of Lisieux in the middle of the French Bayou. The three members of the band, Jez (Bass / Vocals), Martin (Drums), Beartrand (Guitar) shared their taste for low-end down-tempo metal and gave birth to a first demo entitled "Tales from the putrid swamp" in March 2011. Our creed: heavy riffs, fat sound and sepulchral voice ! The band is still writing new stuff, which we hope will come out soon. Stay doooomed!!!

"French band Bear Brawler tackles a plethera of meaty stick-to-your-ribs doom riffs, hollowed out logs of sludge, and thrashy moments on their latest EP "Tales From the Putrid Swamp". These swamplords combine great storytelling, crusty headbanging rhythms and vocals akin to Lemmy, albeit filthier and with more facial growths. Check them out now!"


Monday, September 26, 2011

New Band To Burn One To (Evening Buzz): MOONS

MOONS is today's "NEW BAND TO BURN ON TO"  Evening Buzz...


Moons formed in Boston in 2010 when a bunch of metal and hardcore kids got together and started stargazing. Their debut 12" Stasis (out now, available at Bandcamp) is a crunchy, fuzzed-out space voyage, drawing inspiration from Hum, Failure, and Helmet as much as it does from Isis, Pelican, and deadbluesky. Moons will be in and out of the galaxy supporting Stasis.

"Huge plundering riffs guide your way through the stars as the rhythm section of Boston-based band Moons blasts through a force field of unchartered territory. Combining jagged crunchy guitar with atmospheric heaviness, and adding a bit of punk, listening to Moons is like gazing at the stars while getting your ass kicked! Are you ready to take the trip? Listen now!"


New Band To Burn One To (Morning Buzz): THE COSMIC DEAD

THE COSMIC DEAD are today's "NEW BAND TO BURN ONE TO" Morning Buzz...


The Cosmic Dead are a Psych / Drone / Kosmische / Space / Krautrock collective from Glasgow, Scotland in the UK. They formed in early 2010, and have since released a couple of albums, which you can view [here]. They have played a large amount of gigs in and around Glasgow in the past year, supporting the likes of Cave, Pontiak, Abouretum, Bong & Mandog. They also collaborated with Krautrock legend Damo Suzuki live in June of 2011, actng as his 'soundcarriers'.

"With a steady trance-inducing bass line leading the way, The Cosmic Dead from Glascow, Scotland blast your mind into another galaxy. Filled with plenty of starry, flanged out feedback swirls and kaleidoscopic trips through space, the guitars beckon significant and glorious moments with soft passages and wallowing string-bends until the engines ignite and thrust you into another dimension. Plus their artwork is pretty cool as well. Grab yourself a cup of joe, put on your headphones and listen to these sonic space wranglers now!"


Sunday, September 25, 2011

Heavy Planet Interviews Memphis Crawl

Heavy Planet recently caught up with up-and-comers Memphis Crawl. Their EP Falling Down Against the Sun is energetic, nostalgic, fresh, and a rollicking good time. A reputation as a can't-miss live act has garnered them some much-earned attention as well. Describing their sound is as difficult as pissing into the wind, though it's safe to point out the perfect balance of the fresh and the familiar. Rather than doing the band a disservice and stuttering through an analysis of the stunning four tracks on the EP, I decided to let them do the talking. Probably a smart move...

HP: I'm digging the new EP, fellas. Tell me about the recording process for Falling Down Against the Sun.


HP: You guys are from New York City, but your sound certainly doesn't pin you to NYC. Who came up with the name Memphis Crawl? Is there an insidious story behind the name?


HP: Memphis Crawl seamlessly moves from loud, balls-out rollicking to gentler, moodier grooves. How do these transitions carry out live? What can ticket-holders expect to see at a Memphis Crawl show?


HP: Haha, nice! The band's sound certainly takes back listeners to an age when music was more raw and organic than much of today's sound plagued with overproduction. Just when the listener spends two seconds thinking "these guys kinda sound like someone," they immediately question themselves when they hear the next lyric, chord, or sequence. Who are some of Memphis Crawl's influences that might surprise fans?


HP: As it should be! Subquestion: Despite the raw and organic nature of these tracks, the musicianship of each individual member is evident on every track. The band sounds so unified while also allowing each band member to contribute and grab the bull by the balls. What's the dynamic between you guys?


HP: Some of the songs from Falling Down Against the Sun seem to be about a real person. Wildflower Annie is the obvious example, but lyrics like "Do you remember when we used to go out walkin'?" sound painful and personal. How much do the band members' personal experiences play into what comes through in the music?


What advice can you guys give to young, upstart musicians hoping to make some noise?


HP: You guys have a reputation for putting on one hell of a live show. When can fans from the Midwest (personally, I'm stuck in Northern Illinois with little hope for great live music) hope to get a taste?


HP: Hell yes, my wife and kids can get a hotel! Falling Down Against the Sun is giving listeners one blazing taste of Memphis Crawl's sound. Can fans be optimistic about a full-length album any time soon?


HP: Alright, let's pretend you guys play a killer show and I feel like buying a round of drinks. Who's drinkin' what?





HP: Thanks for doing my job for me, fellas! We're looking forward to a full-length and any live shows within a stone's throw! And congrats on a smokin' EP!


Website | Facebook | Myspace

Sunday Sludge: The Proselyte - "Sunshine"

Even those who regularly attend church may struggle with a word like "proselyte." It refers to someone newly converted to a religion or sect, leading many to wonder if this band had once performed new wave tunes and called themselves Strawberry Sundae. Not likely. Given the nine tracks these wicked Bostonians (alriiight! They're from Cambridge, *ahem*) melted down, it'd be hard to imagine this band as merely sludge/stoner/spacy poseurs.

On Sunshine, Proselyte shred the loose ends of their influences and grind out a sound that's sure to transcend scarlet genre-letters and please just about anyone. Characterized by incredible guitar chops, stoner crunch, and grinding sludge rhythm, listeners are dealt a hand that may have them sheepishly admitting they like a band they simply can't categorize. Congratulations, Proselyte. You've made the seasoned metalhead feel even stupider.

Suckers Have Teeth starts like a song that doesn't fit into our convenient cubby of Sunday Sludge. Give it time. A quick start, including pummeling drums and shredding guitars, doesn't detract from the grinding howls we soon meet. Alec Rodriguez manages to extract his larynx and scrape it against a brick wall, while rhythm seems to steadily drop like coins into flaming shit. Oh, this sounds good.

Tempos slow on Four Fathers, a guitar tennis-match back-dropped with grinding rhythms and vocals fit for a eulogy. Guitars rise, bass hums, and the sludge even manages to get mellow and melodic for just under a nanosecond. The vocals here are incredible, growing distant and hollow but somehow hanging onto substance (no easy task). Stoner crunch pairs with grimy grind to perfectly complement the troubled vocals. As you listen, you wonder if this may become your new favorite band.

If Four Fathers sounded a tad like Red Fang, Grey Lady and Freedom Trail will likely have listeners double-checking their iPods. But pay attention, assholes... The atmospheric shoe-gaze of the former is repetitive, distant, and undeniably trippy. The vocals are clear, sure. But imagine having a clear mind and having no control over your body. That's where this song goes. Bass rolls and rhythm gets chewy enough to counter the flitting/flirting guitars of Mitch Belch and Nick Wolf. Freedom Trail's static, buzzy plod makes for an incredible end to an impressive demonstration. Grinding rhythm marries stoner guitar, developing a surprising harmony that tackles a solid sludge rumble (my heart swells).

Slowly entering, White Mud slaps your earhole with blistering guitars and embattled scrapes, lifting and dropping into quicksand as butchers grind ground chuck. This song's gonna remind you of sausage processing: you don't know how they do it, but you know the end product is good enough to keep you from seeking the filthy truth. Brad Macomber's bass hovers at 3 centimeters above a basement floor here while guitars slap each other silly.

Sunshine's most sludge-laden track, Legion In Vine, grinds as beautifully low and slow as Melvins, with vocals unsteady and troubled. The Smoky, bubbled rhythm counters crackling ember guitar and the paydirt is an agitated, reflective rumble that paints itself as the album's most effective track. But it ultimately becomes something you didn't expect, employing a piano and distant haze that gives way to a sludge return that would make any hard-hat proud.

Sulfur Queen highlights the album's bottom end. Guitars leave town and an atmospheric stoner groove will make you wish you'd never sold your fuzzy blue couch. Choppy and intermittent, this eccentric course rolls and eventually slows to a humid August bike ride. Harmony balances Anselmo-angst, while sludge underlies everything and soils our boxer briefs.

When sludge is accessible, it runs the risk of being not quite sludge enough. Not quite heavy enough. Not quite filthy enough. Eh, so what? Sunshine is an album that could defy these constraints. Reject the basic assumptions of civilization. Buy this! What's that word they say in Boston? Wicked-awesome? Yeah, this album's just that. Get it.

Facebook | Myspace | Bandcamp

Saturday, September 24, 2011

CD Review: Catapult the Smoke - Born in Fire

Catapult the Smoke - Born in Fire

by Zac Boda

I'm back to deliver you some heavy, doom laden, stoner rock from Sweden.  Allow me to introduce to you Catapult the Smoke and their latest treat "Born in Fire"  BiF is the perfect follow up to their freshman production "Unearthed", sticking with meaty stoner grooves and a solid fifty five minutes of jams Catapult the Smoke will not disappoint those looking for The Heavy.

The band consist of a trio or Swedes.  Tobbe Larsson takes care of the pummeling percussion and vocals [which I must say make a perfect fit] and Totte Martini [guitars] and Mange Lindhardt [bass] keep the heads banging with fat licks and fuzzed out bass lines.  Meld this concoction with '70s rock influence and we have a barrage of heavy entitled Catapult the Smoke.

Lord of the Broken Throne was the first track to stand out and really grab me by the throat.  Add a little cowbell percussion to an intoxicating rhythm groove and I will sit in trance and ponder the universe (fitting, upon seeing the album artwork).  I'm not sure what all the lyrics are, but I like this. 

Underworld, with its calm and trippy intro and sludgy chomping guitar make this track an easy favorite.  Totte's guitar transitions really bring Underworld full circle.  The interlude changes pace, thanks to Mange's fuzzy bass-line, and finishes up blending into a heavy finish, with Tobbe's bombardment of drumming and shouts.

Lords Gathering...  Where do I even begin, hell I can't even describe it, just head bang.  The repetitive licks, rhythm, makes this seven of the most enjoyable minutes of my day.  The onslaught begins quite humbly only to be taken over by, what is by far my favorite riff of the album.  Lords Gathering changes up around the five minute mark adding much texture and depth.  Because of songs like this, I love this job. 

I couldn't say it much better than the band says it themselves, "Catapult The Smoke brings you heavy ass stoner rock from the deep forests of Sweden."  If anyone out there is looking for a no filler, non-stop, heavy stoner album with riffs upon riffs upon riffs, Born in Fire is the album for you.  I also must add, the production on this album is phenomenal. 

In my opinion, I give Born in Fire a solid 7 out of 10. 

Mange Lindhardt - Bass
Tobbe Larsson - Drums & Vocals
Totte Martini - Guitars

Friday, September 23, 2011

New Band To Burn One To (Evening Buzz): CHOKE THE PALM TREE

CHOKE THE PALM TREE is today's "NEW BAND TO BURN ONE TO"  Evening Buzz...


Choke The Palm Tree was born in Pansdorf, not far away from Luebeck, Northern Germany in spring 2010, when Fabian Kunze and Roman Riemann startet a new project which was supposed to be a stoner rock band. First there hasn’t even been either a band name, or a bass player. They startet having fun with some riffs inspired by Kyuss, Astroqueen and so on. Since they thought they didn’t need a bass, they weren’t looking for one. One day when they had a little too much of Jacky, they startet writing a list of band names they could possibly use. When they were done, they picked their name without discussing. So they kept on playing and after a few weeks they were thinking of a bass player, so their good friend Fynn Heinsen became part of Choke. After writing enough songs to play a show, they started playing concerts and had a really great resonance. Weeks later they started touring around their region, playing at bars and clubs, so they got more and more fans. Most people were amazed because their genre wasn’t that spread anymore. In one year they had a lot of concerts, wrote over 20 songs, recorded their first album called “Stone Or Rock?” (official released on May 20th 2011) and in June they’re playing at their first festival called “Valhalla Festival” in Schleswig, Northern Germany.

Their style is somewhere between stoner rock, metal, even a bit of punk. But most of it is supposed to be stoner rock and the audience also recognizes it. Now with their first album, they’re shooting 12 tracks their first self-produced cd through the galaxy and hope everyone is enjoying it!

Latest tracks by chokethepalmtree

"As the warm fuzzy guitar and heavy muddled drop-tuning makes the hair on your neck standup, Choke the Palm Tree from Northern Germany takes you on a scorching desert journey which includes sun-drenched stoner rock grooves, a bit of psychedelia, boorish vocals and an obscene amount of blazing-hot riffage. Get burnt!"

If you would like a copy of their latest album "Stone or Rock?" please contact the band here.


New Band To Burn One To (Morning Buzz): BUZZER

BUZZER is today's "NEW BAND TO BURN ONE TO"  Morning Buzz...


Buzzer- a low tuned, heavy weight, rock trio from Tel Aviv, Israel.
Formed in 2004 by Greg buzzer and other talented individuals, in order to bring a rock wakening upon the holy land.

Inspired by booze, blues, and "Lynyrd Skynyrd", crusaders of the fuzz, have reached their unique sound, and earned their honored places under Independent roof of rock.
Buzzers are working on studio material, while continuing stage activity.

With passion for real rock music, a cold beer in both hands, completely independent from mainstream influence, Buzzer provide high quality, own-brewed sound.


"Drawing inspiration from seventies American southern rawk, Buzzer from Tev Aviv, Israel augment their sound with a greasy touch of doom. Fuzzy guitars, whiskey-damaged vocals and simple down home grooves are the perfect soundtrack for beer drinkin' and hellraisin' or in this case buzzraisin'. Get wasted!"


Thursday, September 22, 2011

Karma to Burn with Borracho

Rock & Roll Hotel
Washington DC
September 21, 2011

Karma to Burn blew through the nation's capital last night, laying waste to the Rock & Roll Hotel on their way through town. Fortunately, Heavy Planet was on hand to witness this aural onslaught in all its sonic glory. But before the instrumental trio took the stage, local boys Borracho plowed through an epic set of stoner rock grooves that had the early arrivers moving and sweating by the time they were finished.

The band wasted no time settling into their rhythm as Steve Fisher picked up his guitar and immediately tore into the opening notes of "All In Play". Noah Greenburg followed suit as he seemingly choked the song's riff out of his guitar while simultaneously introducing the Hotel crowd to his gruff, vocal chord straining bark as he demanded…"get your boots on!". Borracho proceeded to run through three fourths of their debut album Splitting Sky during their 45 minute set which was highlighted by the frenetically paced "Concentric Circles" and the doom laden "Bloodsucker". The latter of which featured perhaps the strangest sing-along ever as bassist Tim Martin joined Fisher and Greenburg in pleading "why don't you take off your clothes?"

But nothing compared to the band's closing number, the epic "Grab the Reins". The song required drummer Mario Trubiano to keep the groove firmly in the pocket as Borracho journeyed through multiple tempo shifts and stylistic alterations. The finale easily spanned a quarter of the band's overall set time and showcased their uncommon ability for laying down complex grooves that meander in and out of stoner, doom and classic rock territory all within the span of the same song. This is their signature…this is their knack. And so by the time Fisher, Greenburg and Trubiano waved to the crowd and casually walked offstage, leaving Martin alone as he finished plucking out the song's funky ass bass line, it was as if to say…our job is done here…you people have been thoroughly rocked.

After a quick equipment swap out and sound check, Karma to Burn took the stage and with nary a word…proceeded to rock the fuck out for the next sixty minutes. Being no stranger to instrumental bands…I was left awestruck by how thoroughly entertained I was by this one. The trio didn't just get onstage and jam…they had something else…presence…emotion…they were electric onstage. Not once did I think to myself…"man these guys are good, but they could really use a singer."

Guitarist William Mecum stalked stage left throughout the band's set, at times staring off into the crowd, at others with his back to us as he jammed to his own amplifier. He even left the stage altogether at one point, setting up shop right in front of the folks down front. Rich Mullins camped out on the other side of the stage in a stance very much akin to nearly doing the splits as he ran up and down the frets of his bass, never losing the smile that was plastered on his grill all night long. You think he loves this shit? You're damn right he does.

And that brings us to drummer Rob Oswald, who was a sweaty mess of hair and appendages all flailing around simultaneously. The man played like an absolute maniac beating the shit out of his kit so severely that the band took breaks after every other song to allow him to re-tighten his snare drum. In fact at one point as I held down my spot up front, I thought I felt something dripping on me from the ceiling…turns out it was wood shavings from Rob's drum sticks flying across the stage as he bashed his overhead cymbals…seriously.

With their pummeling riffs and obvious love of their craft, Karma to Burn left quite an impression on the DC crowd. It was evident by the chants of "K to B" that echoed through the Rock & Roll Hotel long after the band had left the stage. But there would be no encore. Karma to Burn had said all they needed to say without actually saying a word at all. And with that, a very kick ass evening of rock and roll in Washington DC came to a very satisfying conclusion.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

New Band To Burn One To (Evening Buzz): STONE IN

STONE IN is today's "NEW BAND TO BURN ONE TO"  Evening Buzz...


Stone In is held together by a common love of vintage heavies and psychedelic organisms from around the world. Armed with a doubleneck bass-guitar, tandem ride cymbals, loop pedals and two feedbacking electric amps, drummer Alberto Centurion and multi-instrumentalist Greg Valou bring you the world's first, "heavy psych power duo."

Stone In is named as an homage to Krautrock legends Guru Guru and its home is Vancouver, B.C., Canada.

"Based on their two-song Bandcamp EP, Vancouver band Stone In shows off two sides to this very talented band. One of a trippy atmospheric dirge complete with an ocean-sized wall of guitars and dreamy sequences, and the other a hard-driving funkified psychedelic freak-out with a bombastic running bass line. It shows that this band is not afraid to take chances and if done properly can put out a damn fine album. Look forward to it."


New Band To Burn One To (Morning Buzz): WIZARDRONE

WIZARDRONE is today's "NEW BAND TO BURN ONE TO"  Morning Buzz...


Wizardrone is a one-man down-tempo music project influenced by various types of doom and stoner metal. . .Formed in 2009 by Jason Wright.

"Imagine yourself being chased through a dark forest by an ominous figure that is floating behind you. You are running as fast as you can. You are not able to catch your breath. Your heart beats out of your chest. You keep looking back as the fog grows thicker. Then suddenly amongst the bleak and desolate screams you are overcome by a steady barrage of doom riffs that cut right through the fog and take over your soul. Using a variety of effects, Huntington, WV's Wizardrone create a doomtastic soundscape which startles and scares and will leave you feeling extremely uncomfortable."


Monday, September 19, 2011

New Band To Burn One To (Morning Buzz): ÖFÖ AM

ÖFÖ AM is today's "NEW BAND TO BURN ONE TO"  Morning Buzz...


Influenced by bands ranging from Deep Purple to Unsane through Black Sabbath and Kyuss, ÖfÖ AM has chosen to remain instrumental and focus each of its pieces around a central theme.

Always in search of THE tone, Nico invents the effects used on bass and guitar since he is the creator of the stompboxe’s company "Mazzette". Their first EP is available in vinyl on Head Records.

In 2010 on Napalm Records released a split single ÖfÖ AM / Karma to Burnand their first LP was released on may 2011 on Slow Death Records…

"I guaran-fucking-tee that this all-instrumental 3-piece from Montpellier, France has a better moustache than you, well at least their drummer's anyways. ÖfÖ Am wanders its way through heavy psychedelic inspired stoner rock riffing. Unlike many instrumental bands that begin to lose your interest around the third song, ÖfÖ Am leaves you wondering what's next. Nothing flashy here, just well-played instrumental stoner rock jams. Very nice!"


Sunday, September 18, 2011

New Band To Burn One To (Evening Buzz): AWOOGA

AWOOGA is today's "NEW BAND TO BURN ONE TO"  Evening Buzz...


AWOOGA started in late 2008 jamming away in a cold little decrepit practice room in Sheffield city centre across from a 86 year old Master Steel Forger who once made knives for Bill Clinton and Elvis Presley. No lie, he showed us the photos. Our sound is heavy, melodic and atmospheric. It's a bit proggy and we have been told " you guys sound like a star exploding". Have a listen. We have played with some really good bands in the past and still do now such as Saviours, Kruger, Downslide, and many more that we have been privileged to share bills with in the past.

"This 3-piece power trio from Sheffield, UK is spacey and psychedelic but in a more celestial way. The vocals are breathy and layered which give off an unwordly feeling. The music can get rather spastic and heavy at times using crushing guitar riffing to provide a terrific compliment to the ethereal mood. Erratic rhythms, soaring guitar passages, and exploding bass lines will shall I say, leave you mezmerized."


Sunday Sludge: Concrete Sun - "Sky Is High"

Summer's quickly coming to a close, and you'll need one last good push to break those clouds and carry through the next seven months. Concrete Sun seem dedicated to the cause, releasing Sky Is High, a southern stoner sludge record that proves absolutism simply won't work when it comes to our Sunday column. These Serbs appealed to my *ahem* discernible tastes with a 99-proof blend of blues-based riffs, dusty rhythms, and up-tempo grime that won't quite fit into any narrow-minded label you could impose.

Song titles like Just A Beginning will prove misleading, as the album's opener contains enough oozy goodness to grab your balls and demand attention. Crunchy southern riffs dominate, vocals scratch like Sebastian Bach, and Dimebag's Washburn pull-back is resurrected. Topic Milos's steady drum punch is sure to get your head banging, while Mijatovic Bojan and Zivkovic Budimir trade guitar licks fit for a dehydrated bake in desert sun.

Riffs remain relentless on Euphoria, though drums get more complex. You may think Cerovina Strahinja's vocals echo off mountains until his lingering laughter has you looking over your shoulder. This up-tempo gravel-toss balances fiery guitars and rolling rhythms, perfectly wearing you out before you meet Last Man Under the Sun. Southern sludge likes to mellow out once in a while, and I don't believe a comparison to Down's Stone the Crow is unwarranted. Cerovina must've written these lyrics at a bog's edge, waiting for the dirty riffs to return. The track is slower, more restrained, and surprisingly powerful. Solos break their backs over Petrovic Strahinja's rolling bass, leaving you to wonder if this rattlesnake is gonna strike or retreat.

Guitars shine on tracks like D.A.N.U.B.E. and God Forsaken Prostitute. The Dimebag influence is undeniable, though it's not exploited. Soiled riffs counter low, loose bass on D.A.N.U.B.E., which will get your brain rattling with its choppy, jagged southern licks. God Forsaken Prostitute immediately drops heavy, with rhythms slowly plodding and grinding. Vocals hover, guitars grow heavenly and atmospheric, and we're taken for a ride. The track boils down like Kyuss's Space Cadet, fuzzy guitar drops to a warble, and the drums remain bone-hollow until a violation of guitar necks erupts.

Junkyard Dog likely contains the album's sludgiest moments, shifting through thunderstorms (I'm a sucker for organic atmospheres) and sirens before slowed tempo welcomes absolutely filthy licks. A Helmet-esque stop-start dynamic fails to detract from the bass highlights here, as do any comparisons to Pantera's Cowboys From Hell (you'll know it when you hear it). Bouncy and dirtier than your high school P.E. teacher, this song moves from barking sludge to blistering guitar stutters. You'll wanna keep this song nearby when you try to impress those kids who think they're cooler than you.

I had to take pause with Sky Is High, a disheveled blues-bar romp with Vincent Price (or maybe that "Bucho" fella from Desperado) contributing vocals. The track moves from southern creepiness to saloon sing-along and will actually make you wish you hadn't spent last night polishing off the tequila. The guitars duel one another and end up creating a pretty fucking enjoyable song, though it'll take a second spin.

I'm done being surprised with how far Pepper Keenan's and Mike Dean's influence extends. Listening to Ruff Song is like going home; you appreciate the steadiness, the timing, the delicious THICKNESS. Strahinja's bass holds down rhythm here, despite the track wanting to take off to wherever the fuck it wants. This song grinds a bit more than the rest of the album, which can't be held against it.

Sky Is High manages to meld every element and influence of its first eight tracks to create its coup de grâce on track nine. Hide Behind socks you with a wet-fist rhythm, while guitars sail all over hell. Dirty southern riffs roll, vocals chew and spit out gravel, and a black metal toilet-gurgle surprise just might make neighbors declare you a satanist (GASP!). Take this song with you on a bumpy road and drive yourself into the ditch. This is a perfect roller-coaster conclusion to an album that spans several genres and influences, complete with pounding, pausing, fading, and a few sweaty towels. Fuck yeah.

I had so much fun with this album, there was no way it WASN'T getting featured as today's Sunday Sludge. It's great when sludge pairs with stoner metal and southern rock to create a sound that balances the past with the future. If I ever worry about the good ol' days being gone forever, I'll reach for Concrete Sun. If I ever complain of having no decent music to anticipate, I'll reach for Concrete Sun. Just keep livin', ya'll.

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Saturday, September 17, 2011


Heavy Planet Radio is live!

Heavy Planet Radio is a social media outlet used to provide fans the opportunity to listen to new and classic Doom, Stoner Rock, Sludge, Grunge and Heavy Psychedelic music. Heavy Planet Radio will post playlists, videos, free downloads, Bandcamp streams, etc. We will also accept user playlists and requests. Like us now on Facebook and start listening today!

If you have anything else you would like for us to post for our listeners to hear please contact us at heavyplanet2001@yahoo.com

Album Review: Interstelar - "On Black Waves" (EP)

Many EP's you hear are studio toss-offs, compilations, uninspired cover albums, or simply contractual obligations. With On Black Waves, Interstelar slice through convention and balance dusty stoner grooves with clean rhythms, creating a quick five-track collection that will capture your attention and leave you thirsty for another helping of fuzz.

Hit play and listeners are immediately crushed by the beats and driving riffs of Armada. Guitars hum with blankets of buzzing feedback, though Jason Kothmann's ambitious vocals cut through the haze and perfectly complement the woolly landscape. Choppy guitars serve as a welcome harkening to some of your favorite 90's bands, while Gladson's solo channels Kim Thayil. The ambiance throughout, however, is spacey enough to remind you this isn't the 1990's, and this is a forward-thinking band.

Luxury Car fades in, kicks up a sooty stoner tempo, and never lets up. Kothmann's vocals here are mellower, more subdued, but no less effective. The song is strongly structured, with guitars soaring and breaking until the solo sets fire to sand-blasted skin. It's fast, it's fun, and it's perfect on a long drive to the liquor store.

Houston's bass introduction highlights Drama Queen, a jarring, jaded romp that would make Kyuss proud. Vocals scratch and pair with licks that I would swear served as a B-side to Blind Melon's Galaxie. This formidable elemental tandem helps make this an album highlight. I spent more time with this track than any other, simply because it's amazingly accessible without being self-indulgent.

The chewy, southern riffage of Defined by Opposites (Opposite Daze) is slowed, stoned, and catchy. Excellent timing, germane pauses, and more than a little C.O.C. influence let you know Interstelar can put their own spin on a genre that despises counterfeit apes. These guys know their instruments, they know how the play them, and they know how to weave sonic webs with even-tempered drums, rolling bass, stuttering guitars, and hypnotic, tongue-twisting vocals.

On Black Waves saves its heaviest, choppiest track for last. On Interstelar Blüz, a bubbling fade-out follows blistering licks to brief, laid-back atmospherics. The listener's immediately thrust into a thick mist of bayou crunch and sticky rhythmic ascent. Guitars confidently wander, rhythm stays home to cook dinner, and Kothmann's vocals again bring everything together. Grunge knocks on the door, though listening to the song's opaque romp through a carnival of sound is likely to remain the best part of my day. It's a brilliant culmination to an incredible collection of tracks.

On Black Waves transcends any existing boundaries between stoner-rock, space-rock, shoe-gaze, grunge, and southern metal. Any one of these tracks stands on its own as the best song you'll hear this week, making this EP one to pick up. Let's hope this isn't the last we hear from Interstelar. Pick up the album at the Bandcamp link below, and don't be a stiff.

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Friday, September 16, 2011

New Band To Burn One To (Evening Buzz): BLACK SMOKE SERMON

BLACK SMOKE SERMON is today's "NEW BAND TO BURN ONE TO"  Evening Buzz...


Sludge/Doom merchants from the streets of Ft. Worth, Texas.

Matt Owen - Vocals
Jared Ramsey - Guitar
Justin Camarillo - Guitar
Matt Heinecke - Bass
Brett Mair - Drums

"After severing off your head and pissing down your neck cavity, this Texas band known as Black Smoke Sermon unmercifully stomps its way through gut-wrenching gorey slabs of doom. Down-tuned heavy riffs beckon as vocalist Matt Owen screams bloody murder amongst a slow penetrating groove. Goddamn!"


New Band To Burn One To (Morning Buzz): COSMONAUT'S DAY

COSMONAUT'S DAY is today's "NEW BAND TO BURN ONE TO"  Morning Buzz...


From the depths of Russian underground scene comes absolutely epic spaced out sludge outfit Cosmonauts Day! Intense guitar riffing, crushing to the ground and below drum stabbing, wicked bass, dreamy solos and an atmoshere of a cold space - their music is a mind journey to the places you've never known.

Gathered in 2008 band changed it's musicians several times untill strong live line up was formed. After a year of a constant live shows Cosmonauts Day entered the studio to record their first "Live Demos" EP. Material was performed live in two days and then mixed and mastered at Destroy The Humanity Studios in Moscow. Line up at that time was Dima (EndName) - guitars, Chekan - guitars, Nikita - drums, Andres (Kamni, ex- Lord Of Doubts) - bass.

Now Cosmonauts Day are working on their first full length that will be released in autumn 2011.

"As you listen to Russian sludge/post-metal band Cosmonaut's Day, a sense of atmoshperic ambience travels around you while walls of heavy riffing bash into your skull. The music feels more tragic and freespirited and less progressive and dark than other bands within the genre. Utilizing steady transcending rhythms, precise guitar plucking and throbbing bass tones, the shall I say lack of vocals is not even missed. The music speaks loud and clear and transports you to a galaxy above and beyond."


Thursday, September 15, 2011

New Band To Burn One To (Evening Buzz): IRON WITCH

IRON WITCH is today's "NEW BAND TO BURN ONE TO"  Evening Buzz...


Five lads, playing NOLA style whiskey soaked Sludge from the Northwest.

Chris - Vocals
Dan - Guitar
Rick - Bass
Sam - Guitar
Will - Drums

"As the unnerving swirl of feedback punches at your eardrums, Liverpool band Iron Witch pulls you into their boggy depot for a liquor-soaked sludgefest. Filled with warm and fuzzy bass hum, grimey guitar riffs and a throaty hardcore bark, wrestling with alligators is common nature for these UK sludge demons. Bottle it up and give me some of that fine single malt!"


New Band To Burn One To (Morning Buzz): CAST IRON CROW

CAST IRON CROW is today's "NEW BAND TO BURN ONE TO"  Morning Buzz...


How does shattering your collar bone twice impact your musical career if you're a guitarist? For most this would be the end. For Jake Navarra singer of Cast Iron Crow it was one of the best things that happened to him.

Cast Iron Crow is a four piece grunge / alt metal Bay Area band that channels the sounds of their childhood. When Alice in Chains released their debut record "Facelift" in Aug of 1990, Cast Iron Crow held an average age of less than a year old. However, their early exposure to Grunge has perhaps lent itself to giving their music an effortless authenticity.

The band's sound transports the listener to a time, when MTV and the radio airwaves were dominated by the relevant and timeless music that the grunge era provided. Having consumed and digested the best rock music had to offer in the last 20 years, Cast Iron Crow has the benefit of a perspective that allows them to tastefully blend elements of their favorite sub genres of the 90's and on. A cup of Alice in Chains a pinch of Soundgarden a dash of Tool a sprinkle of a Perfect Circle... is that a hint of Motorhead?

To quote Henry Rollins "Scar tissue is stronger than regular tissue. Realize the strength, move on." After suffering his second broken collar bone in 2009, Jake was forced to quit guitar and thought his musical career might come to an end. Undeterred, he took up singing and was surprised at how naturally it came. Shortly thereafter Jake teamed up with lifelong musical co-conspirators Sam Gouveia (guitar), Joey Evans (bass), Ryan Long (drums) to form Cast Iron Crow.

Out of the gate the band marveled their native East Bay community with a surge of successful shows and by destroying a Bay Area battle of the bands competition. Praise by Tim Sult of "Clutch", Eddie Hernandez of "All Shall Parish", and a mass of new fans further propelled the band to record their debut full length record "First Edition" at legendary San Francisco institution Hyde St. Studios.

"Heavily influenced by 90's grunge acts such as Alice in Chains and Soundgarden, California band Cast Iron Crow bleeds new life into an otherwise forgotten genre. Infusing heavy-ass riffs, down-trodden rhythms and machismo vocals, this band will certainly make an imprint in your brain. Check out the two songs the band has generously offered for free download."

FREE DOWNLOADS: Beyond the Brain|Brother


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

New Band To Burn One To (Evening Buzz): TUNGUSKA MAMMOTH

TUNGUSKA MAMMOTH is today's "NEW BAND TO BURN ONE TO"  Evening Buzz...


With the growing desire to play their own music not fit for their cover band, GPS, Maxime Bellerose (ex-Lacrimae Mortalium), Paolo Di Stefano and Mathieu Savage decided to get together with drummer Pierre-Hugues Rondeau (ex-Hope&Horror), to try and fill this void. After a few rehearsals jamming on Melodic Metal riffs, the sound naturally progressed towards wahat Tunguska Mammoth is now: a combination of the energy of Metal and Hardcore mixed with Stoner groove and progressive rock’s intensity. Their first EP intitled “First Chapterse”, corded in their own rehearsal studio, serves as an introduction for the band’s forthcoming concept album. Tunguska Mammoth has played its first notes and wants to be heard.

"The Earth grumbles below as this frenzied stampede of riffs known as Tunguska Mammoth rattles your very being. Underlying this Montreal-based band's seismic heaviness is the band's ability to combine intricate soloing, killer drum fills and ferocious hardcore inflected vocals. I swear that on "Mother Earth" a wailing guitar riff replicates the trumpheting of an elephant. This may be the best 14-plus minutes I have spent listening to music in a long time. Prepare to get crushed!"


Monday, September 12, 2011

New Band To Burn One To (Evening Buzz): MAL DE TESTA

MAL DE TESTA is today's "NEW BAND TO BURN ONE TO"  Evening Buzz...


Mal de Testa is a Chilean band formed in 2004 by Rodrigo Muñoz Jonathan Muñoz, Rodolfo Felipe Gonzales Narbonne (former drummer Asamblea Internacional del Fuego and Distancia). His influences lie from classic rock like Grand Funk, Black Sabbath and the MC5 to the more contemporary, among others.

The same 2004 Mal de Testa released their first EP that bears his name, of which only 50 copies were published. This material allowed them to start playing in different parts of Santiago, giving rise to a second plate containing 5 tracks; De Tripas Corazón; released by Jupiter. This allowed the band to start a job of constant gigs until 2009, when Rodolfo Gonzales leaves the group for personal reasons. The reins of Mal de Testa battery are now taken by Nicolas Gajardo and their income starts to work in creating the first full-length Quien Lleva Las Armas album contains 10 tracks with a sound linked to the simplicity and power of the band.

"Mal de Testa is a high-octane Stoner Punk/Rock band from Chile. Right out of the gates these guys emerge into a flurry of bombastic riffs, lightning fast rhythmic blasts, and irate vocals which never give up. The band keeps the pedal to the metal so to speak as the punk rock attitude intensifies with each passing song. If you like your music loud, fast and raw as hell then give Mal de Testa a listen. Their newest album is available for free on Bandcamp right now!"


New Band To Burn One To (Morning Buzz): SCKHINN

SCKHINN is today's "NEW BAND TO BURN ONE TO"   Morning Buzz...


The band started off in late 2009 after a long running collaborations
in death metal/hardcore/grindcore bands, Halimi (Guitar&Vox) and
Gozlan (Drums) wanted to do their music slower but maintain the
intensity in their music they decided to form "a sludge group in the
spirit of old-school traditions". with influences from bands such as
Eyehategod, Melvins, Electric Wizard and Khanate they draw the line
between Sludge and doom to even more extreme lines such as drone.

In early 2011 Shai Izacov (Madalarm) joined on the bass and after the
idea was actually formed, and started off writing and performing at
first under the name of "The Jury Accident", and then switched off to
the current band name "Sckhinn". Currently (summer 2011) the band is
working on their debut release with No Hope from Germany, a 7" vinyl
split. the split will feature "The Voidal Escapings" that got released
on the net (just the rough mix version). The will to create the
heaviest musical bombardment that they can is the main drive for this

"Sckhinn is a Sludge/Doom band from Israel. The band's torpid pace bends and slithers around a sweet doom groove as the vocals pummel away at your eardrums. According to the band's bio I do hope that there is a full-blown release from these guys soon. Doom on!"


Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sunday Sludge: Rwake - "Rest"

I wasn't ready for this. I'll certainly sound impulsive if I clock-in on a September Sunday to declare Rwake's Rest to be my favorite recording of 2011. This sludge/doom opus is so broad in vision and scope, I can make no promise this discourse will suffice in validating the exhaustive (and exhausting) beauty of these six tracks. I almost feel like a violator of someone's very personal, metaphysical glaze; this haunting roll through layers of pensive fog is gonna leave a mark.

The last four years must've been pretty difficult in Little Rock. Rest is laden with endless atmospheric beauty, though the lens we've been given is bubbled, cracked, and deeply stained. Rwake remain heavy, though their songwriting and musicianship here is unreal. The album's timing is likely to serve as a guidepost for imitators, while the poetry within the lyrics is beyond Sylvia Plath and a few thousand light years short of Walt Whitman.

Souls of the Sky opens gently and eerily, using little more than a hitchhiking enchantress and bayou guitar picking. This prelude leads in to the gorgeous grind of It Was Beautiful but Now It's Sour. Tempo shifts set the standard for the album's remaining tracks, while C.T.'s pipes shred as much flesh as any guitar lick you've ever heard. There's a longing here, a clawing at a distant nothing when C.T. barks "Everything's leaving. Gravity is fading." Well, the gravity of the SOUND certainly remains, but you can almost hear tears trickling into his beard. The balance between grind and roll creates a smooth hum through one man's bitter ache. Meanwhile, B's vocals certainly don't help him hit the brakes. She's flat-out scary, and the dynamic is flat-out fucking awesome.

You could say all of Rest sounds ominous and agonized, but the controlled chaos of An Invisible Thread stands out due to its inimitable sounds and instrumentation. There's more guitar shred, more up-tempo mudslinging, and more assurance that nothing lasts forever. Nothing good, anyway. The track brings a cloud of doom, persistent with rumble and hammered heavens, but driven by the rising hell of lyrics like "it’s a haunting and the sickness is the demon; exorcise through suicide and reason."

The brilliant, patient, dismal rain and bells of The Culling sound almost like heels clicking on a path of wet cobblestones. Static and space creep in, the track remains evasive, and finally the door opens to superior pacing (not easy, the track runs 16:07) and full assault. You knew the aesthetic would be extricated, making way for exposed nerves and splintered bone. Clean guitars pick up the tempo and C.T. and B do their best to drown one another, though they both float just over a harmonious gurgle. The guitar solos are masterful and well-complemented rhythmically. The track punctuates the album through its use of combative, strong-willed vocals. Without ever fully pausing, The Culling slows to a crawl and ends with listeners wondering how they left their own minds and bodies.

Was Only a Dream is just as effective and challenging as The Culling. The album's final track begins with wiry, charged guitar before being driven by pounding drums and clear, loaded vocals. The track indeed showcases Rest's sludgiest moments, while B steals the show with a snarl that could only have come from the illegitimate child of Linda Blair and a leap of starving panthers. Whew. C.T.'s exorcism allows more demons to enter, as a chainsaw guitar solo spits. A grim walk through despondence is paired with cosmic rebirth, the track fades, and we're intimately addressed by C.T. through clear, deliberate poetry. Doom arrives, symmetry between hope and hopelessness is sought, and we're taught how to conduct ourselves in the simplest terms and most-convenient definitions.

This is powerful stuff. Rwake take full sonic advantage of every single second. The sludge doesn't get buried in the message, the doom doesn't mask the solemnity. The brilliant intensity in every note and every word is well-delivered (and thus well-received), making for one hell of a unique listening experience. This is an album you'll feel, one you'll discuss, and one you'll remember. Put Rwake's Rest on your must-hear list for 2011. This album's available on September 27th. By December 31st, you'll have no doubts. NOTHING trumps this one.

RWAKE- "An Invisible Thread" by RelapseRecords

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