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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Stoner Spotlight: Killer Gandhi

Hailing from that stoner rock n' roll mecca, Oklahoma City, Killer Gandhi recently managed 2 releases in 4 months, between December, 2014 and February, 2015. The initial drop was the self titled, 10 track LP Killer Gandhi soon followed by the 5 track EP Digital Messiah.

Expressing an edgy, scratchy, rocky sound deeply seated in both the 90s grunge and desert sounds, as well as a raw garage hillbilly boogie, these Okie gents crank out some raucous fun. The first album sets the stage nicely with a cool range of sounds in the LP's ten songs, from the opening Roadsaw-like sound of "Nasty Bastard", the haunting, desperate "In the Sun", the heavy, loud, and delightfully funky "Filthy Nickel", and the emotionally deep "All the Time in the World" to pinpoint a few. The vocals are beautifully edgy and raw, never overwhelmed in range or effort, fitting beautifully with the huge, jagged guitar, deep, driving bass, and piercing, pointed drumwork.

The 5 track second album ups the stakes significantly, never backsliding in quality or imagination, and instead grabbing and gripping with tight melodies, tight performances, and an oh so right rock sound jam packed with fuzz, fun, history, and a bit of uncharted territory.  "Laugh Now, Die Later" is a song for the ages, giving us a tune that should make anyone's playlist of favorites. "It's Gonna Break" is reminiscent of great grunge tunes mashed up with huge fuzzy stoner guitars creating a sound of fierceness and joy. The album closes out with the raucous, rollicking rocker "Hostile Takeover"

These 2 albums are quite the treat, seeming to languish in that big pile of wonderful stoner/fuzz sound out in the world, but hopefully, here, they will be able to provide a bit of rock n' fuzz respite from the harshness of horrible news everywhere you turn these days, a treat that can move your soul as it does the corners of you mouth, tickling your fuzz receptors in the process.

Killer Gandhi has mainly consisted of 4 members. On the EP, the latest release, Levi Dickerson deftly manned the drums, Josh Griffin and Steve Macanally shared shredding duties on guitar, and Brad Reed carried the heavy load on bass. In addition to his guitar work, Macanally was front and center with those righteous vocals. Since the release of Digital Messiah the band has been reduced to Macanally and Reed, but that is 50% of the song writing chops and 100% of the matchless and laudable crooning, so there remains huge potential  for future stoner grunge boogie. We can only hope.

bandcamp / facebook

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Supervoid/Red Desert-The Second Coming of Heavy Volume Two

Already recognized as one of the world's leading purveyors of Rock ‘n’ Roll, Stoner, Doom and Heavy Psych, Ripple Music upped the ante in 2015 with the arrival of one of the year’s most ambitious projects, The Second Coming Of Heavy.

Serving as an ongoing showcase for some of the best and heaviest bands emerging from the underground, each chapter will shine a light on those worthy of your attention. Consisting of one, 12” slab of multi-coloured vinyl with full colour sleeves and inserts, the series is designed to be saved and treasured, like a fine anthology of books. So much so, when the albums are filed next to each other, the complete collection of aligned spines will form a “blow-your-mind image” direct from the rock underground.

Following on from the series’ first installment released last summer, an album split between NY doom bluesers Geezer and DC stoners Borracho, …Chapter 2 features brand new music from riff-drivers Supervoid and veteran rockers Red Desert.

The Second Coming Of Heavy; Chapter 2 will get an official vinyl release on 27th February 2016, limited to 100 copies.

Stream and share:

Supervoid- ‘Olympus’

Red Desert- ‘Hypnotized’

Track Listing:

1. Supervoid - 'Olympus'
2. Supervoid - 'Wayfarer'
3. Supervoid - 'The Gallows'
4. Red Desert - 'Frost Giant'
5. Red Desert - 'Hypnotised'
6. Red Desert - 'Revolver'
7. Red Desert - 'Nightstalker'

Pre-order vinyl – www.ripple-music.com
Download – www.ripplemusic.bandcamp.com

Red Desert

Veteran Minnesota-based rockers Red Desert bring a unique and blended creation to the world of metal, combining heavy, deliberate elements of doom, the down tuned distortional fuzz of stoner rock, a unique and haunting vocal delivery, and above all a master craftsman's grasp of song structure with deep, twisted, metal tapestries interwoven around soul stirring melodies of exceptional insight and dispatch. Prepare for a furious, full throttle ride as Red Desert come at you full force, no holds barred, no excuses, in a full out hard rock onslaught.

Red Desert on Facebook | Bandcamp


Formed in 2012, a group of like-minded Pittsburgh musicians came together to form what is now known as Supervoid. Releasing their first demo in late 2012, followed up by their debut full length in 2013, Supervoid blends many influences resulting in crushing riffs, high energy and huge dynamics. Never letting their style be restricted to one category, tracks range from big energy rock and roll, soul crushing sludge, and atmospheric melody. With song topics revolving mainly around space and the great unknown, lyrics involve both realistic and mythical stories that carry a message and reflect upon modern society.

Supervoid on Facebook | Bandcamp

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Review: Battalions-Nothing To Lose

Battalions come out full force with some heavy down tuned sludge and serious riffage!

I can't help but feel a heavy N.O.L.A influence listening to this album in the vein of Jimmy Bower, and that is all good with me! (but hailing from the UK I can be totally wrong.)

These 5 lads are well seasoned and compliment each others playing by weaving in and out of riff after riff pummeling you with 8 songs of sonic enjoyment, might I add the song  Deadbeat Dad Beat Dead is one clever title!

Its also nice to see some shorter songs coming out for a change, not that I don't like 40 minute 3 song albums, but I can appreciate a well crafted song inside 4 minutes and Battalions does just this, good songs that keep you wanting more.

Nothing to Lose was recorded by Chris Fielding (Conan) at Skyhammer Studios and if you are a Conan fan then you'll know instantly that this is well mixed and mastered.

It looks like their first run of pre-orders are running out so go get some!



Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Album Review: 'Revengeance' by Conan

Conan 'Revengeance'

There are few bands who have the power and craft to redefine your preconceptions of what it is to be HEAVY. There's only one band who've caused Matt Pike (Sleep) to need to take a shit after watching them. That band is Conan. 

Returning with their latest skull-crushing long player 'Revengeance' (out now on Napalm Records), Conan - a deadly trio of bass, guitar, drums - again demonstrate their ability to write riff after relentless riff that pounds you into submission. 

Hailing from Liverpool UK, Conan are Jon Davis (guitar / vocals), Rich Lewis (drums) and Chris Fielding (bass / vocals). Jon and Chris also run Skyhammer Studios where the band produce records for the likes of Electric Wizard, Winterfylleth and Witchsorrow, as well as Conan of course.  

For the unfamiliar, Conan's sound is doom-inspired gargantuan down-tuned (to drop F) riffs, interspersed with warrior battle-cry vocals, with plenty of feedback thrown in. It's a potent cocktail and one the band have perfected over three records. It's dense. It's intense. 

As their name suggests, Conan seek inspiration from Norse mythology, folklore and fantasy, battle-axes and spears. Track titles like ‘Throne of Fire’, ‘Wrath Gauntlet’ and ‘Earthenguard’ are a case in point. Yet this is never tongue-in-cheek. These guys mean it and deliver monolithic riffs one after another like a repeating tsunami-like wave. The album’s closer ’Earthenguard' - clocking in just shy of 12 minutes - captivates the mood of the whole record. Dark. Brooding. Epic. 

Thumbs up also need to go to the production. It's not easy to condense the sheer weight of noise coming from these amps, and maintain their impact. But Davis and Fielding have done a great job here. Revengeance has to be listened to on quality headphones or hi-fi speakers to fully appreciate the sheer weight of this record. 

Since their demo EP in 2007, the band have released two EPs, a masterful split with Chicago's Bongripper, two live albums (including their 2012 Roadburn set) and three LPs, and have shared stages with the likes of Neurosis, Sleep, Kylesa and Saint Vitus to name a few. Conan are about to embark on a US tour with Serial Hawk, and have lined up a string of festival performances in Europe, including Desertfest and Xtreme Fest.

Quietly going about their business, Conan have built a name for themselves in the UK’s doom underground scene. And with Revengeance they peer into the horizon deciding whom and what to conquer next. 

Monday, February 15, 2016

LP Review: Thrones In The Sky by Son Of A Witch

Having released their debut EP way back at the beginning of 2012, it has been a long wait for Brazilians Son Of A Witch to release their debut record, but my word has Thrones In The Sky been worth the wait! Mixing elements of stoner, doom, fuzz, psychedelia, groove – basically everything we love here at Heavy Planet, and because you’re reading this, we’re pretty sure you’re going to love this too.

The record starts off with ‘Thrones in The Sky’, opening with some heavy Black Sabbath style doom worshipping, so you’d be forgiven to thinking that the album will be going along the same route as a thousand other bands, but then Son Of A Witch suddenly flick the ‘FUCK YEAH’ switch, and things get tasty. The plodding doom turns into heavy, dark stoner rock with a pulsating beat, before the rasping vocals of King Lizzard come into play like a razor blade to the throat. The speed changes sporadically, with key changes aplenty, and riffs to rip you a new one, but they all intertwine and fit perfectly to create the whole song, the cliché of the journey that it takes you on; it leaves you sweaty, neck sore, hoarse, and bursting for more – and this is all in the first song!

Each of the five tracks on the record here average about 11 minutes in length, and it can be found at times when bands try this that you can find yourself a little bored or lost in between and wander off to thoughts of something else, but Son Of A Witch have enough tricks up their sleeves to make things really interesting. ‘Alpha Omega Astra’ begins again down a heavy doomesque path for two minutes, before gigantic riffs halt proceedings and the track changes into a juggernaut stoner rock song, around 4 and a half minutes in it strays into metal territory without quite going full blown face shredding, about 6 and a half minutes in they go ape shit a let lose all of their riffing instrumental abilities in all their glory, before turning into a psychedelic post rock vibe with spaced out vocals caressing your battered soul, ending the song in cosmic distortion before the riffs kick in once again to devastating effect in closing. Phew, what a ride!

The vocals, instrument styles, time changes, length of songs, everything, compliments each other on this record. Everything can be pretty much reflected in the artwork as, just like the music, there’s a shit load going on, you want to take everything in all at once, it’s tripping balls, heavy, gnarly, and just fucking awesome. Get this record!


Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Album Reviews: Hurriah's "Cosmosotic" and "Mother Sky"

I'm doing something just slightly unusual here and offering up 2 albums from today's band under review, Hurriah. The albums are the recently released (Jan., 2016) "Cosmosotic", a full length, ten song nuclear bomb of psychedelic explosions, and the equally ionic, iconic "Mother Sky", a 4 song EP released May of 2015.

If you visit Hurriah's bandcamp page they describe themselves as the slag product of Sweden's heavy industries and their music as fast and heavy rock and roll. Eh! There's just a dab bit more to it than that, I assure you. What you will hear when spinning either album is some super slick psychedelic rock music with hooks on top of vicious razor riffs on top of beautifully crafted lyrics and wonderfully harmonic vocals perpetuating a sonic experience of primal fury coated in polymer precision and encased in high impact imagination. Hurriah's music is in rarefied company with their harmonic vocal approach which adds a clean, sweet spice to their dark energy groove as it expands your consciousness and excites your stoner soul.

The two Jespers, Österberg and Johansson, hail from Borlänge, Sweden and handle all the duties on these two offerings, but are looking for a bass player that will allow them to go on tour. Here! Here! I raise a glass to that endeavor because I think the world will thoroughly enjoy what these industrial music monsters have to offer.


Thursday, February 4, 2016

LP Review: Swan Valley Heights by Swan Valley Heights

Munich, Germany, has just spawned the heaviest stoner record of 2016 so far! Swan Valley Heights’ debut self-titled record is one of biblical stoner rock proportions, combining thick heavy assaults, drawn out riffs, and warm, grunge-like vocals that wraps the whole thing together in an awesome package.

The record opens with ‘Slow Planet’, which at over seven minutes, is one of the shortest songs on the record, with enough stoner and doomy elements to lay waste to those looking for a good old slice of heavy rock head banging. With all songs on the album hitting around the 10-minute mark, the band choose to exemplify their song writing skills as opposed to simply droning out the same riff repeatedly, and it makes for a worthwhile listen as the layers of guitar riffs, time signatures, vocal ability, speed, and peddle dabbling is stretched to its full potential. The band basically make the most out of every second they’ve got. It’s a good five minutes into ‘Alaska’ before the delicate vocals enter the frame, not rough or shouting, but gentle, dare we almost say, singing, and it matches perfectly over the top of their stoner riffage, a cross between Arctic Sleep and Truckfighters, and how awesome does that sound?

Words such as “epic”, “colossus”, and “thickriffheavysonofabitch” are all that needs to be shouted while listening to Swan Valley Heights, and that is most elegantly shown on the track ‘Mammoth’: eleven minutes of stoner doom/psychedelic riffs to melt the coldest of faces, and destructive breakdowns to rob your lungs of breath. It’s when you think these three guys can’t do anymore, they take it up one more notch.

The rest of the album continues it the same devastating fashion; ‘Let Your Hair Down’ rattles the speakers off the shelves with its Neanderthalic riffage, ‘Mountain’ lulls you into a false sense of comfort before remimding you just exactly who you’re fucking with, and closer ‘River’changing course between slow delicate playing, to doomesque meandering, to an all-out riff fest as the band decide to simply go out all guns blazing!

Swan Valley Heights is a stunning record, using every riff for a reason, and that reason is to fucking destroy you. The first essential stoner record of 2016.

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