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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

New Band To Burn One To-Brad Olsen

Brad Olsen  is a one man band from Warner Robins, GA. Brad  plays guitar, does vocals, plays bass and has the skills in recording which allows him to create intricate backing tracks with drums. He plays a style of heavy metal which is heavily influenced by the Sabbathian stoner / doom styling's of bands like High On Fire, Mastodon, Sleep, Electric Wizard, and, of course, the mighty Sabbath themselves. He has also recently begun to experiment with speed and black metal riffs as well as Southern rock / metal. Brad considers his style of music a blending of detuned, fuzzed out, tribal stoner / doom (or "stoom"), speed-bound, thrashy, yet somewhat progressive, black metal, and laid back, honky tonkin', finger pickin', bluegrass stylin, southern metal. Sounds weird, I know, but it works for him. Brad has just started to play live shows around the middle GA area so keep an eye out for him.


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Heavy Planet Updates

Sorry for the lack of updates as of late, I've been a little busy with some other projects. I am getting a little bit behind on some of the band requests. If you submit your band right now it usually takes about a month and a half to get posted. Please be patient as I will eventually post your band, unless it does not fit into the scope of the blog. A special thanks goes out to Toby aka Inspired , a one time reader of the blog to now a contributor. Toby provides CD reviews and Concert reviews to the blog every now and then and does a tremendous job. If anyone else is willing to contribute, don't be afraid to hit me up. It is a cool chance to get some free swag every once in a while. Thanks for all the kind comments that I receive in my e-mail, I really appreciate it. I kind of like where the format is at so I will not be making any changes at this time. One thing that I do ask is that you show your appreciation to the bands by purchasing their music/merch off of their MySpace/website. If the band offers a free download of their music please send them a simple thank you. Alright, peace!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

VENOMIN JAMES Drummer Critically Ill; Family Needs Support

Jared Koston, the 40-year-old drummer of the Cleveland, Ohio-based metal band VENOMIN JAMES, has been diagnosed with two brain tumors stemming from stage IV melanoma cancer. He was released from University Hospital in Cleveland to be at home with his family.

"Jared's started radiation therapy, but his doctors have basically said that we should prepare for the worst," says VENOMIN JAMES guitarist Joe Fortunato.

"It has all happened so rapidly that it took us all by surprise. He had been getting chemotherapy, but a bad reaction hospitalized him, which is how they found more going on. Originally, it was only in his shoulder but has now spread to his spleen and brain. It may happen that he doesn't survive too much longer.

"We were planning to have a benefit concert for him and for melanoma charities, but it looks like he may not even be around long enough to see it, let alone play at it."

"Jared and his family need financial help immediately," says Auburn Records president Bill Peters.

"Jared has four beautiful children and a wonderful wife by his side.

"Anything you can contribute to the Koston family during their time of need is greatly appreciated.

"This family is doing everything they can to keep things going but can't do it alone.

"Jared and his wife Michele are both hard working people but had to leave their jobs while they continue to battle this illness.

"All of the money raised will go directly to Jared and his family to help cover medical and travel expenses.

"Please take a few minutes to contribute if you are able. No donation is too small. You can make a difference."

Cash, checks and money orders (payable to Jared Koston) can be sent to:

The Koston Family
3060 Princeton Drive
Madison, Ohio 44057

PayPal donations can be sent to: jaredkoston@rocketmail.com (be sure to mark "personal," then select "gift").

There also is a Koston Cancer Funds "cause" page set up on Facebook.

Michele Koston has organized two spaghetti dinner fundraisers at the Stadium Grill in Mentor, Ohio on May 3 from 6 to 8 p.m. and at the Wagon Wheel Restaurant in Madison, Ohio on May 24 from 5 to 8 p.m.

Michele, along with members of VENOMIN JAMES, will appear live on WJCU's "Metal On Metal" radio show, hosted by Peters, on Friday, March 26 at 8:30 p.m. EST to talk about her husband's condition. Listen live at www.wjcu.org or 88.7 FM in the Cleveland, Ohio area.

VENOMIN JAMES is about to release its second album, "Crowe Valley Blues", on Auburn Records in May. An advance track from the CD, "Cosmonaut", will appear on Poland's Hard Rocker magazine "Monuments Of Steel II" compilation CD.

VENOMIN JAMES' full-length debut, "Left Hand Man", came out in 2007.

VENOMIN JAMES lead vocalist Jim Meador also serves as a sergeant in the U.S. Army. He was called to active duty in 2009 and sent overseas to be stationed on the frontlines in Afghanistan. He is scheduled to return home in May. During his absence, the band has been writing and demoing new material for its third studio album. They have also performed a couple of all-instrumental sets in the Cleveland area, including a benefit concert for WJCU in February, to remain active and visible while Meador is overseas.

"VENOMIN JAMES are one of Cleveland's hottest upcoming bands," states Peters, "and Jared is a standout drummer. The band is on the verge of breaking out of this market and going on to the next level. Anyone who has seen them live can attest to that fact. They are facing a lot of adversity but are staying strong and positive to overcome these obstacles.

"All of our thoughts and prayers right now though are focused on Jared's recovery and Jim's safe return home."


*A message to the readers of Heavy Planet. Let's show our support and help a brother out. You can help the family by donating on behalf of Heavy Planet. Just click the button below to make your donation. Thank you so much.

News For Week Ending 3/27/2010

Here are the top news stories for h eweek ending 3/27/2010.



CATHEDRAL: 'The Guessing Game' Trailer Available

DOWN: 'Diary Of A Mad Band' DVD/CD Delayed

 LAIR OF THE MINOTAUR: New Video To Premiere Next Week

BLACK TUSK Films 'Red Eyes, Black Skies' Video

SAINT VITUS Frontman Talks About Possibility Of New Studio Album; Video Available

KINGDOM OF SORROW: New Album Title, Release Date Revealed

CANDLEMASS: 'Ashes To Ashes - Live' DVD Trailer Available

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Album Review - King Giant: Southern Darkness

"this album was made with gibson, gretsch and prs guitars, marshall and ampeg amps, harley davidson motorcycles, heineken, stella artois, quatro via, maker's mark, buffalo trace, red bull, twinnings earl grey tea, tatuaje cigars, copenhagen long cut, east west grill, the good but expensive food bar at whole foods...and a penchant for story tellin', a fascination with the macabre, and a healthy dose of general discontent."

So says the inner sleeve of the new King Giant long play "Southern Darkness". Fellas...you had me at Gibson. Despite the absolute kick assedness of the above quote, the music immediately backs up those words as opening track "Solace" bears down with an utterly heavy riff, pounding drums and vocals that sound like they've been marinated in whiskey for weeks. Folks, this is Southern fried metal at its finest and frankly, it's been awhile since I've heard something this good...better yet, this pure.

When listening to "Southern Darkness", it's easy to draw comparisons to other mid-Atlantic stoner/doom staples like Sixty Watt Shaman and of course Clutch. As a matter of fact, on "Burning Regrets", the album's second track, the combination of the sludgy guitar and Hammerly's rasp, draw such a striking resemblence to "Transnational Speedway League" era Clutch, that I half expected to hear Neil Fallon moan "they call me El Jefe". Don't get me wrong people, this is no knock on King Giant by any stretch...quite the contrary, it's a compliment.

The music stands out throughout the album. Realizing that there are some true guitar talents in the world of sludge rock (Scott "Wino" Weinrich and Tim Sult just to name a couple), when listening to many bands of this ilk, it isn't uncommon for the guitar to get completely buried in the muck. Not so with King Giant, as Todd Ingram lays down some downright sick guitar solos on this record, setting these guys apart from a lot of their peers. Furthermore, is that a banjo I hear on "13 to 1"? How many metal bands manage to pull that off? And while the leads are certainly noteworthy, they merely compliment the overall experience. Piling up all of the dirty, frozen snow banks that were plowed onto the sides of the roads in Northern Virginia (where these guys call home) this Winter, couldn't match the heaviness that results when you combine Kowalski's riffage with Walters' and Brooks' rhythm section.

But enough about the actual music, this review wouldn't be complete without mentioning King Giant's lyrics and more importantly, Hammerly's delivery. On "Mississippi River" when he sings "I gave her a lesson someone needed to give her...now they're draggin' for her bones in the Mississippi River", you have to hope that aforementioned quote is true when they mention "story tellin'". These guys can be downright scary. Of course there's lighter fare as well, such as on the open highway, motorcycle anthem "Desert Run" when Hammerly opines "a couple hundred miles, my first stop of the day...fill the tank, grab a beer, I'm on my way". Ahh...makes me turn the volume knob to the right, hit the gas pedal and wish to God my Honda Civic was a Harley!

After doing a little research, I learned that King Giant lost their original vocalist, Bob Dotolo, back in 2007 (RIP brother). Having learned that, I'm all the more impressed at what I hear on "Southern Darkness". No disrespect to the band's former vocalist, but Hammerly's hoarse wail is so perfect for this music, I can't imagine another voice fronting this band. When he sings "I'm still chasing you away...3 shots of whiskey every day" on "Lady Whiskey", you not only feel his pain, you believe that he's broken hearted, hurt and downright pissed off about it.

King Giant fall into a category of bands that span the globe, but honestly, this album could only be made in the American South. It's like listening to Down...or better yet, one of the true outlaw country artists like Waylon Jennings fronting Down...but with an even badder attitude. As a matter of fact, if Johnny Cash rose from the grave and started a metal band, this is what it might sound like. Folks, this is some serious shit. King Giant isn't music that's meant to be fun. No, this is music that's meant to exorcise demons.

Recommended...with a shot of whiskey.

Track Listing:

01. Solace
02. Burning Regrets
03. 13 to 1
04. Potter's Field
05. Mississippi River
06. Lady Whiskey
07. Machine Gun Mantra
08. Hollow
09. Shindig
10. Desert Run
Bonus Track - Needle and the Spoon

Band Members:

Floyd Walters III - Bass
Todd "T.I." Ingram - Lead Guitar
Dave Hammerly - Vocals
Brooks - Drums
David Kowalski - Rhythm Guitar

My Space
Buy Here!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

New Band To Burn One To-Fluid Underground

Today's "New Band To Burn One To"  Fluid Underground  combines the chaotic riffs of "Sonic Youth" with heavy "Nirvana" half - tones, to contageous "Mudhoney" vocals, along with the unique atmosphere of "Kyuss" and "QOTSA". Fluid Underground is "completely dark, with the heavy distortion inside, the broken voice stands for the incubation of the new virus, that has crossed the road from a parasite to an organysm for itself, with no need for any host."  This band from Serbia rocks your freakin' face off. Check'em out now!

The band has made their latest album available for download at this location. Please make sure to thank the band.

The song "Rat" is totally kick ass!


Thursday, March 18, 2010

New Band To Burn One To-Dangerbird/Hulk Smash

Today I have a couple of bands for you guys to hear. Actually, the one dude Bruce from Dangerbird is actually in the other band Hulk Smash as well.

Dangerbird was formed in 2007. They are current and former members of Serpent Throne, Hulk Smash, GunnaVahm, Fire Down Below, Sound of Failure, Bridge Made of Bats. They are a four piece mid tempo heavy post-psychedelic rock band.Their sound can be described as The Melvins meets Neil Young & Crazy Horse.

The band has a few releases available on their MySpace page. One being their self-titled from 2007 as well as a live album. They just recently released a new CD entitled "Homestead" which you can download here. If you download the album make sure to thank the band and let them know what you think.

If you would like to purchase their music:

The CD and LP are on SRA Records http://www.srarecords.com/
The cassette is released by Sloth Tapes (http://www.slothtapes.wordpress.com/).


Today's other band Hulk Smash is a two piece prog/doom band from Philadelphia, constructed of drums, keyboards, organ pedal-boards, 8 string bass and a distorted vocal harmonizer. You can download the Hulk Smash CD here.


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

New Releases For Tuesday 3/16/2010

Here are today's new releases.

Landmine Marathon-"Sovereign Descent" (Prosthetic)

"2010 album from Phoenix, Arizona's Landmine Marathon. Sovereign Descent is a sonic representation of their world: scorched, desolate, and angry as hell. The album was recorded at guitarist Ryan Butler's Arcane Digital Recording Studios, where he's recorded past efforts from the band, as well as Misery Index, Phobia, The Funeral Pyre and many others. The album was mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music (Converge, Hatebreed, Dillinger Escape Plan) and features cover art by acclaimed artist Dan Seagrove (entombed, Dismember, Morbid Angel, Suffocation)."

16-"Drop Out" (Relapse)

"The beastly, throbbing riffs and tortured screams of 16's now-legendary Drop Out album sent shockwaves through the international music scene upon its '96 release. It's obvious why over a decade later; the band made visceral anguish, angst, and disillusionment sound downright anthemic. 16 put an ugly, angry face on disenfranchised youth and Drop Out became a touchstone and soundtrack for the next generation of heavy rock trail blazers and trendsetters."

16-"Curves That Kick" (Relapse)

"Curves That Kick, the long out-of-print debut album from SoCal quartet 16, threw the doors open to a new, post-Helmet/AmRep sound of discordance and discontent. Originally released on Pushead's Bacteria Sour label in '93, the album exposed the nascent beginnings of the soon-to-be infamous quartet. As Curves That Kick proved then and underscores now in its remixed and remastered form, 16 is its own unique, belligerent human animal."

Fireball Ministry-"Self-Titled" (RED)

"From the beginning, Fireball Ministry have aggressively steered clear of all manner of trends and cliques, opting instead to follow the rock n roll heart that has been the core for over a decade. Their analog-soaked, bottom-heavy swirl of tunes that tips a hat toward the best of the past without sounding like a mere retread or novelty. Famously described as Sabbath partying with Priest and Grand Funk Railroad, there's no nonsense in the Fireball camp."

Triclops!-"Helpers On The Other Side" (Alternative Tentacle)

"2010 release from the Bay Area Prog Acid Punk rockers. Adding flourishes to the formula established on their debut Out of Africa, Triclops! continues its assault on all pretenders to the Punk/Psych/Prog throne. The sound on this album is varied, but one might say it's akin to Firehose crossing streams with Goblin in an acid vat. There's even an acoustic bridge in "With SARS, I'll Ride the Wind" that sounds like a fever-warbled Classic Rock jammer. Triclops! is an Acid-Punk version of avant-garde classical composition with cinematic textures--an absurdist soundscape replete with comedic relief that acknowledges its own pure ridiculousness"

Monday, March 15, 2010

Black Sabbath-Gods Of Doom

There is no secret that my favorite band of all-time is Black Sabbath. Recently, I took the time to pay tribute to the band by writing a lens about them on Squidoo. It details the history of the band from the Ozzy years to their current Heaven & Hell lineup. I will continue to add more to it as it is a work in progress. I hope you enjoy it.

Black Sabbath-The Most Influential Heavy Metal Band Of All-Time

Black Sabbath is my favorite band of all-time, and this lens is my personal tribute to them. On this lens I will provide a history of the band from the early days to their current lineup as well as news, videos, and other cool things Black Sabbath. Black Sabbath has influenced everyone from The Smashing Pumpkins to Pantera. They can also be credited for laying the groundwork for the Stoner Rock, Doom Metal, Gothic Metal and Sludge Metal genres. Lamb of God's Chris Adler said: "If anybody who plays heavy metal says that they weren't influenced by Black Sabbath's music, then I think that they're lying to you. I think all heavy metal music was, in some way, influenced by what Black Sabbath did." Therefore, in my opinion, Black Sabbath is heavy metal, period. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. (Read more...)

Saturday, March 13, 2010

News For Week Ending 3/13/2010

Here is your weekly fix of this week's top news stories:

HIGH ON FIRE Members Talk About Making Of 'Snakes For The Divine'

RAVENS CREED: Split 7" Single With SOLLUBI Due Next Week

MELVINS To Release 'The Bride Screamed Murder' In June


THE SWORD Exploring Sci-Fi Concept On New Album

MASTODON Guitarist: 'We're Only Ten Years Old Now So I Think The Sky's The Limit With Ideas'

HIGH ON FIRE: New Audio Interview With MATT PIKE Available

TONY IOMMI On RICK WAKEMAN's Radio Show: 'Face To Face' Interview To Air This Month

RHINO: New Album Title Announced

HIGH ON FIRE: 'Frost Hammer' Video Released

PLACE OF SKULLS: New Album Title, Track Listing Revealed


ORANGE GOBLIN: No New Album For The Foreseeable Future


ZOROASTER Begins Recording New Album

FIREBIRD Mastering New Album




BISON B.C.: New Song Available For Streaming

Earth And Wolves In The Throne Room Tour

Liturgy Tour Begins Today (Actually yesterday)

Tee Pee Recordes Updates

LANDMINE MARATHON's "Sovereign Descent" Streaming Now at MetalSucks.net

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

New Band To Burn One To-Never Got Caught

Today's "New Band To Burn One To" Never Got Caught is an American rock band composed of vocalist and guitarist Bryan "Uzi" Hinkley and drummer Bill Hinkley of the Boston hardcore punk band TREE and bassist Paul Dallaire.

The musical style of the band has been referred to as "Blues, jazz, metal, classic rock, punk, and a flair for the experimental all go into the blender to form the seductive, intoxicating, devastating cocktail that is Never Got Caught."

The band' newest release is called "Creepshow" and the band just finished up a few tour dates with Clutch/Doomriders/and Lionize (Read review). Clutch's Neil Fallon lends his vocals to the song "Slippin' Out". See video below:

You guys will totally dig this band. Check'em out!

Official Website

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

New Releases For 3/9/2010

Here is the only new release that I saw this week.

Year Long Disaster-"Black Magic; All Mysteries Revealed" (Volcom)

"On its second full-length, this Cali trio makes a convincing claim to be a modern Soundgarden, consistently locating both deep pockets and trippy cloud-patterns for their blooze-howled sludge. Following a brief but doomful instrumental title intro, "Show Me Your Teeth" kicks things off celebrating the carrying of firearms in the city. Six-minute centerpiece "Sparrow Hill" locks into the set's most Sabbath-like swing; "Seven of Swords" and "Foggy Bottom" pastorally search for black holes in the winter sun. They save their fastest riffing for the aptly named "Cyclone," at album's end." (Chuck Eddy)


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

"New Band To Rock Your F'n Head Off To"-Broken Teeth

Today's band Broken Teeth is not what you would call Stoner Rock or really anything remotely close to it, but what this band does do is rock your freakin' head off. I have always been a fan of bands such as AC/DC (the first band I ever saw live), Rhinobucket, The Four Horsemen, etc. and Broken Teeth has done a tremendous job of paying tribute to those previously mentioned bands. Their new album "“Viva la Rock, Fantastico!” features 13 blistering specimens of pure kick ass, in-your-face all out rock n'roll.

Broken Teeth formed in Austin, Texas, in 1999 when Jason McMaster (Watchtower and Dangerous Toys) recruited former members of Dangerous Toys, Dirty Looks and Pariah for a side project that allowed band members to have some fun indulging their dirty rock influences including AC/DC, Rose Tattoo, Circus of Power and The Four Horsemen.

More than a decade later, Broken Teeth has firmly established its own tattered and frayed identity with a discography that includes the self-titled debut, “Guilty Pleasure,” “Blood on the Radio” and “Electric.”

Helping Broken Teeth fan the “Fantastico!” flames is blood-sweating Canadian rocker, Danko Jones. The rock-n-roll outlaw from the Great White North lends backup vocals to the album’s tequila-spiked title track as well as the shout-along stormer, “Big Spender.”

If you like your rock music, loud, fast and hard, then check out Broken Teeth. You will not be disappointed.


Monday, March 1, 2010

New Band To Burn One To-Cease

Special Monday Edition: "New Band To Burn One To"

Hey guys! I have a great band for you to check out today. The band is called Cease and they hail from Perth, Australia. They are one of those bands that really have no classification. You get some Drone/Doom/Experimental/Noise, etc, etc. and they do it very well. Below is an awesome review of their latest album "Cicada".


Pierre Francois, Hellridemusic.com

"“How to decipher Cease’s music??” –That’s what I first thought. People always need to put words on everything so as to feel comfortable and be able to impress friends at parties by name-dropping trendy sub-genres they don’t understand but swear they’ve been following this very movement since day one. Screw that! Cease is a brain-fuck. Take it as pretty much indescribable with our human language and also, that they will mess around with your brains when they play live!. By the way, this 3 piece all-instrumental jam band (known for their long and drony/noisy improves) hails from Perth (Western Australia).

Cease are a one of a kind band yet to be rivaled by another of their class. Imagine Chris Hiakus starting a band with (a really angry) Massive Attack and someone from Buried at Sea on guitars. - this is obviously a stupid analogy that I maybe should have kept to myself-. Thing is, you cannot put words on this music. I just know it’s good. Local street press awkwardly associated them with the “shoegaze” movement. I disagree. We’re talking drone?doom?post-rock? I just have no clue.

The four tracks of this first full length could well be one big 40 minute song, as they naturally flow into one another. Tribal at times, drony and relentless at others -the guitars are merely used to distract you from the mesmerizing cycles of that bass/drums engine – with heavy use of fuzz and space-out effects. This an “Are You Experienced?” kind of voyage you are about to embark on, just in 2009 , on acid and a whole lot heavier.

Beware though…This is not an album for massive-riff-oriented people (hope you like repetitiveness as much as I do). Cease certainly does not rush things. They take their sweet time. And you might as well enjoy it, because if you ever see them live, every gig is a rebirth for Cease. And that is one aspect I like about these guys. They managed to evolve from a pretty noisy/improv’/psych genre (circa 2007) into something new, without losing their identity, that is playing and recording without knowing what you’re gonna end up with. They even got heavier with time!

The artwork of “Cicada” is also really professional and just beautiful. If it’s marketable as a concept album, maybe an animal documentary show should get in touch with them, as listening to this album feels like going through the life-cycle of a Cicada: from larva to ashes…"
Buy CD @ badmintonbandit.com/
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