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Saturday, May 31, 2008

BIBLE OF THE DEVIL Completes Work On New Album

Veteran Chicago rock n' roll metallers BIBLE OF THE DEVIL have announced the completion of their fifth full-length album and second for Rome, Italy-based label Cruz Del Sur Music. Entitled "Freedom Metal", BIBLE OF THE DEVIL's eagerly anticipated follow-up to 2006's "The Diabolic Procession" marches beyond the epic concept of their previous release toward an effort simply overflowing with cranium-bludgeoning classics-in-the-making. Collaborating again with acclaimed Chicago engineer and producer Sanford Parker (MINSK, NACHTMYSTIUM, LAIR OF THE MINOTAUR) for the recording of "Freedom Metal", BIBLE OF THE DEVIL's fans can expect shit-hot and throttling production values for the new material that are the standard at Parker's Semaphore Studio in Chicago.

Having completed the "Freedom Metal" sessions in May 2008, BIBLE OF THE DEVIL has spent the two years since their last full-length release honing the new material live and even discarding songs that the band felt would not make the cut, a luxury that they had seldom been afforded before in the band's history. Vocalist and guitarist Mark Hoffmann said, "This is a true heavy guitar-lover's album. One for people who would rather actually plug a real Les Paul into a Marshall and just lay waste than those who would merely simulate shredding on their Playstation 3. Although, they too are invited to the party." And before the jingoist, big-dumb American implications of including "Freedom" in the title come flying at the band whose cryptic moniker continues to attract endlessly redundant inquiries about Satanism, Hoffmann had to say, "We ain't talking about the perverse concept of 'Freedom' in Dubya's sense. We're talking about 'Freedom' in the purest, Hobbesian sense, 'a free man is he that is not hindered to do what he hath the will to do'. And metal."

Look for BIBLE OF THE DEVIL's "Freedom Metal" in the of fall 2008 on Cruz Del Sur Music.

BIBLE OF THE DEVIL performing live – July 2007:

Album Of The Day-Brain Police-"Beyond the Wasteland" (2008)

The Album Of The Day is "Beyond The Wasteland" by Brain Police.


“Who are the brain police?” Frank Zappa asked that question back in 1966. Whatever he thought the answer might be, I doubt if he considered that it was a classic heavy riffrock band from Iceland; after all, even Frank didn’t know everything.

It’s too bad Frank couldn’t have lived to hear these guys, because despite his intellectual leanings he was also able to appreciate good rawkin’ every once in awhile; witness his involvement with Grand Funk!

Which is where the Brain Police come in. They formed back in 1998 on the little volcanic island of Iceland, and unbeknownst to most of the world, they’ve been rocking the heavy riff ever since. In fact this is my first exposure to them, but I’m hoping they’ll send me their back catalog, because this is some classic hard rocking ensemble playing, and we all know that any fan of The Heavy can never get enough of THAT. Instantly accessible, they’ve got a gift for melody and evidently do not suffer from bloated self-images, because ego opportunities like guitar solos are always short and to the point and always in the service of the melody. So good on ‘em!

‘Rooster Booster’ has a classic FM sound that seems to combine Mountain with Dozer, with a short, tasteful, fuzzy guitar solo. ‘Thunderbird’ boasts some killer drums and is the song most obviously influenced by Kyuss. ‘Snake’ showcases a bit of the old Fender Rhodes, and ‘Sweet Side of Evil’ sounds like something John Garcia might get involved in after a three-day bender. Nice.

OK, so you’ve heard something like it before, but if your collection boasts the likes of Greenleaf, Dozer, Sgt. Sunshine, Asteroid, Blowback, Unida, Hermano, Nebula, Sparzanza, Josiah, Frame and Honcho, then push ‘em all over to the side and make room for Brain Police. It’s the least you can do. (Kevin McHugh, HellrideMusic.com)

More reviews...

Track Listing:

01. Rooster Booster
02. Hot Chicks & Hell Queens
03. Black Tulip
04. Thunderbird
05. Snake
06. Mystic Lover
07. The Baron
08. Leo
09. Human Volume
10. Beyond the Wasteland
11. Sweet Side of Evil



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CULT OF LUNA: New Video Interview With JOHANNES PERSSON Posted Online

Founder and guitarist Johannes Persson of Swedish art-rockers CULT OF LUNA was recently interviewed by UK's Kerrang! magazine about the group's forthcoming "Eternal Kingdom" album. Watch the six-minute chat below.

Due on on June 16 in Europe and July 8 in the U.S. via Earache Records, "Eternal Kingdom" — the fifth full-length CD from CULT OF LUNA — was recorded at Tonteknik Studios in the band's hometown of Umeå and was produced by Magnus Lindberg. The follow-up to 2006's "Somewhere along the Highway" is said to be a much heavier and darker affair than previous albums.

CULT OF LUNA recently posted the "Eternal Kingdom" title track on the band's MySpace page.

The "Eternal Kingdom" artwork also has a deep connection to the music contained within.

"The artwork is inspired by old woodcuts and it is definitely the right way of maintain and amplify the harshness of the 'Eternal Kingdom'," said the band. "With the Man/Owl king in the middle, it is a perfect visual representation of how the album is going to sound."

THE GATES OF SLUMBER: 'The Ice Worm's Lair' Artwork Revealed

Indianapolis, Indiana-based doom metal band THE GATES OF SLUMBER will issue a brand new 12" vinyl EP, "The Ice Worm's Lair", on July 5, 2008. Limited to 500 copies (300 aqua, 150 purple and 50 white), the EP features the track "Ice Worm" from the group's new album "Conqueror", as well as three non-album tracks exclusive to this release. The b-sides include a new original track "Something You Can Never Know" along with covers of the IRON MAIDEN classic "Fight of Icarus" and DIO's "Egypt (The Chains Are On)".

"The Ice Worm's Lair" features brand new cover artwork by Dave Quiggle.

The 12" will be released by the band's own Slumbering Souls imprint in association with Superhero Artist Management And Productions, LLC.

Side A:

01. Ice Worm
02. Something you can Never Know

Side B:

01. Flight of Icarus (IRON MAIDEN Cover)
02. Egypt (The Chains Are on) (DIO Cover)

"Conqueror" was released in North America on May 27 via Profound Lore (I Hate in Europe). The CD was recorded at Volume Studios with producer Sanford Parker, who has previously worked with BIBLE OF THE DEVIL, LAIR OF THE MINOTAUR and NACHMYSTIUM, among others.

THE GATES OF SLUMBER filmed a video for the song "Trapped in the Web" on April 13 with Andy Reale (THROWDOWN, IMPENDING DOOM).

Check out photos from the video shoot at this location.

According to a press release, "Conqueror" is "an adventurous jaunt, with the epic and colossal nature of the songs being more to the point, which in turn makes 'Conqueror' the most tightly knit, focused and structured THE GATES OF SLUMBER offering to date. Produced and recorded by Sanford Parker, hence one can only expect a nice warm and natural sound that opposes all the triggered and digitally processed garbage that's pretty much polluting the scene, everything about 'Conqueror' is mighty. From the memorably constructed melodies, Karl Simon's passionately sung vocals and awesome guitar solos, and the wicked rhythm section provided by bassist Jason McCash and drummer Bob Fouts, 'Conqueror' is pretty much an album that defines everything we here at Profound Lore Records like about metal, and is an album that again, gives us faith that there is such a thing today as true quality metal with class and conviction."

JUCIFER: Limited-Edition 'Veterans Of Volume' DVD Now Available

Athens, Georgia's JUCIFER has just released "Veterans Of Volume: Live With Eight Cameras", a brand new, limited-edition DVD packed to the gills with great special features. It's available right now for the measly price of $10 (plus postage) at www.JuciferDVD.com.

Here's what the DVD contains:

* A full 35-minute JUCIFER show shot with eight cameras and recorded digitally across 20 tracks of HUGE audio.

Track listing:

01. She Tides the Deep
02. Queen B
03. In Combs
04. Lambs 1
05. Lambs 2
06. Good Provider
07. Antietam
08. Fall of the Bastille
09. Firefly
10. Pontius of Palia
11. Pinned in Glass
12. Hennin Hardine

* All of JUCIFER's official music videos, with optional director's commentary.

01. The Plastic Museum
02. Hennin Hardine
03. Pontius of Palia
04. When She Goes Out
05. Superman

* Five out-of-print or never-before-heard JUCIFER studio tracks. Listen to them on your DVD player:

01. She's 21st Century
02. Licorice
03. 77 Chevy Supreme
04. Hero Worship Remix
05. Redeemer

* Rock poster gallery featuring 60 great JUCIFER posters from past tours, plus artist information. Rare or unreleased JUCIFER songs play while the poster slideshow happens.

* Discography Section

01. An exhaustive discography listing every time the band appeared on record.
02. A nine-minute discography trailer featuring song snippets and album covers from all the major JUCIFER releases.
03. A sneak peek at the book cover of "Jucifer Rising" by former Flipside writer Jim Hayes.

* MP3s Folder

This is a folder on the DVD that can be accessed via your computer. MP3s of the five rare songs are here. Listen to 'em on your computer or iPod.

* Easter Eggs

Yes, there are some secret goodies here.

* Packaging

The DVD is housed in a six-panel DVD digipak, featuring artwork showing close-ups of Amber's massive wall of amps.

The "Veterans Of Volume: Live With Eight Cameras" trailer can be viewed below.

Birds of Prey Writing New Material

Birds of Prey, the band featuring Erik Larson (Alabama Thunderpussy), Bo Leslie (The Last Van Zant), Summer Welch (Baroness), Ben Hogg (Beaten Back To Pure) and Dave Witte (Municipal Waste), will commence the songwriting sessions for its third album at the end of June.

Birds of Prey `s most recent CD, Sulfur and Semen, was released in January via Relapse Records.

Sulfur and Semen was recorded at Sniper Studio in Moyock, NC with producer Vince Burke and contains 11 songs; ten originals and a cover of Iron and Wine`s "Show Him the Ground."

Roadburn 2008 Audio Webcasts Now Online

From Roadburn:

For those who didn`t get to take part in the Roadburn festivals, and for those who did, but want to relive it -we have put up the VPRO 3voor12 on-demand audio webcasts for your listening pleasure!

Roadburn Webcasts

Roadburn Pre Heat - Thursday, April 17

Green Room

Bat Cave

13th Roadburn Festival - Friday, April 18

Main Stage
Blood of the Sun

Green Room
Baby Woodrose
Black Shape of Nexus
Tony McPhee`s Groundhogs
Scott Kelly
Mos Generator

Bat Cave
Church of Misery

13th Roadburn Festival - Saturday, April 19

Main Stage
Long Distance Calling
Cephalic Carnage

Green Room
Electric Orange
The Heads
Wolves in the Throneroom
Tia Carrera
Dixie Witch

Bat Cave

David Tibet`s Roadburn Festival - Sunday, April 20

Current 93

Roadburn Festival Afterburner - Sunday, April 20

The Glasspack
Orange Sunshine

Keep checking in for more updates about the live recordings, and also for news about the 2009 Roadburn Festival, set to be held April 23 to April 26 at the 013 in Tilburg, Holland.


Friday, May 30, 2008

Album Of The Day-Valient Thorr-"Total Universe Man" (2005)

The Album Of The Day is "Total Universe Man" by Valient Thorr.


Being that it's almost impossible to inject fresh perspective and excitement into authentic, classicist hard rock without turning it into something other than classicist hard rock, the wacky outer space mythology concocted by North Carolinians Valient Thorr unexpectedly becomes a welcome additional benefit for their music -- never mind an obvious distinguishing gimmick. Especially since, for all its good-humored absurdity, in the end the band's assertions of hailing from the planet Venus still take a back seat to the inspired songwriting of their freshman outing, Total Universe Man, which is fueled by an electrifying mixture of hard rock and metal. More specifically, it's the head-on collision between charismatic singer Valient Himself -- with his larger-than-life, wild man preacher persona -- and the Marshall stack-melting power chords, searing dual harmonies, and scalding-hot leads traded by guitarists Jjin and Eidan Thorr, that ignite the brightest sparks in shit-hot tracks like "Showdown," "Palm Dealer" and "Blow Up the Pyramid." Also worthy of praise are the opening prologue, which sees Valient Himself exhorting "true believers" into action, MC5-style; "Man Behind the Curtain," with its memorable breakdown section and that lick copped from Metallica's "Hit the Lights"; and, arguably, the album's best track, "I Am the Law," which follows an intermission marked by Beefheart-esque poetry with an absolutely devastating band performance, a drum solo, and a turnaround riff of monstrously groovy proportions. In short, Total Universe Man is a total album experience, filled with adrenalin-pumping intensity, borderline loss-of-control, a little lunacy, and, perhaps most compelling, the chutzpah to make everything Valient Thorr does sound arena-sized, regardless of their club-based existence when they recorded it. (Eduardo Rivadavia, AMG)

Track Listing:

01. Prologue: Civil Blood Makes Civil Hands Unclean
02. Showdown
03. Palm Reader
04. Man Behind the Curtain
05. Intermission: Thesis of Infinite Measure
06. I Am the Law
07. Stick and Stones
08. Intermission: Theme from 6th Grade Watercolor
09. Hijackers
10. We Believe in Science
11. Tough Customer
12. Blow Up the Pyramid


Official Website


Thursday, May 29, 2008

HEAVEN AND HELL Teams Up With PAID INC. For VIP Ticketing And Fan Experience Packages

HEAVEN AND HELL, the Ronnie James Dio-fronted 1980s lineup of BLACK SABBATH, have contracted with Paid Inc.'s (www.Paid.com) celebrity services business to manage VIP ticketing and fan experience packages, unveil a new web site and online presence, handle fan club relations and manage online merchandise sales.

Fans are screaming with joy over announcement that HEAVEN AND HELL will team up with fellow hard rockers JUDAS PRIEST, MOTÖRHEAD, and TESTAMENT for a 16-date Metal Masters Tour which kicks off on August 6. HEAVEN AND HELL will be touring in support of their "The Rules of Hell" five-CD boxed set available July 22 from Rhino Records featuring remastered versions of their studio albums and "Live Evil" (1982).

Metalheads seeking the ultimate concert experience on the Metal Masters Tour can access unique VIP ticket and fan experience packages that offer premium seats, meet and greets, pre-concert parties and more via www.Ticketmaster.com. VIP packages for the first events are on sale now. See the official we site www.HeavenAndHellLive.com for continually updated tour information and on-sale dates.

BLACK STONE CHERRY: New Album Details Revealed

Roadrunner Records has set an August 19 release date for "Folklore and Superstition", the new album from Kentucky rockers BLACK STONE CHERRY.

The band, known for crafting blues-infused Southern rawk that sounds as good on the back porch as it does bellowing from Marshall stacks in a packed venue, named its sophomore effort after a distinct tradition from its native region: folklore, story telling and superstitions. "There is a mystique with folklore and superstition," says drummer John Fred Young. "We're intrigued by and interested in history, roots and heritage, and we incorporate that into the band." Bassist Jon Lawhon concurs, "We are taking the Southern tradition and spreading it out to the rest of the world. They say, 'Write what you know,' so that's what we're doing, writing what we know."

On "Folklore and Superstition", BLACK STONE CHERRY incorporates lyrical tales with upbeat riffing and atypical conventions like turkey calls, making it a record that is pleasing as it is unpredictable. The band recorded the album at Black Bird Studios, which is owned and operated by country artist Martina McBride, in Nashville, Tennessee. The album crackles with a down-home, feel good, rock 'n' roll current and was produced and mixed by veteran rock producer Bob Marlette (OZZY OSBOURNE, SALIVA, SEETHER, SHINEDOWN).

The track listing is as follows:

01. Blind Man
02. Please Come In
03. Reverend Wrinkle
04. Soul Creek
05. Things My Father Said
06. The Bitter End
07. Long Sleeves
08. Peace Is Free
09. Devil's Queen
10. The Key
11. You
12. Sunrise
13. Ghost of Floyd Collins

BLACK STONE CHERRY will embark on pre-release touring all summer long.

Arkansas Rocks! Entertainment has posted a video interview with John Fred Young and Ben Wells of Kentucky's BLACK STONE CHERRY conducted by the band's tour bus on April 26, 2008 at Edgefest in North Little Rock, Arkansas. Watch the four-minute clip below.

TROUBLE: More Tour Dates Announced

Veteran Chicago doomsters TROUBLE have scheduled the following dates:

July 01 - Vnuks - Cudahy, WI
July 05 - King's Tavern - Denver, CO
July 07 - El Corazon - Seattle, WA
July 08 - Doug Fir Lounge - Portland, OR
July 09 - Slim's - San Francisco, CA
July 10 - Safari Sam's - Hollywood, CA
July 12 - The Sets - Tempe, AZ
July 15 - Emo's - Austin, TX
July 17 - Rockstar Sportsbar - Fort Worth, TX
July 18 - Hi Tone Cafe - Memphis, TN
July 19 - The End - Memphis, TN
Aug. 09 - Double Door – Chicago, IL (Alehorn Of Power)
Aug. 15 - Jalometalli - Oulu, Finland

Album Of The Day-Red Giant-"Devil Child Blues" (2004)

The Album Of The Day is "Devil Child Blues" by Red Giant.


Five years have passed since Red Giant's last album, 1999's Ultra-Magnetic Glowing Sound. Naturally, the Cleveland stoners have moved on, evolved, etc. -- not drastically, but noticeably. For starters, 2004's Devil Child Blues finds them coming back down to earth, forgoing their deep space license (and the longer jams that came with it) to orbit a little closer to home this time out. The most evident signs of this arrive via more streamlined heavy rockers like "White Mom," "Jetpack," and "Hoping for the Golden BB," which generally compensate for their not so spectacular blastoffs by not plummeting out of the sky as frequently. And as subsequent tracks reveal, Red Giant have wisely stuck to their rockets on what many fans consider the best assets of their sound: the thrilling twin-guitar assault of two-headed front-monster Alex and Damien and that unexplainable sense of awe and dark mystique that surrounds them. The former remains a crucial ingredient to the band's winning liquid-fuel formula, igniting almost every offering here (but particularly the tortured blues of a title track, the spiraling juggernaut of "John L. Sullivan," and the well-named "Millennium Falcon") into truly hypnotic guitar tapestries. The latter is quite simply something of an X-factor, a proverbial je ne sais quoi that sparks unexpected departures from convention like the forbidding grind riffs of "I Breathe Fire" and the colossal final stage of the particularly memorable "(How Ya Doin' on That) Time Machine." Even Red Giant's choice of a cover song to close out the album -- a wah-wah-drenched shimmy through the Stooges' "Funhouse" -- is less than predictable, and very suitable to Devil Child Blues' more earthbound inclinations. And even if this flight will be suborbital, this album qualifies as another successful mission for Red Giant -- so strap yourself in as the countdown begins: five, four, three.... (Ed Rivadavia, AMG)

Track Listing:

01. White Mom
02. Jetpack
03. Devil Child Blues
04. Hoping for the Golden BB
05. I Breathe Fire
06. (How Ya Doin' on That) Time Machine
07. John L. Sullivan
08. Go It Alone
09. Drip
10. Millenium Falcon
11. Funhouse


Official Website

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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Album Of The Day-Nebula-"To The Center" (1999)

The Album Of The Day is "To The Center" by Nebula.


There's some debate as to the release date of this album on SUBPOP... as in... 'if ever'.

If the powers who are debating the issue could just sssssiitt baaack and zzzzonnnne ouuut with this album, some cushy headphones and one's refreshment of choice-choice-choice-choice-hoice-oice-ce... there would be no questions. Let everything melt away into the tracers and trails of this, one of the best rock albums since "Spine of God".

It took me a short while to understand what they were shooting for, as with the aforementioned masterpiece. Once I GOT it, I was drawn into it. The first four songs blend into a moment of brilliance... I was destroyed before I knew it. Gravity kicked in at an increased level. "Freedom" opens it all back up with a 60's jam (replete with their infamous percussion via Ruben) a la demon-Blues. "Antigone" continues with a large and filthy groove... to the STOOGES cover "I Need Somebody" which (from what I hear) has the illustrious Mark Arm of Mudhoney on vocals. Actually, the feel of the best Stooges and MC5 (and Mudhoney, for that matter) albums permeates every song on this recording. "So Low" brings me to a place somewhere between EASY RIDER and SKYNYRD. "Fields of Psilocybin" has enough tension and melody still to make or break your trip. "Between Time" and "You Mean Nothing" bring it all together with The Riffs of The Album, fuckin' brilliant solos included. The only time that production "tricks" come into play is when they space you right the fuck out. This is raw, even with the acoustic guitar overdubs. The layering serves only to create atmosphere, NOT to polish. In fact, on my first few listens, I was taken aback at what I perceived as a rather rough portrayal of a band I loved. I was worried that they hadn't taken enough time with the whole record. I now hear what made me love Nebula in the first place... emotional jams with strong riffing and NO money-driven bullshit.

In my opinion, this is the epitome of what this fuzzed out genre has become, and should be. While their contemporaries often border safely on mersh metal, this band chooses the dirt-rock approach every time. Stoned and droning, this record is a fucked up freak out, just like I like it. (Jonah Jenkins, Stoner Rock mailing list)

Track Listing:

01. "To the Center" 6:31
02. "Come Down" 2:01
03. "What You're Looking For" 2:37
04. "Clear Light" 4:29
05. "Freedom" 7:14
06. "Antigone" 2:30
07. "I Need Somebody" 4:18 (feat: Mark Arm on vocals)
08. "So Low" 3:45
09. "Synthetic Dream" 4:28
10. "Fields of Psilocybin" 2:15
11. "Between Time" 3:22
12. "You Mean Nothing" 4:21


Official Website

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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Album Of The Day-Ascend-"Ample Fire Within" (2008)

The Album Of The Day is "Ample Fire Within" by Ascend.

ASCEND is a new collaborative musical project between Gentry Densley (Iceburn, Eagle Twin) and Greg Anderson (sunn 0))), Goatsnake, Engine Kid). Both have been making music that has crossed paths several times in the last 19 years.(!!!) The most notable being during the 90s when Andersons’ band Engine Kid toured with and shared a split album with Densleys’ band Iceburn. During that time both were heavily experimenting with the fusion of jazz (Mahavishnu Orchestra, Miles Davis, John Coltrane) and the dark behemoth tones of influences such as The Melvins, Gore, Slint, Caspar Brotzman.

ASCEND re-visits some of the tones, and moods of their past works as well as traveling into uncharted territory all done with the utmost focus on heaviness and power. Of particular note is the vocal performance by Gentry Densley. His voice is deep and ominous with a subtle Tom Waits influence within the growls and gruffness that is emoted. Anderson gushes enthusiastically: "we were extremely fortunate to have ALOT of help from our friends with this recording. Andy Patterson pounded the hell out of the drums, and Steve Moore (aka Stebmo, also in Earth and often times : sunn 0))) ) added some trombone (Obelisk of Kolob, + Dark Matter), organ (Her Horse Is Thunder, Dark Matter) and some amazing wurlitzer (Amplifier Within, Divine). His playing brings a dark, sophisticated jazz atmosphere to the album. On the track "V O G" we were blessed to have Bubba Dupree (Void) AND none other than Kim Thayil (Soundgarden) put down some incredible lead work! The entire album was mixed by Randall Dunn (Earth, sunn 0))), Kinski) and mastered by Mell Dettmer who is turning into the "house-mastering wizardress" for the Southern Lord label.


"Remember that bad dream you had as a kid? The one where you were in the darkest of evil forests and you just knew something awful was chasing you, something evil, and something you couldn’t see? Imagine now that same dream being brought to life sonically through music and you will have “Ample.Fire.Within” an incredibly destructive and impressive release from Ascend, a band that features Gentry Densley (Iceburn, Eagle Twin) and Greg Anderson (Sunn 0)))), Goatsnake, Engine Kid). This is what ugly music should sound like; this is on par with the band Corrupted as far the next evolutionary step of doom. This isn’t just some slow sludgy hoshposh of Sabbath riffs on quarter speed, nor is it some lazy attempt to slow down trash riffage. This is a beast, a monolith of sound and creativity that calls upon the dark specters of doom and forces them to slap out with the Tom Waits, Jazz and melodic guitar tones.

Let me put this into perspective for you, the opening track “The Obelisk Of Kolob” is four minutes and twenty five seconds long. The first two minutes are just feedback and when the song kicks in it isn’t huge, it just comes in, very dark and very sly. This entire album is about mood, tension and taking the listener to a dark place. I’m not fully sure if Ascend even meant to make an album in the most conventional sense. It seems more like a connected series of dissonant thoughts that both men pushed forth into this recording.

Track 2, the title track, is simply the constant strum of a guitar with Densley’s gripping vocals layered over it. Behind the song is moaning trombone and other ungodly sounds that lull you into a near trance as the fingers of the song work their way over your throat. There is a growing vibe in heavy music that has more to do with making an album an experience as opposed to just a selection of songs. Corrupted, Sigh, Cursed, Made Out Of Babies, and others are joined by Ascend in believing that the listener is a little more forward thinking than most and that they can handle moving beyond what they already know. It’s not for everybody but for those of us who operate as though music was a religion, it is definitely for us.

My favorite track on the album is the ten-minute plus “VOD” which is just all out scary. Between the march-like percussion, the droning guitars and vocals that sound like the tortured confession of a dying psychopath you can’t help but feel chills as this song progresses. One element that adds to this tune is the addition of Bubba Dupree the guitarist for one of my favorite hardcore bands of all time Void. Void were eons beyond what normal hardcore was doing in the early eighties much like this album is eons beyond what normal heavy music is currently spewing out.
I think a great description of this album would be elemental. Ascend have made a record that is more a force of a nature than a gathering of musical sounds. Sure it’s heavy, sure it’s got doom ideas in it, sure this is a dark record but its not just metal, nor doom nor anything that can be placed into a small box and easily interpreted. I suggest copious amounts of weed for this album and a long trip to a shadowy forest. If you can’t do that then sit in your room with candles and no other light. This is not an Ipod record because it’s not a record; it’s the realization of a dark experience through two men who have been playing with the parameters of music since day one" (Iann Robinson, Nonelouder.com)

Track Listing:

01. The Obelisk Of Kolob (4:25)
02. Ample Fire Within (7:08) (mp3)
03. Divine (9:06)
04. V O G. (10:27)
05. Her Horse Is Thunder (9:34)
06. Dark Matter (12:33)


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MASTODON: 'The Unholy Alliance: Chapter III' European Tour Dates Revealed

SLAYER, TRIVIUM, MASTODON and an as-yet-undisclosed opening act will team up for "The Unholy Alliance: Chapter III" European tour in the fall. So far the following dates have been revealed:

Nov. 05 - Offenbach, GER @ Stadthalle
Nov. 06 - Köln, GER @ Palladium
Nov. 09 - Stuttgart, GER @ Schleyerhalle
Nov. 10 - Winterthur, SWI @ Eishalle Deutweg
Nov. 18 - München, GER @ Zenith
Nov. 19 - Berlin, GER @ Columbiahalle

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Happy Memorial Day!

To all my visitors from the USA, have a safe and Happy Memorial Day! I am taking the day off tomorrow, so there will be no updates. I'll begin posting again on Tuesday. Peace!

Album Of The Day-Mastodon-"Remission" (2002)

The Album Of The Day is "Remission" by Mastodon.


Mastodon seems like a kickass metal name until you realize that the now-extinct American Mastodon was a hell of a lot like a manatee with legs. A member of the Proboscidea family (like its cousin the Wooly Mammoth), the mastodon stood almost ten feet tall and weighed in at roughly five tons-- surely a big beast by any measure. Lacking the killer instinct of its contemporaries, the Sabre-Toothed tiger and the Pterodactyl, the American Mastodon was content to browse, trolling the plains for tasty morsels of shrub. If you look at artist renderings, most paleontologists seem to think the good-natured Mastodon even enjoyed smiling! But as meek and mild as this beast was, its placid demeanor and limited diet-range rated low on Darwin's survival scale, and it thus perished once and for all in 800 A.D.
The implications may be benign, but it remains that the name 'Mastodon' still sounds pretty badass-- certainly more badass than 'Manatee'. And I suppose it imports a metaphor that fits quite nicely for the band Mastodon, an Atlanta, GA-based quartet that has heavy-music lovers everywhere shitting themselves naked. For, like their namesake, this Mastodon represents something utterly imposing, primeval and oppressively heavy.

Mastodon, like pioneering heavy acts Botch, Isis, Converge and Dillinger Escape Plan, prefer to mix their metal with some hardcore, albeit with the strong emphasis on the 'metal' part. The others place a premium on virtuoso musicianship and highly technical song structures, and while that also figures prominently into Mastodon's music, these boys slather it all up in a special sauce that I like to refer to as 'classic sauce.' I'd like to give the credit for this sauce to heavy music �ber-producer Matt Bayles (Isis, Botch, Blood Brothers), but who really knows the sauce-source? What the hell am I talking about? I explain: I'm talking about the tight-jeans, Dodge Hemi, "Starsky & Hutch" production quality, that's what-- the perfect complement to the prehistoric riffing featured all album long. The recording sounds deliberately rustic and antiqued, like that milk-stained fake money you'd buy at the museum. (Admit it: you loved that shit.)

But production is not what prods Mastodon. What stimulates this band's formidable corpus are four super-proficient veteran musicians, two of whom (guitarist Bill Kelliher and drummer Brann Dailor) cut their tusks in Today Is the Day and Lethargy. It's Dailor, though, who takes home the MVP award on Remission; if drummers are action figures, Dailor carries both a rapid-fire uzi (the toms) and an erase-all, double-barreled bazooka (dual-bass drums). I guarantee, he will brutalize you.

Like their metal peers, Mastodon sport some mathematics. But where Meshuggah get deep into calculus and Dillinger Escape Plan prefer trigonometry, these guys enjoy the more accessible stuff-- we're talking pre-algebra here. They drop in just enough to keep the arrangements flavorful, but not so much as to overload the vintage guitar riffs with Dream Theater-like complexity. And then they counterbalance it with some nice, old-fashioned, Sabbath-style metal attitude: guitars crunch, wail, and burn. The complete package sounds timeless, but in that unbelievable way that you've never heard before.

Maybe there exists a parallel world where the mighty mastodon kept on walking. And maybe, just maybe, that mastodon met a sabre-toothed tiger and maybe they had kids (work with me here). And those kids crossed over into our world, became human beings, moved to Atlanta, and formed a band. A great band whose raging, sodden hellfire now beckons you to warm yourself at its side throughout the impending winter months. A band whose crushing, odiferous, sodomizing blade dices like a Popeil cuisinart and runs you through with gruesome exactness until you beg for Remission. This band is Mastadon. Thank God for the miracles of crossbreeding. (Brad Haywood, PitchforkMedia.com)

Track Listing:

01. "Crusher Destroyer" – 2:00
02. "March of the Fire Ants" – 4:25
03. "Where Strides the Behemoth" – 2:55
04. "Workhorse" – 3:45
05. "Ol'e Nessie" – 6:05
06. "Burning Man" – 2:47
07. "Trainwreck" – 7:03
08. "Trampled Under Hoof" – 3:00
09. "Trilobite" – 6:29
10. "Mother Puncher" – 3:49
11. "Elephant Man" – 8:01

Deluxe Edition Bonus Track

01. "Emerald" (Thin Lizzy) – 3:49


Official Website

Buy From Amazon.com

Live Om Album Released

In December of 2007 the mighty duo that is Om made a pilgrimage to Israel to play for its people. Their pinnacle performance unfolded at 4 Aristobolus Street in Jerusalem the site of Uganda Records.

The band played for over four hours on this evening! The tracks “Flight of the Eagle” and “Bhimas’ Theme” were captured and the transmission of these recordings were flown back to the United States where the vinyl lacquers were made by Bob Weston

Southern Lord in cooperation with OM present you the listener with this 180 gram black vinyl transcendental offering: Om - Live at Jerusalem. Limited to 3,000 machine numbered copies.

The Brought Low to Play Benefit Show

From The Brought Low:

Hey all -

We`re playing a really important show next Wednesday at Europa in Greenpoint and we hope you can make it down. The show is a benefit for a good friend of ours, Brooklyn based musician and producer Scotty Hard who produced The Players Club`s Regenesis CD as well as tons of hip hop stuff over the years. This past February, while coming home from a late night session, Scotty was in a bad car crash when his cab was broadsided by a stolen car. He sustained severe injuries leaving him partially paralyzed and like so many people these days he is without health insurance.

Please come out and help us raise money to pay off Scotty`s substantial medical bills and legal fees and help with his ongoing recovery. It`s a pretty incredible bill featuring some of Brooklyn`s finest and should be a good time which is appropriate since if you know Scotty, you know he likes to have a good time.

If you can`t make it down but would still like to help out you can make a donation online at www.scottyhardtrust.com.

Wednesday, May 28: Brooklyn, NY - A Benefit For The Scotty Hard Trust at Europa
Dub Trio - 11:15
Two Tears - 10:45
The Brought Low - 10:00
Fresh Kills - 9:15
Damemas - 8:30

Europa is located at 98 Meserole Ave. in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY.

Ben/The Brought Low.

Federation X to Play Total Fest VII

Total Fest VII, held in Missoula Montana from August 14 - 16, has just announced its 2008 lineup. Among riffers like the Saviours, Titan, Kingdom of Magic, and Akimbo is longtime northwestern sludge-blues-punks Federation X. Total Fest will be the only live outing for Fed X in 2008. A complete Total Fest VII listing cam be found at the Total Blog.

Passes to all three days worth of Total Fest VII are available online via wantageusa.com, in person at Ear Candy Music in Missoula.

Eternal Elysium Video Back Online

After it`s trip down the black hole, the video from Eternal Elysium is back online.

The song "Shadowed Flower" is the opening track from the new 10", Mysterious Views in Stone Garden, released this month by Electric Earth Records.

Check the video at www.myspace.com/thiselectricearth.

Spitfire Returns with New Album

After turning the world on fire in early 2006 with Self-Help, their first new album in over five years, Spitfire returns nearly two years to the day with Cult Fiction and with it redefine what heavy is all about.

Recorded at Trax East Studios in New Jersey by noted producer Eric Rachel (The Dillinger Escape Plan, God Forbid, Burnt by the Sun) and mastered by Alan Douches (you name it, he did it), this new fifteen-song offering by the Virginia-based quartet expands upon the fantastic groundwork built by the band`s previous release and finds the band at the top of their game. Call it metalcore, hardcore, technical metal - no matter what catch phrase you like best, one thing is true.

Cult Fiction is a dark and disturbing journey, both musically and visually, and one worth spilling blood over.

The cult is alive. The rapture has begun. Don`t miss out on one of 2008`s heavy highlights.

Borgo Pass News

Borgo Pass will be playing with Spyderz (featuring Evan Seinfeld of Biohazard) and Kill Code (featuring Chas from Dirty Rig and Rev Eric from Bonesmith) this Saturday, May 31.

Saturday, May 31: Levittown, New York – Club Shy (2686 Hempstead Tpke)
Borgo Pass
Kill Code
And more

Radio Moscow Announces Summer Tour

Iowa’s psychedelic blues rock trio Radio Moscow will kick off the first leg of their summer tour in Des Moines at Dam to Dam. The 18-date outing takes the band through the southwest and west coast before returning back to Des Moines to perform at the 80/35 Music Festival July 4th weekend. Following the June dates, the band will head back into the studio with Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys to begin work on their new album. Currently, the bands’ self-titled debut on Alive Records (also produced and engineered by Dan Auerbach) is available in stores now.

Radio Moscow is led by 22-year-old guitarist/drummer/singer/songwriter Parker Griggs. Originally cutting his teeth playing garage punk, the bands’ sound is channeled through the blues, with experimental breakdowns, unpredictable tempo changes, crazy rave-ups and fuzzed out psychedelic guitar work; the result is a truly distinctive sound.

Radio Moscow Summer Tour
05/31/08: Des Moines, IA - Dam to Dam
06/11/08: Spearfish, SD - Back Porch
06/12/08: Bozeman, MT - The Filling Station
06/13/08: Boise, ID - Neurolux
06/14/08: Seattle, WA - Fun House
06/15/08: Salem, OR - The Space
06/16/08: Arcata, CA - Aunty Mo’s
06/17/08: Caspar, CA - Caspar Inn
06/18/08: San Francisco, CA - Rickshaw Stop
06/19/08: Los Angeles, CA - Mr. T’s Bowl
06/20/08: San Diego, CA - Zombie Lounge
06/21/08: Tucson, AZ - Plush
06/23/08: Las Cruces, NM - House show!
06/24/08: Albuquerque, NM - Ralli’s Pub
06/25/08: Oklahoma City, OK - The Conservatory
06/26/08: Tulsa, OK - The Continental
06/27/08: Kansas City, MO - Crosstown Station
06/28/08: Columbia, MO - The Blue Fugue

"Marrying the bluesy psychedelic fervor of Cream with the big, precise fretwork of Jimi Hendrix, Radio Moscow relish in distortion and grittiness." – Spin.com

“The Black Keys love their `70s classic rock, and they know what it smells like. Member Dan Auerbach helps Ames, Iowa, psychedelic blues-rockers Radio Moscow tap into their love of Jimi Hendrix and the Allman Brothers on this debut effort, which also delves into country and East Indian sounds.” – MTV.com

“Two dudes from Ames, Iowa have a psychedelic-garage-punk-blues-rock band. Ho hum, right? Uh, NO—this is an awesome record… this is fun and slutty and cool, I’m in favor of it all the way.” – Popmatters

Assrockers Return

From Assrockers:

Admit it.

You`ve missed us. You and your sorely-in-need-of-a-rocking ass. Well dry your eyes and grab your tightest denim, there`s live Assrock`n`roll to be had!

June 6, 2008: Washington, DC – The Red and the Black (1212 H Street, NE)
9:00 pm doors, $8
Info/directons: redandblackbar.com

We`ve got a host of new, factually accurate, and well researched killer tunes that we`re itching to play out live. The subject matter will blow your mind...

S&M, The Battle of Hastings, Bible Stories, Extended Family Time at Minimum Security Prisons, The State of California... I`ve already said too much.

Ah, what the hell! Check out the greatest song we`ve ever done about the perils of bondage - “Safeword” - right now on our MySpace page.

Finally, when JJ Rod left the Assrock fold to head West, the remaining bandmates were at a loss. Who would fill his giant shoes? Who would sport his sexy moves? Most importantly, who would play bass in Assrockers?

Well the Gods of Rock smiled benevolently on Team Assrock when local music legend, former Hidden Hand bassist, and much sought after rock producer Bruce Falkinburg expressed an interestin the A*Rock challenge.

Falkinburg, heretofore known by his Assrock name "Damone," has already made a bass-tastic impact on the band`s trademark sound. As far as the sexy moves go, you will have to come to the show on June 6 at The Red and The Black to see for yourself.

Rock on beloved fans of Assrock! We`ll see you soon!

Interstellar Rockers Valient Thorr Set to Conquer the Planet

Intergalactic rock n` roll saviors Valient Thorr are back in action and returning to the road this summer, having just announced a 30 plus date, cross-country U.S. tour with Early Man - as well as additional opening acts Architects, Kandi Coded, Monotonix, Skeletonwitch, and Toxic Holocaust on select dates - in support of the June 17 release of their latest masterpiece, Immortalizer, on Volcom Entertainment. The new record - the band`s fourth in five years - drops after the band`s short but much-needed break, during which charismatic frontman Valient Himself underwent transplant surgery to donate a kidney to his ailing father (note: both are currently recuperating at home). Not one to rest for too long, Valient will take the band out immediately after his month-long recovery, playing in front of hundreds of thousands of rabid fans at the UK`s Download Festival , club shows in the UK and Germany, and Belgium`s Graspop Festival in June before launching the U.S. tour on July 11 in Portland, OR.

For the tour the band has introduced new merchandise to help offset medical expenses.

Says the band`s site, "100% of all proceeds from this shirt will go directly to the mounting medical costs of kidney donation from Valient Himself to his earthly father.

Remember, you aren`t just buying a shirt, you are giving a gift and the shirt represents that."

In their five-year existence, Valient Thorr has already garnered awe and respect from peers and fans alike. During a successful 2007 European opening slot for metal heroes Motörhead, Valient Thorr`s incendiary live set provoked Motörhead`s Lemmy Kilmister to proclaim, "People need to hear this band." The band`s contemporaries have chimed in as well, with Troy Sanders of Mastodon claiming, "This music makes my fangs grow. It`s a raw slice of rock fury," while Fat Mike of NOFX claimed "I fucking hate metal, but I like these guys."

Meanwhile, press outlets from across the country have had no shortage of praise for Valient Thorr. Revolver Magazine calls them "ass-shaking, dual guitar rawk `n` roll." while Spin wrote that the band "conjures images of the Norse god of thunder." Alternative Press declared that Valient Thorr has "some of the most kick-ass guitar riffs this side of the 70`s," and Los Angeles City Beat loved their "gut kicking stage show."

Immortalizer was recorded in Seattle with veteran producer Jack Endino (Nirvana, Soundgarden, Hot Hot Heat), who helped Valient Thorr shape their signature sound with a mix of punk-fueled energy, heavyweight grooves and classic rock swagger. Previous albums such as the band`s self-released 2003 debut Stranded on Earth, their 2005 Volcom debut Total Universe Man, and 2006 follow-up Legend of the World tackled the world`s problems straight on with a blunt, in-your-face attack on the Bush Administration, war in the Middle East and capitalism run amok.

Since hitting the road full-time, Valient Thorr has enjoyed successive, high-profile stints on the Vans Warped Tour in 2005 and 2006, and has toured incessantly with such varied acts as Joan Jett and the Black Hearts, Eagles of Death Metal, Gogol Bordello, Fu Manchu, and Motörhead.

Friday, July 11, 2008: Portland, OR – Hawthorne Theatre (all ages)
Saturday, July 12, 2008: Seattle, WA – El Corazon (all ages)
Sunday, July 13, 2008: Spokane, WA – The Boulevard (all ages)
Tuesday, July 15, 2008: Park City, UT – The Playground
Wednesday, July 16, 2008: Denver, CO – The Larimer Lounge (all ages)
Thursday, July 17, 2008: TBA
Friday, July 18, 2008: Minneapolis, MN – Triple Rock (all ages)
Saturday, July 19, 2008: Chicago, IL – Reggie`s Live (all ages)
Sunday, July 20, 2008: St Louis, MO – The Bluebird (all ages)
Tuesday, July 22, 2008: Detroit, MI – The Magic Stick (all ages)
Wednesday, July 23, 2008: Cleveland, OH – The Grog Shop (18 and over)
Thursday, July 24, 2008: Pittsburgh, PA - Diesel (18 and over)
Friday, July 25, 2008: New York, NY – Bowery Ballroom (18 and over)
Saturday, July 26, 2008: TBA
Sunday, July 27, 2008: Virginia Beach, VA – Steppin` Out
Tuesday, July 29, 2008: Raleigh, NC – Volume 11(all ages)
Wednesday, July 30, 2008: Wilmington, NC – The Soapbox Laundrolounge (all ages)
Thursday, July 31, 2008: Charlotte, NC – The Milestone Barcade (21 and over)
Friday, August 01, 2008: Jacksonville, FL – Landshark Cafe (all ages)
Saturday, August 02, 2008: Orlando, FL – The Backbooth (21 and over)
Sunday, August 03, 2008: Gainesville, FL – Common Grounds
Monday, August 04, 2008: Atlanta, GA – The Earl (18 and over)
Tuesday, August 05, 2008: New Orelans, LA – One Eyed Jack`s (18 and over)
Wednesday, August 06, 2008: Houston, TX – Rudyard`s (21 and over)
Thursday, August 07, 2008: Corpus Christi, TX – House of Rock (all ages)
Friday, August 08, 2008: Dallas, TX - TBA
Saturday, August 09, 2008: Austin, TX – Red Seven
Monday, August 11, 2008: Albuquerque, NM – The Launchpad
Tuesday, August 12, 2008: Tucson, AZ - TBA
Wednesday, August 13, 2008: Tempe, AZ - The Clubhouse (all ages)
Wednesday, August 14, 2008: TBA
Friday, August 15, 2008: Los Angeles, CA - The Troubador (all ages)

Year Long Disasters Premiers New Video

Hot on the heels of a five-month European tour, including dates with Velvet Revolver and Dropkick Murphys, Year Long Disaster makes a triumphant return to their hometown of Los Angeles to celebrate the release of their first music video. The animated video for the single, "Leda Atomica," was written and directed by Matt Maiellaro and his team from Aqua Teen Hunger Force/Adult Swim and is making it’s worldwide debut on the Adult Swim website.

Year Long Disaster is the hard-rocking power trio of Daniel Davies (son of Dave Davies from The Kinks), Richard Mullins (Karma to Burn) and Brad Hargreaves (Third Eye Blind). In addition to Rolling Stone’s ringing endorsement heralding Year Long Disaster as one of the Best New Bands and one of the Ten Artists to Watch in 2008, YLD have been garnering praise from critics and legends abroad. Rock Sound picked Year Long Disaster as one of the bands that will own 2008 and heralded “big old rock riffs are the backbone for this bad-boy trio.” And Motorhead`s Lemmy enthused, “Year Long Disaster plays rock n’ roll the way its supposed to be played!”

Archer Readies Debut

It’s about time. After the calculated hair band years, followed by dour grunge, then formulaic emo-screamo, true metal is back, led by a new generation of hard rockers, with Santa Cruz’s Archer at the forefront.

Formed earlier this decade, this real deal power trio features singer-guitarist Dylan, bassist Isaiah and drummer Jimmy, unleashing full fury and cathartic celebration with raw gusto combined with ever-growing musicianship on stage.

The young outfit has already earned Best Local Band honors in 2008 as well as the Metro Santa Cruz Goldies Award, as the newspaper proclaimed, “Archer could realistically incite the attention of a major record label and subsequently become objects of a renewed interest in classic metal."

Radio is raving as well: Kenny Allen, Program Director at KHIP-FM (104.3 The Hippo) in Monterey, Calif. said, “If you want to see what a real rock show looks like, check out Archer...a trio of talent that will rock your world!" European press is also taking notice and Heavy-Metal-Rock magazine’s site said, “This exceptional band shows in an impressive way how to combine traditional heavy-metal with modern influences; their music is loaded with brilliant ideas.”

Both Dylan and Isaiah come from musical families: Dylan’s father is a former musician in the guitar industry while Isaiah’s father, Vince Black, is a world-renowned reggae guitarist with punk credentials as well and introduced his son to music at an early age. “We really grew up with music,” Dylan says. “I got sucked in when I was about 11 and started playing guitar.”

Archer had its beginnings when Dylan and Isaiah were in high school, forming a group that mostly played cover songs of their heroes, including Black Sabbath, Jimi Hendrix, and Van Halen – band’s Archer still covers with full exuberance during their more extended shows.

Initially, another singer was involved, but with his departure, Dylan stepped up to the mike. “We really forced him to sing,” Isaiah says. “When I tried to sing, I sounded like a pre-pubescent boy; Dylan had the best voice for it and he keeps getting better and better”

Archer’s debut album Doom$day Profit$ is a genuine tour-de-force, rich with powerful songs imbued with that essential combination of brain-burrowing melodies, ripping riffs, pulsing basslines, tsunami drums and grab-by-the-throat vocals. Citing influences that include Ozzy and Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Metallica and other legendary names, the group sums it up on their MySpace page as “Shred Zeppelin!”

Archer studio finesse and stage prowess has already led to endorsement partnerships with major music companies, including Epiphone guitars, Gibson strings and Steph straps. The group is already receiving global attention, from the Tokyo guitar show in Japan to invitations to play at the Sweden Rock and Bang Your Head festivals.

As songwriters, the band shows incredible maturity for a new outfit. On the album, there’s darkness and light with both probing and playful moments, from the evocative then, full-bore “Man Who Knows All” to the hammering yet sly “Brewtality” and grinding witchery of “Van Salem.”

“Songs are a group effort in the end,” Dylan says. “Isaiah and I will write a riff, usually the lyrics come second, though every once in a while we’ll come up with cool phrase or lyric and then jump off of that. Isaiah and I have found it’s best to work wide open. There’s no ‘I wrote this, I wrote that.’”

“It’s not like Megadeth with a lead singer-guitar player coming in with every single tune,” Isaiah says. “Some songs will go in with one riff or idea or tempo and just go off from there. With a song like “Trusting in Faith,” Dylan came in with the bulk of the song finished and we filled in the gaps. Each song has its own personality.”

Two of the boys’ favorite tracks are the epic “Trusting” and “Pride Before The Fall,” which both receive tremendous response live. “We’ve been closing with “Trusting in Fate” for years now,” Dylan says. “We want to be really heavy, but not lose sight of certain melodic aspects,” while Isaiah comments “It’s very complete with a dynamic range – it starts out really mellow then builds up very big only to drop out for another dramatic buildup to the end – like a classic song. The dynamics of any song are essential and can take someone to pure ecstasy even if you play the same exact three chords - it’s purely emotional.”

And then there’s “Pride,” with a key lyric line that inspired the album’s title. In contrast, there is “Andrea,” which Isaiah jokingly calls “The black sheep of the album. We pay homage to Van Halen, with classic shredding, the drum riff and all, while trying to do our own thing.”

While Archer is taking its music and career to the next level, each player has interests outside of the band. Dylan teaches guitar to students ranging from young kids to adults. “I just, for instance, picked up new students, and say “you’ve got to check out my band.’ It’s fun -- all these kids want to learn to play Metallica, from six years old or 20, and they’re all enthusiastic and it keeps my passion level up.” And what happens when Archer gets bigger? Will he drop teaching? “Naw, I’ll just have to charge more,” he jokes.

Isaiah, on the other hand, has an insatiable curiosity about the world at large, from politics to religion to other cultures and anticipates the rewards of interacting with young people in other countries as the band sets its sights on touring all over the world.

And then there’s new drummer Jimmy, who, in typical deadpan fashion says he got into it all to “get women” and he’s...”doing alright.” But of course! Like typical guys their age, the trio likes to hang out with friends, chase girls, and go out from time to time, just as long as it doesn`t interfere with what the band has going on.

Already having performed with some of the biggest names in rock including, Heaven and Hell, Heart and Sevendust, the band’s looking forward to sharing the stage at the Sweden Rock Festival this summer alongside their heroes such as Judas Priest, Def Leppard, Triumph, Saxon, and many more as they take the opportunity to return to Europe, especially Germany, where they found new fans and plenty of support. “We want to get the ball rolling more and build on all that credibility,” Isaiah says.

Meanwhile, Archer is garnering cross-generational fans wherever they play. “It’s pretty eclectic,” Isaiah says. “When we play bars, roadhouses, it’s mostly bikers and an older crowd for sure and they love what we play, they love the sound. There’s just enough of the old that they can latch on to it, with lots of the new for an audience that’s more our age.”

“That’s what we grew up loving – all those greats band – but it has to evolve in some way,” Dylan adds. “That`s what we`re trying to do. We would love to see this genre be as big as it was before and we’re having a great time with it.”

“We’re reigniting the flame for a new generation of classic metal,” Isaiah says, “paying homage, while giving it a new sound as well.”

Saturday, May 24, 2008

New Band To Burn One To-Haieeta

Here is a new Stoner/Doom band for you guys to check out. Haieeta are out of Ireland and have toured with the likes of Orange Goblin, End Of Level Boss, and Volt amongst many others. They just released an EP entitled "MVEMJSUN(P)" which was just released in Europe on March 29, 2008. For more information on the band as well as reviews click on the links below. If you like what you hear make sure to support the band and buy their stuff.


Track Listing:

01. Dragonflies Terrain
02. Freeze The Flame
03. Haunted Gangster
04. White Knuckle
05. Telepathic Love
06. Residual Hill

Album Of The Day-Supershine-"Supershine" (2000)

I was going through my CDs this morning and stumbled upon this album that I don't think that I have listened to since I bought it. That album was by a somewhat of a "supergroup" called Supershine. Supershine consisted of Doug Pinnick vocals/bass (King's X), guitarist Bruce Franklin and drummer Jeff Olson (Trouble). Also contributing to the project were King's X drummer Jerry Gaskill and guitarist Ty Tabor who helped to mix the album. Therefore, I am making Supershine's self-titled album from 2000 the Album Of The Day.


Doug Pinnick, Bruce Franklin — the names behind Supershine may barely register a pulse amongst the uninitiated, but hard rock and heavy metal cognoscenti will automatically know that they are in for a treat. Core members of underground darlings King's X and Trouble respectively, the above have helped their bands create some of the best and most under-appreciated progressive and retro hard rock records of the '80s and '90s. And not surprisingly, this self-titled debut (also featuring ex-Trouble drummer Jeff Olson and King's X guitarist Ty Tabor behind the mixing board) offers a perfect synthesis of each band's signature sound, meshing King's X penchant for vocal harmonies and melodic invention with Trouble's somber power chords and unyielding heavyness. In fact, some of the material (including first tracks "Take Me Away" and "Kingdom Come") are almost too reminiscent of the classic Trouble sound, and it's not until the cascading melodies of "One Night" and the melancholy tones of the outstanding "I Can't Help You" that Pinninck begins to make his presence felt by unleashing his remarkable gospel voice. Not to be outdone, Franklin handles some surprising co-vocal duties on the album's only cover, Grand Funk Railroad's "Shinin' On," which then leads into the album's climax with the stunning "Won't Drag Me Down." Built on one of Franklin's trademark descending riffs, then complemented by a swirling guitar pattern, and finally topped by Pinnick's vocals positively soaring over it all, the track is a major achievement, and an obvious choice for first single had the album ever received the promotional support it deserved. The disc's second half isn't quite as sublime, but still offers a number of highlights in "Going Down," "Automatic," and mournful closer "Shadows/Light." Not so much a record as an absolute treasure for lovers of great hard rock. (Ed Rivadavia, AMG)

Track Listing:

01. Take Me Away
02. Kingdom Come
03. One Night
04. I Can't Help You
05. Shinin' On
06. Won't Drag Me Down
07. Automatic
08. Candy Andy Jane
09. Love
10. Going Down
11. In Mourning
12. Shadows - Light


Buy From Amazon.com

*This download is for preview purposes only. It will be deleted in 24 hours.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Album Of The Day-Amplified Heat-"How Do You Like the Sound of That" (2007)

The Album Of The Day is "How Do You Like the Sound of That" by Amlified Heat.


Now, I’m normally all for forward-thinking music, and I’ve said more than a few harsh words about deliberately ‘retro’ bands in the past. However, like all music fans, I’m a total sucker for some styles when played well enough. One of those styles in my case happens to be groovy, swaggering, blues-based throwback hard rock, and Amplified Heat are well-nigh masters of the craft. I enjoyed the shit out of the self-titled EP they reissued through Arclight Records earlier this year, and since then the members of this act (the Ortiz brothers; Jim on guitar, Chris on drums, and Gian on bass) were involved in a knife fight that left the rhythm section with multiple stabwounds a piece. They’ve already gotten back on their feet and recorded a new full-length, which sorta gives these guys the rock version of 50 Cent’s injury-based street cred (unlike some other Texan “badasses” I could name). More impressively, they’ve outdone their already fun packed EP with another slab of foot-stomping 70s-style rock and roll.

Not a whole lot has changed stylistically here; Amplified Heat still cull pretty much evenly from The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Cream, Black Sabbath, Blue Cheer, and ZZ Top. The songs are shamelessly derivative, but like the blues from whence this music evolved, the quality of the performance is the ticket, and once again these guys pull through in spades. Jim Ortiz’s singing voice still isn’t the most impressive out there, but his semi-melodic hollering is weirdly expressive while belting out his (deeply philosophical) tales of drinking, fighting, touring, women, fighting while drunk, drunk women, and rock and roll being shitty nowadays. However, the most marked improvement is in Jim’s guitar ability. While his performance on the EP was adequate but somewhat scratchy, his lead playing in particular has achieved a messy exuberance that perfectly matches the partying mood of the music. The rhythm section of Gian and Chris sounds even tighter than ever—bonding over their injuries, perhaps?—and Chris remains one of the finest Mitch Mitchell disciples I have ever had the pleasure of hearing. Much of How Do You Like The Sound Of That? draws its strength from the grooves these two construct. Booming mid-tempo rockers “Rambler,” “Man on the Road” and the title track wouldn’t be nearly as effective sans their flowing rhythmic pocket, and “Through and Through” and the re-recorded “She Drank That Wine” see the two bang out picture-perfect blues dirges that highlight the drama of Jim’s raucous soloing. Chris also contributes a short drum solo entitled “S.A.B.O.” that honestly could have stood to be part of a larger song, but is impressive nonetheless.

So my guess is this band is going to spend their career rocking bars and back-alley gigs full of classic rock enthusiasts, and I’m sure they wouldn’t want it any other way. Needless to say, if you were a fan of the last Amplified Heat EP then you’ll love this, and if you’re as much of a sap for this shit as I am then it definitely deserves a look. If you’ve got no interest in anyone in my conveniently-placed name drop segment, you might as well pass this one over. Amplified Heat are pure fan service—the only question is whether you’re a fan or not. (Doug Moore, MetalReview.com)

Track Listing:

01. Tough Guy
02. Rambler
03. Man on the Road
04. She Drank That Wine
05. What Went Wrong
06. S.A.P.O
07. Moonshine
08. Through and Through
09. How Do You Like the Sound of That
10. Amplified Boogie
11. Sickness


Official Website

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Thursday, May 22, 2008

New Band To Burn One To-Second Gear Grind

Hailing from New Zealand, which seems to be a breeding ground for some pretty awesome new stoner rock bands, comes Second Gear Grind. With influences ranging from Kyuss to The Allman Brothers Band, Second Gear Grind is sure to appease your stoner rock appetite. Check them out.

"Second Gear Grind was formed in early 2005 when friends Mike and Steven (formerly of PTHC band Subsidence) sought to smash the South Island rock scene with a new brand of fuzz drenched rock which was previously lacking in the area. Second Gear Grind gigged steadily earning support and momentum as one of the country's leading fuzz rock acts, playing alongside The House of Capricorn, Slavetrader, and Soulseller among many others throughout many cities in Aotearoa culminating in December's EYES OF THE SOUTH - Stoner Rock Fest at Christchurch's infamous Jetset Lounge. Despite various line up readjustments and reformations the band are settling into a groove and vastly developing support within the rising NZ stoner scene. Second Gear Grind offer an uncompromising abundance of severely down-tuned, fuck-off riffs, contagious groove, and an assault of fuzz sending everyone it touches deep into the cosmos. 2008brings about a new set of challenges and a new direction for the esteemed rock fiends, reforming the lineup with Adrian Patchett (The Fuckstains, Content To Bleed, Subsidence, Hatecrime) on bass, James MacLean (Vice of the Sky) as a second guitarist and Kalem Mallon on drums. The new lineup played the Auckland leg of the Devils Kitchen Australasian Stoner Punk festival with The House of Capricorn, The Defendants, Soulseller and Interconnector on March 15th, which was a huge success. Keep your eyes peeled for releases in Winter of '08 as the band begins to expand their horizons. Can you dig it?! - 666 -"

Go to their MySpace page where you can download two of their tunes "Magic Ride" and "Carpet Of Smoke".

BLACK SABBATH: 'The Rules Of Hell' Box Set Artwork Revealed

"The Rules Of Hell", is a box set featuring all three of BLACK SABBATH's Dio-era studio releases ("Heaven And Hell", "Mob Rules", "Dehumanizer") and its double live collection ("Live Evil") all recently remastered for the first time. The artwork can be viewed at this location.

Heavy metal pioneers BLACK SABBATH were reborn in 1980 when founding members Tony Iommi and Terry "Geezer" Butler added vocalist Ronnie James Dio to the lineup. The band's short but memorable time together added an unforgettable chapter in SABBATH's storied history. Rhino relives the demonic fury conjured by the Dio era with "The Rules Of Hell". The set comes packaged in a deluxe slipcase with extensive liner notes featuring all new interviews with the band. This five-disc boxed set will be available from Rhino on July 22 at all physical outlets, as well as www.rhino.com, for a suggested list price of $54.98. The set will also be available the same day at all digital outlets for a suggested list price of $24.99.

SWALLOW THE SUN: 'Plague Of Butterflies' EP Details Revealed

Finnish doom metallers SWALLOW THE SUN have finished recording their next EP called "Plague of Butterflies" for a September release via Spinefarm Records.

Commented the band: "'Plague of Butterflies' is a story about an old hermit, deep woods, loneliness and the plague. It's one song in three parts and holds about 35 minutes of crushing gloom, beauty and despair. Music was originally ordered from us for a really interesting and big project, but the project was sadly abandoned. Because of this we are planning to use the music in different context — namely in a short movie - and we are in search for suitable partners to make this happen. We'll give more info on this later as things move on and wheels start to roll.'

"Plague of Butterflies" track listing:

01. Losing the Sunsets
02. Plague of Butterflies
03. Evael 10:00

The album also includes the rare "Out of This Gloomy Light" demo. There were only three demos sent out, so this is really rare stuff and holds some of the darkest and coldest moments ever recorded by SWALLOW THE SUN.

"Out of This Gloomy Light" demo track listing:

01. Through Her Silvery Body
02. Out of This Gloomy Light
03. Under the Waves
04. Swallow (Horror Pt. 1)

GRAND MAGUS: 'Iron Will' Artwork Revealed

Swedish powerhouse GRAND MAGUS, which features in its ranks current SPIRITUAL BEGGARS frontman Janne Christoffersson, will release its fourth full-length album, "Iron Will", in Europe on June 9 via Rise Above Records. The CD, which was once again recorded in Stockholm, with Oneman acting as engineer and co-producer, will be issued in the U.S. on June 24 through Candlelight.

Track Listing:

01. Like the Oar Strikes the Water
02. Fear Is the Key
03. Höuding
04. Iron Will
05. Silver Into Steel
06. The Shadow Knows
07. Self Deceiver
08. Beyond Good and Evil
09. I Am The North

Album Of The Day-Deadbird-"The Head And The Heart" (2005)

The Album Of The Day is "The Head And The Heart" by Deadbird.


Last year may have seen new albums from genre godhead Neurosis, along with Isis and Cult of Luna, two of the bands that have built from their shoulders, but 2005’s crop of music has been not only abundant, but remarkably consistent. The couple of higher profile releases have come from the fringes of the genre, like the lush drone of Justin Broadrick’s Jesu and Pelican’s post-rock nirvana, rather than amongst the direct descendants. Most of the releases have come from a set of new (or newer) faces—including impressive efforts from Minsk, Overmars, Mouth of the Architect, Anubis Rising, Red Sparowes, and Vancouver, among others. Not a bad yield at all, and we haven’t even gotten to Codebreaker Records yet, who have quietly put together one hell of a year. Boasting strong efforts from Abandon, Figure of Merit, Zatokrev and, of course, Deadbird, the only thing Codebreaker is lacking is someone to land that knockout punch. But like my wife keeps reminding me, slow and consistent beats one hard and fast flash of glory, and although The Head and the Heart probably won’t push Deadbird to the front of the growing pack, like their labelmates, they’ve produced a damn fine album, and only a debut, at that.

Arkansas’ Deadbird features ex-Rwake guitarist Chuck Schaff on guitar and vocals (Brother Phillip shares vocal duties and plays drums), and although he hasn’t continued down an identical path, definite remnants have persisted. Deadbird’s take on the genre adds a wallop of heavy-ass sludge that gives the band’s mescaline dirges a very live, southern vibe. The inkblot clouds of “Rorschach Sky” drift from spine rattling distortion to eggshell melodies and a brief spoken word interlude that could have been lifted from Slint’s Spiderland. But those more artsy moments are precious few, even considering the occasional subtle use of ambient textures, and if you’ve found recent work by Overmars and Minsk to be a little too high falootin’, Deadbird’s gritty ethos may be up your alley. Regardless, a quiet moment with universal appeal is the haunting, Iommi-like guitar instrumental, “1332”, which brackets the exhaustive coda of “Mount Zero (is burning)” and the unusually rambunctious opening of “Illuminate the Decay”. Most of the songs clock in at about six minutes, considerably shorter than most in the genre, but Deadbird uses the time judiciously, cramming in plenty of shifts, but avoiding the longer hypnotic passages that again, are often found on affairs such as these. The Head and the Heart sets a tone of bleak desolation that is offset nicely by Schaff’s fuzzy, soulful lead work, which is sure to cause plenty of lateral headbanging. An impressive opening shot from a promising band; Deadbird is well worth investigating. (Matt Mooring, MetalReview.com)

Track Listing:

01. Sadness Distilled
02. Roschach Sky
03. Mount Zero (Is Burning)
04. 1332
05. Illuminate The Decay
06. Eclipse Of The Rye
07. See You In The Hot Country
08. The Head And The Heart

Download Link


Buy From Amazon.com

*This download is for preview purposes only. It will be deleted in 24 hours. Please support the band and purchase their merchandise.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Album Of The Day-Sons Of Otis-"Songs For Worship" (2001)

The Album Of The Day is "Songs For Worship" by Sons Of Otis.


Prowling and plodding from the dark, the Sons' return, cave dwellers from another time in a land before time. The age of dinosaur Rock is upon us and the offspring of one Otis -- man, beast, something wicked, not of this earth -- unleashes an impenetrable doom that'll leave a horrific imprint across any and all life forms hapless enough to cross its path.
"Losin' It," causes your blood to drain dry. It's a lifeless, emotionless, dead signal of a song. It's a bruising beat, slowed to a near crawl... a barbiturate-like effect that drones and dulls every nerve fiber in your body. It's backwards Sabbath for worshippers of the stone, seed and psychedelic beast. "Songs for Worship" follows Sons of Otis' "Templeball" release from a few years ago. It's a different year, different label (previously could be found on, yup, Man's Ruin) but it's the same sound -- exactly the same.

Built on the heavy handedness of the mighty, er, Sabbath, and a depth of drudge unparalleled even by today's standards, Sons of Otis ride with the Devil, a slow, painful trip straight down… burying the needle inasmuch as themselves in a sea of slugs and sludge.

For all its darkness and impending Doom, Sons of Otis embrace an astral element that radiates amidst and among these eight tracks that, when they're not sucking the breath from your already wilted body, will transport you into deep space, firing up the jet boosters and leaving three decades' worth of organic growth to its unsettled path.

"Songs for Worship" rings hollow, dreadful and devoid of any real feeling. It's a 33rpm accidentally notched down to 78 and left for dead -- an acquired taste that fellow Doom travelers and disciples of dementia will approve of knowingly, having lived to tell of previous flashbacks with eternal damnation, previously rundown by the brute force of the Sabbaths, Sloths, Goblins and Wizards. (Vinnie Apicella, Music-Reviewer.com)

Track Listing:

01. The Hunted
02. Losin' It
03. I'm Gone
04. The Other Side
05. Cold CIty Blues
06. In From The Storm
07. Tankard II



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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

TROUBLE: First Tour Dates With KORY CLARKE Announced

Veteran Chicago doomsters TROUBLE have scheduled the following dates:

July 05 - King's Tavern - Denver, CO
July 07 - El Corazon - Seattle, WA
July 08 - Doug Fir Lounge - Portland, OR
July 09 - Slim's - San Francisco, CA
July 10 - Safari Sam's - Hollywood, CA
July 12 - The Sets - Tempe, AZ
July 15 - Emo's - Austin, TX
July 17 - Rockstar Sportsbar - Fort Worth, TX
July 18 - Hi Tone Cafe - Memphis, TN
July 19 - The End - Memphis, TN

HEAVEN AND HELL: New Studio Album Due In Early 2009

Heavy metal pioneers BLACK SABBATH were reborn in 1980 when founding members Tony Iommi and Terry "Geezer" Butler added vocalist Ronnie James Dio to the lineup. The band's short but memorable time together added an unforgettable chapter in SABBATH's storied history. Rhino relives the demonic fury conjured by the Dio era with "The Rules Of Hell", a boxed set featuring all three of the band's studio releases ("Heaven And Hell", "Mob Rules", "Dehumanizer") and their double live collection ("Live Evil") — each recently remastered for the first time. The set comes packaged in a deluxe slipcase with extensive liner notes featuring all new interviews with the band. This five-disc boxed set will be available from Rhino on July 22 at all physical outlets, as well as www.rhino.com, for a suggested list price of $54.98. The set will also be available the same day at all digital outlets for a suggested list price of $24.99.

Two years ago, Dio, Iommi, Butler and drummer Vinny Appice reunited to record a trio of new songs for Rhino's "Black Sabbath: The Dio Years" before launching a highly anticipated and greatly acclaimed world tour under their new moniker HEAVEN AND HELL. Revitalized by the reunion, the lineup is back in the studio now recording the first ever full-length studio album from HEAVEN AND HELL, set to be released by Rhino in early 2009. To whet the fans' appetites for the new album, HEAVEN AND HELL will return to the road for a short stint on the Metal Masters Tour, a month-long North American trek with JUDAS PRIEST, MOTÖRHEAD, and TESTAMENT. This blistering metal juggernaut will launch August 6 in Philadelphia.

CANDLEMASS Kicks Off First U.S. Tour In 17 Years; Setlist Revealed

Swedish doom metal legends CANDLEMASS kicked off their first U.S. tour in 17 years last night (Monday, May 19) at Jaxx in West Springfield, Virginia.

The group's setlist was as follows:

01. March Funebre (intro)
02. Well of Souls
03. Mirror Mirror
04. Solitude
05. Emperor of the Void
06. Devil Seed
07. Dark Are the Veils of Death
08. Crystal Ball
09. At the Gallows End
10. Of Stars and Smoke
11. A Sorcerer's Pledge
12. Black Dwarf
13. Samarithan

Tonight's (May 20) CANDLEMASS' concert at B.B. King Blues Club & Grill in New York City will be filmed for future DVD release. No further details are currently available.

Album Of The Day-SuperGiant-"Antares" (2008)

The Album Of The Day is "Antares" by SuperGiant.

"In a dutch orange yellow sky fire of fall 2005 amidst an arid dusty high-desert somewhere on planet Earth, four distinct human-born galaxies collided creating colorful heavy musical fusion. Through burning intergalactic wormholes and the vibrations of their infinite minds the sonic waves of SuperGiant came to life bellowing to the darkest spaces within and without. Some say the very Universe lives and breathes through their bodies and sound, that love has brought them to one another and to the world. Others utter that the Sun lends their souls to musical healing and the very energy that connects us all to ourselves and countless other civilizations. As Antares smiles with joy so the bliss shall find all who choose to listen, feel and reveal themselves through groove. In a matter of minimal moments planets have come and gone, stars have lived and died and SuperGiant have become an undeniable force to intergalactic underground rock."


I just received this CD in the mail the other day and let me tell you, I am "Super" glad I did. Every song on this album punishes your soul with its by-the-book stoner rock formula. The songs are well-structured and extremely contageous. Joel Roger's vocals kind of reminded me as a cross between the Cult's Ian Astbury and Motorhead's Lemmy. I found myself hitting the repeat button continuously because I was so enthralled. So if you are looking for some really kickass new music to listen to, I strongly suggest this monumental album.

Track Listing:

01. Psychedelic Sunset
02. Petunias (MP3)
03. WWM
04. Coition
05. Everyman
06. Hell Paces
07. The Devil, Jesus and Me
08. Luna
09. Sphere Mirror
10. Sol
11. In the Morning
12. 888
13. Beginning
14. Antares

Official Website

Buy CD Here

Monday, May 19, 2008

Deville Tour Dates

Sweden´s Deville will play shows in Germany and Austria in June to follow up the successful European tour in Jan/Feb earlier this year. The shows in Austria are together with Austrian rockers Far Away Town. Later this year, Deville will continue to tour in Europe. Deville released the album Come Heavy Sleep album on Buzzville Records earlier this year.

04-06-08: Berlin, Germany - Wild At Heart
05-06-08: Vienna, Austria - Replugged
06-06-08: Millstatt, Austria - Bergwerk
07-06-08: Zwettl, Austria - Beck´s
13-06-08: Hildesheim, Germany - Thav
14-06-08: Berlin, Germany - BigFuckinSoulKiss Festival at Pirate Cove

Alix Updates

Alix will sell G00d 1, their latest CD, during the gigs of this summer. This is a limited edition, with 500 copies total. G00d 1 was produced by Steve Albini, with mastering by Bob Weston and cover art by Francesca Ghermandi.

For tour dates and more, visit www.myspace.com/alixband or www.alix.bo.it

Today Is the Day Begins Massive European Tour

Fresh off the Total Resistance Tour (a seven-week headlining tour of North America with support from Mouth Of The Architect, Psyopus, Rwake, and more), Today Is the Day descends upon Europe for an extensive headlining tour of 18 European countries.

Supporting Today Is the Day are SuperNova Records labelmates Complete Failure, as well as Jucifer (Relapse Records) and Four Question Marks.

The tour includes stops at several major festivals, which will see Today Is the Day playing alongside bands such as Ministry, The Donnas, and Genghis Tron.

Today Is the Day`s eighth studio album, Axis of Eden, is out now, along with reissues of two classic Today Is the Day titles, SuperNova and Today Is the Day, all on SuperNova Records.

05/19: Sheffield, UK - The Corporation
05/20: Glasgow, UK - Ivory Blacks
05/21: Birmingham, UK - Bar Academy
05/22: Plymouth, UK - White Rabbit
05/23: Cardiff, UK - Clwb ifor bach
05/24: London, UK - The Underworld
05/25: Bruxelles, Belgium - Magasin 4
05/26: Liège, Belgium - La Zone
05/27: Erfurt, Germany - Topf
05/28: Hamburg, Germany - Marx
05/29: Copenhagen, Denmark - The Rock
05/30: Hässleholm, Sweden - Siesta Festival
05/31: Oslo, Norway - Club Maiden
06/01: Gothenburg, Sweden - Musikens Hus
06/02: Stockholm, Sweden - Debaser Slussen
06/03: Berlin, Germany - K17
06/04: Warsaw, Poland - Progresja Club
06/05: Wroclaw, Poland - Firlej
06/06: Prague, Czech Republic - Rock Cafe
06/07: Zilina, Slovakia - Kozel Pub
06/08: Budapest, Hungary - Corvinteto
06/09: Split, Croatia - Klub Kocka
06/10: Innsbruck, Austria - PMK
06/11: Milano, Italy - Circolo Magnolia
06/12: Roma, Italy - Init
06/13: Ravenna, Italy - Rock Planet
06/14: Luynes/Marseille, France - Le Korigan
06/15: Barcelona, Spain - Salamandra
06/16: Madrid, Spain - Ritmo and Compas
06/17: Lisbon, Portugal - TBA
06/18: Porto, Portugal - Metalpoint
06/19: Irun, Spain - Tunk
06/20: Angouleme, France - La Nef
06/21: Clisson/Nantes, France - The Hellfest
06/27: Lyon, France - Le Sonic
06/28: Bern, Switzerland - Reithalle/Dachstock
06/29: Cergy, France - Furia Sound Festival


Deadbird Prepares Their Twilight Ritual

At A Loss Recordings will release Deadbird`s second album, Twilight Ritual, on June 24. Recorded by Chuck Schaaf and mixed by Billy Anderson, this is the first full length in nearly three years. In support of the Ritual, the band will get back on the road for the first time since 2006. Check out myspace.com/atalossrecordings or myspace.com/deadbird for more info.

Additionally, an mp3 of the track "Death of Self" is now posted as a teaser for the full album at this location.

Brothers Schaaf (Chuck and Phil) formed Deadbird in 2002. Chuck had been playing in Little Rock`s own Rwake at the time but decided to head back to Fayetteville, AR to start Deadbird with his brother. They released The Head and the Heart in 2005 on Codebreaker/Earache (originally self-released in 2003). Many tours and a few lineup changes later saw Deadbird completed their second full-length, Twilight Ritual. This was with the help of new bassist Reid Raley (also in Rwake). Firmly rooted in the underground heavy sound coming out of Arkansas these days (see also Shitfire, Seahag, etc.), Deadbird`s strong metallic riff-centric edge manages to sneak hardcore and punk elements, lots of Southern rock melody and even a few vocal harmonies into their tracks.

06/14/08: Memphis, Tennessee – The Buccaneer, with Seahag
06/15/08: Nashville, Tennessee - Springwater
06/16/08: Chicago, Illinois – The Note
06/17/08: Indianapolis, Indiana – Melody Inn
06/18/08: Kent, Ohio – Club Khameleon, with Rue and TBA
06/19/08: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - 31 Street Pub, with Serious Grind
06/20/08: NYC, New York – Knitting Factory, with Harvey Milk, Bloody Panda and Growing
06/21/08: Cambridge, Massachusetts – The Middle East, with Only Living Witness, Hackman and Bury the Needle
06/22/08: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Millcreek, with Intergalactic Incense Burners and Nightprowler
06/23/08: Baltimore, Maryland – Talking Head, with Wooly Mammoth
06/24/08: Richmond, Virginia - Wonderland, with Hail!Hornet and TBA
06/25/08: Wilmington, North Carolina - Reggies, with Sourvein and Black Tusk
06/26/08: Atlanta, Georgia – Drunken Unicorn, with Zoroaster and Black Tusk
06/27/08: Orlando, Florida – The Haven, with Black Tusk
06/28/08: Tampa, Florida – Transitions Skate, with Black Tusk
06/29/08: TBD - any suggestions?
06/30/08: New Orleans, Louisiana - TBA
07/01/08: Houston, Texas - Rudyards
07/02/08: San Antonio, Texas – Rock Bottom Tattoo Bar
07/03/08: Austin, Texas - Red 7, with Mala Suerte, Scavanger, Mammoth Grinder and Faithhealer
07/04/08: Dallas, Texas – Red Blood Club, with Mala Suerte
07/05/08: Little Rock, Arkansas – Downtown Metal, with Mala Suerte
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