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Friday, December 30, 2016

Album Review: Gentle Tick - Gentle Tick EP

Ever been walking in the woods, alone, at dusk and can't shake the feeling that you are being watched?  When from out of nowhere a rabbit bounds out of the bushes causing you to chuckle at yourself for being such a pussy.  But before you can finish your thought a pack of blood thirsty jackals pounce from the shadows tearing the rabbit to pieces and descending with it back into the darkness from which they came.


Well...  Me neither.  But, I can promise that is has and will happen again, somewhere!  I can also promise that there are things even more insidious lurking in the wilderness than even the aforementioned jackals.


And just like our next contestant there is nothing gentle about them!  Despite their name, Gentle Tick supply an uncompassionate blend of catchy, sludgy goodness.  Heavy on the fuzz and light on the pleasantries Gentle Tick provide melodies that plod along at the perfect tempo to have you marching in time to an army of those rapacious bloodsuckers heading into battle, looking for the perfect spot to hide, laying in wait for your delicious, meaty carcass to pass by.  Saturated with vile growls overlaying the thick sludgy rhythms, this album will grab your attention like finding one of those god damn forest dwelling parasites latched onto your nut sack.  Released a little over a year ago, I'm a little late to the party as usual, but this four piece from Kaliningrad, Russia deliver on their first self titled EP.   Angry from start to finish, it's the perfect soundtrack for one of those days where you can't stand the sight of one more soulless sheep passing you on the street.  I'd also be remissed if I failed to mention the killer artwork for this murky trek through the woods.  I'm ashamed to admit to judging a book by it's cover but good artwork always gets me to hit play.

Edit: It's come to my attention that Gentle Tick disbanded back in August.  The brush land insect variety are however still very prevalent.  So stay vigilant.

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