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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

New Band To Burn One To: Kal-El


"Out of the ashes of such heavy metal acts as Theatre of Tragedy, Six Eyes Lost, Desspo and Gabbathor/Deviant rises a triumphant and celebratory ode to the love of the riff. On their debut release "Pakal", Kal-el sets forth a fuzz-fueled riff-fest guaranteed to warm your bones on a cold Norwegian winter's night. The band features Ulven (Vocals), Roffe (Guitars), Liz (Bass) and  Bjudas (Drums). 
With a straight-forward approach and a penchant for the heavy, songs such as "Fire Machine" and "Falling Stone" are true stoner bliss. "Fire Machine" starts off with a kick-ass bass intro and grooves along while the Ozzy-like vocals soar. The band even offers their own rendition of the Sabbath classic "Hole in the Sky" added as a bonus track. You may be familiar with the band as their song "Quasar" was chosen for inclusion on this year's edition of "Bong Hits From the Astral Basement". A foot-stomping heavy brain smasher with a cool mid-song drum onslaught and bluesy guitar lead. Good stuff!"

 According to the band, the album can currently be found on iTunes. 


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