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Thursday, February 6, 2014

LP Review "Strange Wave Galore" by Radar Men From The Moon

Eindhoven's instrumentalist heavy psych-rock 4 piece Radar Men From The Moon very recently dropped their third full length entitled "Strange Wave Galore" and I do believe it to be their best work yet. Since their debut, "Intergalactic Dada & Space Trombones" released back in '11, RMFTM have seen a rapid rise in popularity after turning many a head and ear towards their unique take on heavy-psych and experimental stoner rock. With "Strange Wave Galore" RMFTM reveal a new maturity and have evolved their sound since their debut but they have not sacrificed any of the best elements that made their previous 2 releases such great albums in their own right.

 "Strange Wave Galore" falls upon you in vast waves of surging, crushing fuzz, trippy sci-fi technoid synths, razor sharp drumming and mind bending psychedelic jams that twist and morph through the many intricate transitions that are so flawlessly played by RMFTM. There is a noticeable formula that RMFTM have running through many of their songs but they never fail to surprise. You can always pretty much guarantee that at some point the huge, throbbing fuzz riffs will come to melt your brain but it's how RMFTM lead the listener to that moment that delivers the most surprises and it is this method of experimentation that makes "Strange Wave Galore" so exhilarating to hear. The sensation that RMFTM create is of traversing through the galaxy at great speed in a big shiny spaceship with a kaleidoscope of stars and colors spiraling inside your head while a crystalline futuristic cityscape begins to form in front of your eyes as the destination comes into view. My favorite track on the album "The Sweet Confusion" is a fine example of a blasting surge of solid fuzz that fuels the Radar Men From The Moon spaceship onto it's destination to Fuzzatron 666 in the Stoner sector of Heavy Space Rock. It's far out man, really really far out.

You definitely need this album in your lives.

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