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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

New Band To Burn One To (Morning Buzz): SNARF

SNARF is today's "NEW BAND TO BURN ONE TO"  Morning Buzz...


Psychedelic journeys since 2003: ear breaking riffs, buzzy annoying bass lines and heavy drum patterns. SNARF are 3.

"These three dudes from Switzerland simply known as Snarf play slowwww..., sleepy, lethargic music that will not wake you up anytime soon. Interesting stops and starts, a lot of cymbal work and a warm fuzzy bass line are used to set the mood. Eerie touches of doom are complimented by spooky effects and a chilling twangy guitar. Soft lazy vocals add to the tripped out murkiness."
 The band has generously given permission to download their latest EP at the link below.


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