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Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Top 50 Rock and Metal Songs From 2020 Playlist

Let's face it, 2020 was an absolutely horrible year. Fortunately, one positive thing from 2020 was the tremendous amount of amazing music that was released this year.

It seemed that there was more great music released in 2020 than in previous years, or maybe it was due to the fact that I had a lot more time to actually sit down and listen to more. Regardless, I can always count on music to make me feel better and wash away even the darkest of times.

Below you will find the song, along with the album it was released on, some on vinyl some not and eventually the playlist to tie it all together.

Without further adieu, here are my Top 50 Rock and Metal songs from 2020. 

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forming the void
Forming the Void-"Onward Through the Haze"

Forming the Void put out an amazing and ambitious record with "Reverie" in 2020, their first on Ripple Music. The band has gradually gotten better each album both musically and in their song-writing abilities. "Onward Through the Haze" destroys with soft dynamics, a pulsating rhythm, warm fuzzed-out sludgy guitar tone and stellar vocals.

*Available on Vinyl

elephant tree
Elephant Tree-"Bird"

"Habits" is perhaps Elephant Tree's crowning jewel. The wall of sound on "Bird" is delicately crushing and has possibly the best ending riff to a song of all-time. So freaking heavy!

*Available on Vinyl

black rainbows
Black Rainbows-"Radio 666"

Black Rainbows has been at the Stoner Rock game for years, now reaching what some would say classic status. Released on Heavy Psych Sounds and taken off of their release "Cosmic Ritual Powertrip", "Radio 666" is a cool, catchy and fuzzy easy rider that personifies what this band is all about.

*Available on Vinyl


Released on Heavy Psych Sounds, "Groovy" featured one of the most laid back and grooviest songs of the year. "Dig" is a fuzzy, bass-driven, and infectious tune that gets stuck in your head for daze. Did someone say more cowbell?

* Available on Vinyl

heavy eyes
The Heavy Eyes-"The Profession"

Released via Kozmik Artifactz, "Love Like Machines" had probably the most fuzzed-out riff I heard all year on "The Profession". From the first bang of the drum this song lodged in my brain for months.

*Available on Vinyl

Psychlona-"Blast Off"

The debut album "Venus Skytrip" by Psychlona took the Stoner Rock world by storm this year by releasing a breathtaking and majestic Psychedelic Space Rock meets Desert Rock opus. "Blast Off" ignites the fury.

*Available on Vinyl

Lowrider-"Red River"

The long-awaited new album "Refractions" from classic Stoner Rock band Lowrider did not disappoint. Released on Blues Funeral Recordings, the album is sure to make many best of the year lists. "Red River" starts this bad boy off with it's low-swinging groove and heavy rumble.

*Available on Vinyl

Kryptograf-"Crimson Horizon"

Taken from Norwegian band Kryptograf's self-titled album, "Crimson Horizon" is a mid-tempo and spirited tune that fuses elements of proto-metal with riff-heavy classic rock.

*Available on Vinyl

Mindcrawler-"Red Dunes"

"Red Dunes" is a track taken off of German band Mindcrawler's release "Lost Orbiter". It is a riff-heavy jaunt through Space and Desert Rock delivered with high-octane and precision.

*Available on Vinyl

pink cigs
Pink Cigs-"Noose"

Taken off of the Pink Cigs debut self-titled album, "Noose" is a hard rocking stroll down seventies classic rock memory lane. This is awesome straight forward rock and roll!

*Available on Vinyl

ritual king
Ritual King-"Valleys"

"Valleys" is taken off of the self-titled album from Ritual King's release on Ripple Music. The song is a 7:12 Heavy Stoner Psych/Blues testament to great riffs, soaring vocal harmonies and scorching fretwork.

*Available on Vinyl


Prepare to have your mind blown. "Ummon" is a track off of French band Slift's album of the same name. This song is a slice of Space Rock/Krautrock heaven. The intensity and interplay between guitar and bass is just magnificent.

*Available on Vinyl

Wolftooth-"Scylla & Charybdis"

"Scylla & Charydbis" is taken from Wolftooth's release "Valhalla". Stoner Metal riff worship of the highest order. Just one hell of a tune from these seasoned vets. Majestic and melodic into glory ride.

*Available on Vinyl

Horizon-"The Backyard"

Released via Cursed Tongue Records, "The Backyard" by Spanish rockers Horizon may have the freakin' heaviest opening riff of the year. Exhilarating and vibrant blend of Space and Desert Rock groove.

*Available on Vinyl

sun crow
Sun Crow-"Collapse"

"Collapse" is the first track off of Sun Crow's magnificent debut album "Quest for Oblivion". The crushing Stoner Doom riff builds and intensifies through a wall of feedback and haze until settling into a sweet groove. Wait, another riff? The yelling vocals pierce right through all of the sonic mayhem.

turtle skull
Turtle Skull-"Rabbit"

"Rabbit" is a song off of Australian band Turtle Skull's new album "Monoliths" released on Art As Catharsis. Blending heavenly and harmonious vocals with heavy doom riffs is both glorious and colossal. Their music is self-proclaimed "flower doom" by the band.

*Available on Vinyl


"Mania" is taken off the debut album "Aphasia" by UK band Stonus. Get lost in the groove as the song drifts in and out of soft and heavy passages. Very clean sound with cool singing and warm and fuzzy guitar tone.

*Available on Vinyl

Intechnicolour-"Big Sleeper"

At first glance of the album art you would not expect a heavy rock band. Don't let it fool you. "Big Sleeper" is off of UK band Intechnicolour's phenomonal "sleeper" release of the same name out now on Art of Catharsis. This song is heavy as hell and hammers like Karma To Burn and grooves like Kyuss.

*Available on Vinyl

dead quiet
Dead Quiet-"Atoned Deaf"

"Atoned Deaf" is the lead track off of Dead Quiet's amazing new album "Truth and Ruin". This tune blazes with a keyboard-laden sound, kickass twin guitars, passionate vocals and melodic groove.

*Available on Vinyl

all them witches
All Them Witches-"Enemy of My Enemy"

Pulled from their new release "Nothing As the Ideal", this song from Nashville's All Them Witches shows a different side of the band. Laid back vocals are surrounded by furious guitar madness and wickedly erratic drumming. So awesome!

*Available on Vinyl

desert colossus
Desert Colossus-"Tear Me Down"

"Tear Me Down" is the lead track off of the new album "Eyes and Tongues" from Desert Colossus. The song has an awesome Heavy Stoner Rock vibe with a sound reminiscent of Fu Manchu, Truckfighters and the like.

*Available on Vinyl

serpents of secrecy
Serpents of Secrecy-Ave Vindicta"

The long-awaited full-length album from Serpents of Secrecy features members of Borracho, Sixty Watt Shaman, King Giant and Foghound, this song also features bass from the late, great Rev. Jim Forrester. Heavy as hell, riff-worshipping Stoner Metal at it's core.

Murcielago-"Blues For the Red Lobster"

"Blues For the Red Lobster" is a song off of Murcielago's release "Casualties". Melodic, fuzzy as all hell tune hitting all the right buttons. One of my favorite vocal performances of the year. This track is smokin'!

*Available on Vinyl

king chiefs
King Chiefs-"Flying Into Void"

"Flying Into Void" is the first track on King Chiefs album of the same name. This song is the reason why I wait until the end of the year to write up a list. Crunchy fuzz swirls around an upbeat feel along with great vocals and a penchant for melody.

1000Mods-"Less is More"

"Less is More" is a track taken from 1000mods latest release "Youth of Dissent". It takes guts to evolve and change your sound. The result is a more grunge rock and lighter sound. Not sure why, but I'm getting a Dinosaur Jr. meets Foo Fighters meets Deftones vibe on this tune. Call me crazy.

*Available on Vinyl


"Cave" is the lead track from Hovenweep's EP "Salvian Journey". This song is a doom heavy psychedelic trip through a sweeping dusty haze and monumental dunes. The full and fuzzy sound is rounded out by keyboards and softly sung vocals.

twin wizard
Twin Wizard-"Ghost Train Haze"

"Ghost Train Haze" is the first track on Twin Wizard's album "Glacial Gods". Twin Wizard is the result of the split with Telekinetic Yeti. This song is nothing but minimalistic heavy Stoner Doom and I love it!

*Available on Vinyl

Fumarole-"Ghost Smoke"

"Ghost Smoke" is the final track off of Australian band Fumarole's release "Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes". This bass-driven track is a thunderous and crushing end to a hazy, crunchy riff-filled album "set in a future where the rich have enslaved the poor and placed them on a planet to mine a bacteria that can keep them alive forever". What they said.

*Available on Vinyl

killer be killed
Killer Be Killed-"Deconstructing Self-Destruction"

"Deconstructing Self-Destruction" is a track off of the latest release "Reluctant Hero" from supergroup Killer Be Killed featuring Max Cavalera (Soulfly/ex-Sepultura), Ben Koller (Converge/Mutoid Man), Greg Puciato (The Dillinger Escape Plan/The Black Queen) and Troy Sanders (Mastodon/Gone Is Gone) . The song is devastatingly brutal and fiendish yet brilliantly melodic. Killer shit right there.

*Available on Vinyl

Deftones-"This Link is Dead"

"This Link is Dead" is taken from the Deftone's latest album "Ohms". From the cutting and ear-piercing vocals to the uneasy guitar squalls, the song is an angst-ridden suggestion about being yourself and not letting others stand in your way.

*Available on Vinyl

brant bjork
Brant Bjork-"Jungle in the Sound"

"Jungle In the Sound" is the lead track from Brant Bjork's new self-titled album released on Heavy Psych Records. Simply put, this song is nothing but chilled, laid back Stoner groovin'. Brant is the coolest sum bitch out there.

*Available on Vinyl

REZN-"Garden Green"

"Garden Green" is a track taken from REZN's remarkable and mesmerizing album "Chaotic Divine". The trance-inducing vibe is highlighted by a jazzy sax that cuts through the smoky haze.

*Available on Vinyl

acid mammoth
Acid Mammoth-"Tusks of Doom"

"Tusks of Doom" is a track off of Acid Mammoth's latest doom opus "Under Acid Hoof" released on Heavy Psych Sounds. First off, I must say coolest dad ever. This father/son team deliver one of the most devastating and bone-crushing doom tracks of 2020.

*Available on Vinyl

Ryte-"Raging Mammoth"

Another release from the fine folks at Heavy Psych Sounds, Ryte have firmly cemented themselves as a fixture on the Psychedelic Doom scene. "Raging Mammoth" is a relentless track filled with monstrous riffing, stampeding drumming and furious fretwork.

*Available on Vinyl


"Reducer" is the lead track on PigsPigsPigsPigsPigsPigsPigs album "Viscerals". The song is a great introduction to the band. It is primal, hard-charging and ferocious Heavy-Psych rock at it's finest.

*Available on Vinyl

wailin storms
Wailin' Storms-"Rattle"

"Rattle" is taken off of Wailin' Storms new album of the same name. The song is explosive and vehemently energetic with a warped and crazed howl, dark lyrics and sinister riff.

*Available on Vinyl


"Skeleton" is the first track on Skeleton's self-titled album released on 20 Buck Spin Records. It is amazing what you can cram into 2:21. This song is a short catchy jab featuring thrash, punk, hardcore and an abundance of energy.

*Available on Vinyl

Kvelertak-"Crack of Doom"

"Crack of Doom" is a track from Kvelertak's latest album "Splid". High energy Doom and freakin' Roll featuring Troy Sanders from Mastodon. Catchy and melodic with gritty death metal vocals. This song will worm its way into your brain for days. A new vocalist didn't slow this band down one bit.

*Available on Vinyl

Testament-"Night of the Witch"

"Night of the Witch" is a track off of the new album "Titans of Creation" by Bay Thrash Metal legends Testament. There are no signs of slowing down with this band as they just keep putting out stellar albums with awesome songs and awesome musicianship while staying true to their roots. Chuck Billy, Alex Skolnick and Co. still tearing shit up after all these years.

*Available on Vinyl

lamb of god
Lamb of God-"Memento Mori"

"Memento Mori" is a track off of Lamb of God's latest self-titled release. This is their first new release of new material since 2015 and the first to feature new drummer Art Cruz. The band hasn't skipped a beat and this song crushes with it's sheer intensity, staccato guitar crunch, moshable rhythms and a vocal style vaguely reminiscent of the Sisters of Mercy's tune "Marian". Wake up!!!

*Available on Vinyl

mr bungle
Mr. Bungle-"Bungle Grind"

If you were were expecting a new funk metal album from Mr. Bungle, think again. This song is taken from their new, well kinda sort of new Thrash metal album "The Raging Wrath of the Easter Bunny Demo". Featuring Scott (Anthrax) and Dave Lombardo (Slayer), this is old school Thrash at it's absolute finest.

*Available on Vinyl

spirit adrift
Spirit Adrift-"Astral Levitation"

Another fine release from the folks at 20 Buck Spin, "Astral Levitation" is a track off of the band's latest release "Enlightened in Eternity". This song is a blast from the past as well as hope for the future. Metal will never die as long as there are bands such as Spirit Adrift around to keep the internal flame burning.

*Available on Vinyl

AC/DC-"Kick You When You're Down

Hard Rock legends AC/DC are back! "Kick You When You're Down" is a track off of their new release "Power Up". Let's face it, AC/DC has never been a band to reinvent the wheel, they just release simple ass-kicking songs with scorching solos, head bobbing rhythms and gritty vocals. Thank you AC/DC, thank you!

*Available on Vinyl

fu manchu cover
Fu Manchu-"Time Is Going On"

So-Cal Stoner Rock legends Fu Manchu released a sweet little 3-track EP in 2020. "Time is Going On" starts with a cool drum beat then eases into a heavy dose of fuzz. Funny how I hum along to the fuzzed-out guitar when I listen to this band. This song is awesome! "Trust me".

*Available on Vinyl

kind mental nudge
Kind-"Broken Tweaker"

"Broken Tweaker" is a track off of the latest album "Mental Nudge" by Boston-based supergroup Kind released on Ripple Music. The bottom heavy bass punches right out of the gate and never lets up while layering in robust and harmonious vocals, fuzzed-out sludgy tone and blistering guitar soloing . "Fuck yeeaahh!"

*Available on Vinyl

Rrrags-"The Fridge"

"The Fridge" is the lead track from Belgian band Rrrags latest album "High Protein". This song has a very seventies classic rock vibe filled with a ton of energy and little bit of funk. Great vocals and the guitarist is en fuego .

*Available on Vinyl


"Mongrel" is a track from the latest release "Iron Mountain" by Kalamazoo, MI's very own Bonehawk. This hard-rocking tune swings with a seventies hard rock vibe, twin guitar attack and mountainous riffs.

*Available on Vinyl

old blood
Old Blood-"Lake Bottom"

"Lake Bottom" is a track from Old Blood's release "Acid Doom". Strong female vocals lead the way as the keyboards swirl around tight groovy doom-tinged heaviness. Very unique sounding Occult/Psych Rock.

*Available on Vinyl

galactic cross
Galactic Cross-"Spellbound"

"Spellbound" is a track off of Dave Sherman's latest project Galactic Cross. This tune is nothing more than straight up riff-worshipping and bluesy Doom featuring Dave's raspy snarl, bombastic bass lines and scorching guitar licks.

*Available on Vinyl

king buffalo
King Buffalo-"Dead Star"

Nobody does heavy psychedelic music quite like King Buffalo. "Dead Star" is the title track off of their latest release. Starting off with a soft acoustic passage and softly sung vocals the song gradually progresses until it crushes you with a fuzzy riff. The song eventually ends as it started, leaving you wanting more. The band's quarantine sessions on YouTube were a highlight during these crazy times.

*Available on Vinyl

Well folks, there you have it. I hope you enjoyed reading.

Here is to a fantastic and optimistic 2021. Stay safe and healthy. Cheers!


  1. Thanks for the playlist, will be listening to this!

  2. what, no Metalepticfit.com in this top rock songs playlist?


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