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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Jon's top 10 releases for 2016

 Its not an easy task to sit down and think of a list of your favorite albums released in a calendar year, there's so many and more coming everyday. So I based it off of this year's releases and how many revolutions they got on my turntable or played on my ipod. I know I probably missed something, but oh well. The numbers also don't represent how good I think a band is as opposed to another. And yes I may be partial to the PNW music scene, cuz that's where I live.
So here's my TOP 10 of 2016!

1. WHORES-Gold (noise rock/heavy rock)
I won't deny that I'm a 90's "grunge" or noise rock fan. I like simple heavy riffs around the 3-5 minute mark, and I like it angry. This album is everything I need to get the day going. Pissed and hook laden!
 I got to see them live 12-16-12 and it was sick nasty!

2. SUMAC-what one becomes (Heavy-Heavy-Heavy)
Every once in awhile an album comes along that just levels you. Aaron turner (isis-old man gloom) and company put on a full tonal assault. I love this album, its not the usual type of music that Heavy Planet has on their site, but it is called Heavy Planet and this planet is heavier with Sumac on it. If you can find one get it!  Thrill Jockey or Profound lore.

3. Holy Grove-S/T (heavy rock/stoner)
Hot damn! I caught this Portland based group at Hoverfest a few years back and was blown away by Andrea Vidal's vocals.This is the whole rock package, from the 1st note to the last and the artwork. Go buy this album!  http://holygrove.bandcamp.com/album/holy-grove

4. Mos Generator-Abyssinia (heavy rock/stoner/prog)
What can I say that hasn't been said about Mos Gen, Tony Reed is a living rock wizard and found a way to tap into another level somewhere inside himself in his songwriting, lucky for us he put it onto a record for all of us to hear.  Jono and Sean keep the low end pummeling along for this great ride. Listenable Records or @ http://heavyheadsuperstore.storenvy.com

5. Elephant Tree- S/T  (heavy rock/doom/stoner)
Super impressed with everything about this album, the musicality, the vocals, the art..everything. I believe they are going onto the 2nd pressing, again handled by M.E.R

6. Cough-still they pray (Doom)
Best Electric Wizard album to come out in years! Just kidding, great album and great riffs! (yes I know who produced it). Might I add, Heavy as Hell! Relapse Records

7. Green River Thrillers- distorted diva (noise rock-heavy rock-punk)
This album was the kick in the teeth I needed at the time I was feeling bogged by Doom.

8. Year of the Cobra-in the shadows below (N/W Doom)
Good people, great band and great album! Maybe this should be in the top 5, but I'm going off what I've listened to the most this year so far. Go buy this on STB records and catch them on tour in Europe and the States in 2017.

9. GEEZER-S/T (cosmic stoner blues)
 I picked up their 1st release -Gage (halloween edition) and was really looking forward to this album, it does not fall short of killer. Ripple Music and STB would be glad to hook you up.

10. Domkraft- the end of electricity
I finally got to listen to this album last week and was instantly a fan of the riffs. If Ufomammut and Serial Hawk had a love child Domkraft would be its name. Go get this sweetness from Magnetic Eye Records

Honorable mentions:
The TAD subpop re-releases, a dream come true for me.

Melvins re-releases of Stoner Witch-Houdini-Stag-Third man Records

Infinite Flux vinyl release on DCR records. Such a great album!

Disenchanter vinyl releases of Strange Creations and On through Portals (Doom metal) DHU records. This would be on my top 10 had it not been released on CD the previous year, One of my favorite bands and people. The packaging on these vinyl editions are beautiful.

Mammoth Salmon-Last Vestige of humanity (Heavy Sludgy Stoner) DCR
Paul and his new low enders are fast becoming Sludge Kings. 

Ancient Warlocks 2 STB (Heavy Stoner Rock)
another great album by these fine gents and great artwork as well. 

Mos Generator- the firmament
There's some interesting spins on some Mos classics and a Joy Division cover as well!

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