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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Album Review: Domkraft - "The End of Electricity"

One day I'll inevitably lose my mind.  And I don't mean wig out slightly, buy a sports car, and head to Cabo with a woman half my age mid life crisis style.  I mean full blown, bat shit, chasing squirrels in my underwear screaming apocalyptic prophecies crazy.  And when it happens......  This is what I envision it will sound like.  Not that there is anything inherently chaotic or madness inducing here.  Quite the opposite.  Domkraft's "The End of Electricity" is a well crafted emotional roller coaster.  While it's the subtle tempo changes that ebb and flow back and forth like crushing waves of doom that tickle my deep seeded chemical imbalances, it's the reverb soaked bellows of bassist/vocalist Martin Wegeland which echo like they are being delivered from atop a desolate mountain, that offer up premonitions of my impending imaginary voices.  The whole album flows so well it could have very easily been one epically long song.  Even the much more even tempered "Drones" fits perfectly.  As "The Rift" and "Meltdown of the Orb" build more and more tension "Drones" drops back a notch, gives you a chance to regroup.  As if to offer a slight glimpse of hope to my quickly dissolving faculties, before diving head first back into fuzzy dissolution, and finishing up the album where it all started with plenty more of the hypnotic sounds that sent you tumbling down this rabbit hole in the first place.

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