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Saturday, December 17, 2016

Album Review: Cybernetic Witch Cult - "Spaceous Cretaceous"

How about some fun on this cold winter's morn! "Spaceous Cretaceous" had been submitted to Heavy Planet back in May and I have to admit to not listening to it until recently. It was well worth the wait. This selection of 9 delectable fuzz bombs contrives to rock and rumble in the most unique and uncommon of metal musical ways. Cybernetic Witch Cult manage to weave fantastical tales of mighty warriors, fell creatures of searing fire and bloody claw, far-flung planets, beautiful and tragic femme Fatales, futuristic vessels, and treacherous climes all wrapped tightly, intricately in thick layers of bright fuzz and dark fabric aboard expertly engineered cauldrons of deep rumbling nuclear expression.

Make no mistake, the fantastical nature of the lyrical tales only enhance the expertly rendered music. The tone is bluesy and low, the style is melodic and deep, and the riffs, rills, and runs all exhilarating in execution and encounter. Stitching it all together are the singular vocals of front man Alex Wyld whose rendering is pitch perfect for this style of metal with its stone shard edges, deep grain timbre, and range of execution. No yell vocals here, just an exceptional fry of great reach. The instrumentation throughout this album is an infectious, joyous celebration of old school melodies, darkly drenched in indigo tones, but sharply honed in new school power. The riffs are exquisite, the bass massive, and the stickwork virulent, combined with the heretofore mentioned vocals and sui generis lyrics the individual pieces are all of the highest caliber. Blended and woven together the finished product propels the noteworthy factor forward exponentially, which is no mean feat. So, revel in the accomplishments of this three piece band of mighty dragon slayers from Cornwall, England:

Alex Wyld - Vocals, Guitar
Kale Dean - Bass, Vocals
Rogan Collins - Drums

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