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Saturday, November 5, 2016

Album Review: Why Desperados - "WD Crew"

Like most of you I listen to lots of new music, new in the sense that I've not yet heard it whether it was released today or last decade. Each new album begins with anticipation, wondering whether this
one will be a gem, the Arkenstone languishing among a sea of rudimentary treasures. Of course, one person's Arkenstone is another person's Hope diamond, I suppose. Today I present to you a rare gem of rock, with Why Desperados' "WD Crew". Self proclaimed as part of the stoner rock genre this band certainly has a heavy, delicious guitar presence combined with melodies and beats that vigorously vibrate down those primal music cords of our rock n' roll soul, but I would claim they have carved out their own sound that, of course, borrows from many great rock bands of past and present, but exudes a uniqueness that is fun, fantastic, and outright fabulous in presentation. Spinning through the tracks goes much too quickly, leaving you wanting....MORE....please! If this is your first encounter with Why Desperados, and you find, as I have, that after listening to this new release you want more, there is an earlier release, "Sand Flood", as well as a single, "Careless" available on their Bandcamp and SoundCloud sites (links below).

Why Desperados, hailing from Dormolletto, Italy, include band members:

Matias Peruch - guitar
Gianluca Barbaglia - guitar
Nicolò Cagnan - drums
Giuseppe Muscatelli - bass
Andrea Archita - vocals

The driving forces of Cagnan's drumwork and Muscatelli's bass in exquisitely delivered time provide the rock solid platform for both Peruch and Barbaglia to grind, experiment, and soar with their blissful twin guitars. Topping it all off are Archita's truly beautiful vocals, raw and poignant, strong and yearning, pleasantly in sync with the finely crafted melodies this Italian fivesome have bestowed upon the rock loving world to enjoy.

bandcamp || soundcloud || facebook || twitter || instagram

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