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Thursday, April 21, 2016

EP Review: Wizard Bloody Wizard by Wizard Bloody Wizard

Heavy fuzzed doom metal spews forth from Iowa’s Sleep/Sabbath worshipping Wizard Bloody Wizard on their three-track self-titled EP, with a dark mix of horror film sound-bites, slow chugging deep riffs, and enough bass riffs to knock you off your feet.

The EP is woven with themes of the occult, witchcraft, horror films, and cannabis that sees the short record showcase three quite different tracks. Opener ‘In The Depths…’ is a slow doom-heavy track that menaces along with muffled vocals stalking its prey, sending shivers down your spine. ‘Children of the Night’ steps up the tempo, and volume, as the riffs come in crushing and heavily, and the vocals become more audible with a more worn-out approach to their sound. Wizard Bloody Wizard like to keep their riffs heavy on the fuzz, but still cutting like a knife to your core, a sound akin to their peers in Electric Wizard and Sleep alike. Closing track ‘Nocturnus Sainturnus’ is an instrumental sludging metal track which is littered with film sound-bites echoing desperation and haunting overtones, the perfect way to end this statement EP.

Wizard Bloody Wizard’s self-titled EP is a dark, heavy warning of things to come, so prepare 

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