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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Band Submission: Jusska-Progressive Rock/Metal From Belgium

Band Name: Jusska
Genre: Progressive Rock/Metal
Location: Belgium
Brief Bio/Description: Jusska is the brainchild of guitarist Leander Verheyen (BEAR - Atmospheres). He envisioned a band where guitar walls of sound collide with crystal clear singing. Armed with an array of vocal-less downtuned tracks he found his counterpart in
Iason Passaris. Who perfectly adds the finishing melodic touch.
These two are quite the groovemongers!

The first testament of this collababoration manifests itself in their debut 3-track L'homme de l'ombre. Self released and made available for free download at their bandcamp page, Jusska gained the support of the djent community with some
outstanding reviews...

In January 2016 they released their second endevour Tsuki which featured none other than Mike Malyan (ex-Monuments & Disperse) on drums. Jusska really took a step up with Tsuki, heavier grooves & mesmerizing melodies take your thoughts to the moon.

Jusska aims to develop their sound, without losing the somewhat pop-like approach and feel of their debut : Grinding grooves with harmonised vocal layers as icing on the cake are coming, in the form of a new release every trimester to keep the juices flowing.
Band Members:
Leander Verheyen - Guitars
Iason Passaris - Vocals
Servaas Steurbaut - Drums
Benny Huysman - Bass
Links: Facebook | YouTube | Bandcamp | EPK

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