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Monday, May 18, 2015

New Band To Burn One To: Atomic Mold

With heavy slices of psychedelic/stoner fuzz, songs predominately focused on instrumentation, and a keen youthful spirit added to the riffs pouring out of them, Italy’s Atomic Mold are a fresh shot in the arm of the stoner world.

Having only been a band since the beginning of last year, Antonio Bonizzato (bass / vocals), Luca Massela (guitar) and Marco Fila (Drums) have recently released their debut self-titled record, with songs ranging from under two minutes, to over ten, rammed full of well composed stoner jams, adrenaline fuelled punk attitudes, and good ol’ head-banging nonsense. It’s one of those records that doesn’t need you to think to much, just really let yourself go with.

The one thing that Atomic Mold bring, above all else, is a sense of fun to their psychedelic/stoner meanderings. The fuzzed out licks are full of a bouncy spirit that only a young band finding their sound can produce, and while it may still be growing into the finished product, it’s a musical coming of age that we’ll be needing to keep a close eye on.


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