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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

New Band To Burn One To: Les Lekin

In dark desolate industrial backgrounds, where single flickering lights bait their last breaths amongst the choking encroachment of depression and anger, bands like Les Lekin are born, full of brutal destruction and raw essential power.

With heavy doom psych riffs encasing your ears, the Austrian three-piece (Peter G –guitar, Stefan W – bass, Kerstin W – drums) are at times darkly bleak with undertones of more darkness, and at other times truly inspiring heavy riffing like a flame in the darkness of a tortured nightmare. Influences are a plenty for these post-rock-sludge psychedelics with the likes of Pelican, 5ive, and Red Sparrows coming to the forefront. It’s a scene that is a lot more challenging to conquer than many, and the down-turned tone of the guitars, and the lack of vocals make for limited range, but where Les Lekin carve their own path is through their psychedelic nuances, shown heavily in their mind bending track ‘Useless’ taken from their All Black Rainbow Moon record. It’s a trippy psych sound which doesn’t deviate from the concrete structure of the songs, but rather builds to an other-worldly climax, descending into imploding riffs and heavy as hell breakdowns. There are stoner elements revealed in the relentless ten minute ‘Allblack’ before the 13-minute ‘Loom’ completely shreds your body to dusty apocalyptic ashes.

With the winter nights slowly encompassing our bodies, the realities of the darkness and alienation of death and destruction that lie on the other side of the candle flame, outside of the warm homely fire and the safety of being indoors, all the things we choose to protect ourselves from are brought to light with stark devastating beauty by Les Lekin, a harsh beauty that you can’t hide away from, a one that encompasses your soul. Give All Black Rainbow Moon many a spin, uncover it’s thick layered body, immerse yourself, and see what type of person you come out as through the other side.

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