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Saturday, October 11, 2014

LP review: Caged In Flesh by Horsehunter

Dark, brooding doom with thick lashings of stoner riffs, and nods towards psychedelic tendencies, is not something you might not necessarily associate with a young blooded Australian band, however, Horsehunter’s debut record Caged In Flesh is nothing short of an evil, dark, disembowelling masterpiece.
   The four tracks on offer here showcase exactly what the band are all about. Opening 16 minute track ‘Stoned To Death’ is a layered stoner-doom epic with driving riffs speeding up the gutting vocals, all topped off with guitar solos driving you towards a drug induced comatose state of doom heaven (or should that be hell?). The band offer a lot more than just simple heavy waves of doom that becomes stale, instead it’s their combination of the different genres that keeps their sound fresh and able to surprise, as the title track showcases, starting with chugging stoner riffs, fading into elongated feedback and deathly gloom, before returning back to their doom ending, all in one song!
   Having previously scrapped the album twice over before settling on the sound they wanted, Caged In Flesh has been worth the effort and time they have put into it. Whether it is stoner riffs, psychedelic journeys, or gritty out and out doom you’re after, there is something on this record that will excite you. Horsehunter are a band to keep an eye on.


  1. I personally found this album incredibly dull and uninspired. The production is very good but overall it's painfully unoriginal and does nothing new whatsoever. If you like Bongripper or Moss you may like it but otherwise this band are very overhyped. Do we really need more of this type of doom? It's all getting a bit predictable.

    1. I see were you are coming from but to my ears this is as good if not better than Bongripper... and nothing like Moss. Moss are way slower. There is so much of this sort of doom which is generic and boring these days, fortunately I don't think Horsehunter fall into that bracket at all. I find them to be a breath of fresh air compared with all the usual Sleep rip-offs. Maybe you need to hear it live. I saw them on Saturday night and they sounded fucking incredible!

  2. I personally found this album incredible and inspired. The production is very good, and overall it is painfully original and does something new altogether. If you like Hall & Oates or Limahl you may not like it, but otherwise this band are very underhyped. We really do need more of this type of doom. It all getting a bit unpredictable!


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