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Saturday, September 7, 2013

New Band To Burn One To: PEACE KILLERS



PEACE KILLERS are a band of old ass misfits with big guns. We rock all the angels and demons alike! We slay monsters and play rocking tunes all day every day! Get with it! Get with us! FTW!

Babes, Dinosaurs, Giant trees, Big Smoke, Sweat, Leather, mythological creatures, spelunking, defeating Bowser, that good stuff, Helping Old Ass Ladies cross the Street

Andrew - Vocals/Lead Guitar
Alex - Vocals/Bass
Anthony - Drums
Cory - Guitar/Backing Vocals


" The very first riff pulled me into this heavy groove-laden gem. The debut EP from Sacramento-based band Peace Killers is freakin' awesome!  From the massive twin-guitar onslaught to the bombastic vocals the music sways and gyrates amid a whirlwind of psych-tinged heavy blues riffing. The lead track "Devil's Daughter" is a perfect introduction to the band with it's doomy groove and shredding solo. Perhaps my favorite song on the EP is "From Sleep". It's slow and penetrating harmonic riffing leads into a heavy grunge-filled lambasting. The song then rips into a dual-guitar freakout. What a killer track! Follow that with "Red Dawn" an organ-led steady rocker and ultimately closing with the upbeat psychedelic homage "Number One Fan" to their fans. Get this very cool EP for free on the band's Bandcamp site."

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