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Saturday, September 14, 2013

New Band To Burn One To: ATLAS



"ATLAS, original Swedish heavy founded in Karlstad 2011 by hard rockers Torsten and Kalle.
By sheer accident, one drunken night these two guitarists stumbled across a genius designer with hidden, yet mighty, drumming powers . A year passed in great confusion until one summers eve when they where found and picked up by foreign looking Alex. The last piece of the puzzle was in place and here we are. ATLAS"


"Don't let the quite interesting album cover dissuade you from listening to this three-piece from Sweden...ok, now THAT got your attention, right? This titanic 3-song demo is a perfect introduction to the band. Starting off the heavy-handed rifffest is The Sword meets Thin Lizzy rocker "Two Wolves". I am totally diggin' on that song. Next up the band takes a step back with the slow and slithering headbobber "Sleep" complete with an astonishing dual-guitar lead and penetrating groove. The EP finishes up with the furious blues-inspired frenzy called "Bluesbreaker". The fuzz-fueled breakdown on this song is undeniable. This EP is filled with catchy song-writing, dexterous musicianship,  and surprisingly good production. Check it out now for free on their Bandcamp page. "

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