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Monday, July 15, 2013

New Band To Burn One To: 88 MILE TRIP



"The groundwork for 88 Mile Trip was laid down in late 2012 when Hugo and Darin, who were jamming across the hall from each other in their own separate bands (Lethal Halo and Entropia respectively) started talking about how they both were really into bands like Kyuss, Down and Black Sabbath, which eventually lead to them getting together for many riff writing sessions. The idea was to take the groove and catchiness of Kyuss and add some serious heavy to it. Thus you have the sound of 88 Mile Trip.

The search for band mates took a serious upswing when Casey and Dave answered an online ad for a singer and guitarist. Many inebriated ear bleeding jams would follow in the coming weeks, and songs began to take shape. The band then headed into Harbourside Studios in North Vancouver to record the debut EP with Mike Rogerson. The recording was done with no click track, no edits and no punch ins, totally live off the floor. Just real people playing real instruments, live rock n roll.

88 Mile trip are now set to hit the local scene as well as the road. With the addition of Eddie on drums, the band is sharpening the axes and getting ready to annihilate a stage near you!"


"This heavy foot-stomping madness known as 88 Mile Trip emerged by way of an equal fondness for the band member's musical heroes. The music is filled with a plethora of fist-pumping metal, head rattling fuzz and free flowing flanged-out funky bass lines. Tracks such as "Cauldron Born" and "Swamp Disco" are the highlights of this awesome debut EP. An element to the music that I was not expecting is the powerful bravado metal vocals which at times reach an insane register ("Weeping Widow"). 

This is a shot in the arm of no bullshit heavy rock music played with authority and allegience. 

Got the beer...check, got the smoke...check, got the music...double check! 

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