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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Double Review: Dapunksportif & The Quartet of Woah!

Dapunksportif – Fast Changing World
2012 was a great year for music in Portugal with new bands coming into scene and others confirming their position. Dapunksportif are one of those bands. They are a rock due hailing from Peniche, a small city in the center of Portugal near the Atlantic Ocean.
“Fast Changing World” is now their third album, following up to their successful releases “Ready! Set! Go!” and “Electric Tube Riot”. In the past they were constantly compared to bands like Queens of the Stone Age and Kyuss but now they have matured and blended those influences into their own style. They have definitely gained their own identity with this new release.
What we can notice in these 42 minutes is a great combination of strong rhythms, heavy bass lines and great guitar work (the riffs!). Basically it is just good ‘ol Rock ‘n Roll! Special guest drummers Marco Jung, Ze Carlos, Pedro Cação (Pigs in Mud), Johnny Dynamite (Murdering Tripping Blues), David Canhoto (ex Mister Lizard) and Samuel Palitos (A Naifa / Censurados / Ladrхes do Tempo) give different dynamics to each song with their special touch. Some songs are more bouncy (“Lazy Human Being”, “Illusionary Individuality”, others more groovy and danceable (“Hunting on the Dancefloor”), others fast paced resulting in a very well balanced album.
This is a very fun album to listen to, especially if you are a fan of good ‘ol Rock ‘n Roll without the clichés and that kind of stuff. It’s honest and in your face. Try listening to it loud while enjoying a nice car ride to the middle of nowhere. I recommend it.


The Quartet of Woah! – Ultrabomb

The Quartet of Woah! is one of the newcomers of 2012 and also one of the biggest surprises. Born in 2010, The Quartet of Woah! is a band formed by members of other Portuguese bands such as LunaSeaSane, Melange, Nicorette, Blasted Mechanism, Zorg and Philharmonic Weed. They took their musical influences to build a unique genre of rock with heavy influence from the 70’s and 80’s.
“Ultrabomb” is a concept album inspired by “La Ultrabomba”, a children’s book written by the Spanish authors Mário Lodi and I.Sedazzari in 1974. It is about political and social criticism held in a fictional universe. This book ended up being banned in most European countries as well as Argentina.
The record tells us the story of Master Lever, a man who was driven by his thirst of power and greed.
This is a true musical journey. Diversity is the word here. It is such as sweet mix of stoner rock riffs, psychedelic jams, keyboards, a little pinch of Queen here and there, progressive and jazzy segments… There is a hell of a lot going on but in fact each song flows perfectly into the next one.
It is not really fair to point out or highlight any of the thirteen songs that are part of this album. It only makes sense when you listen to it as a whole and I do recommend you to do so. Over and over again. It is addicting.
As I said before, “Ultrabomb” is one of the biggest surprises of 2012 and one of the bands to keep an eye on in the future. It is a pleasure to listen to records like this one.

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