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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Zac's "Double Dose": Hot Lunch / SNARF

Hot Lunch: Killer Smile 7" 

Sometime it's best to regress. San Francisco's funky foursome Hot Lunch have done so in a righteous acid rock / punk hybrid fashion. All of the tones and notes are extra fuzzy and distorted without sounding like the over glorified genre that is 'garage-rock'. The vocals are down right viscous in a way unheard in the metal and rock community today and the guitaring is some mutant spawn of proto-metal genius, classic rock flair, and punk catchiness. Oh yeah, and the drum tracking is completely phenomenal. You want to kick out the jams? Lose the silly mustasch and tube socks and pick up a 7" from Who can you trust? records.

Aaron Nudelman - Guitar 
Charlie Karr - Bass 
Eric Shea - Vocals 
Rob Alper - Drums


SNARF: Arrak Bisa Ular 

If you were to ask me to describe SNARF's latest release Arrak Bisa Ular in one sentence, I would answer, "A prolonged sense of paranoia". The recording is a thirty minute "monster-piece" that slowly winds in and out of dark caverns and underground pools of stagnat water. The entire experience is haunting and eerie, a psychadelic drone-er, and the only thing fuzzy is the bass line. The lyrics are soft sung and accompany plenty of bone-chilling reverb and distrortion. All which become a venom, gradually running through the blood of your veins ending in state of paralysis... Sound like your cup of tea? Get a copy from Acoustic Desaster Records.

 Benji - Guitar // Vocals 
Joe - Bass 
 "V" - Drums

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