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Thursday, August 18, 2011

New Band To Burn One To: SWERVER

Swerver hails from San Jose, California and features Jimmy Arceneaux (ex-New Idol Son) on guitar/vocals, Dan Lawson on drums and Stevie Loveless on bass. Their sound is a distinct combination of everything that made the 90’s such a great time for music. Take the swirling guitars of Quicksand, the syncopated riffs of Helmet, and throw a casual nod to the early grunge sound of the Pacific Northwest and voila…Swerver.

Arceneaux paves the way with his pseudo laid back vocal delivery (think Richard Patrick from Filter) and guitar work that’s certain to get your head bobbing. But this ain’t no cock rock my friends...there’s enough melody here to get your girlfriend’s toes tapping too. Meanwhile, Lawson and Loveless lay down some serious groove…the former slamming out beats with reckless abandon (just give a listen to the pop on that snare) and the latter keeping the entire ensemble steady with his progressions on the low end.

Swerver is currently scheduling shows in and around Northern California, so if you’re in the area, keep an eye on their Facebook page for upcoming announcements.


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