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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

New Band To Burn One To-Catapult The Smoke

Alright people, I have an incredible band for you guys to check out. Catapult the Smoke brings you some heavy fuckin' Stoner Rock from Sweden. Absorbing influences from bands such as Grand Funk Railroad, Free, Captain Beyond, Deep Purple, and of course Kyuss, Catapult the Smoke carries on the tradition of tremendous Stoner Rock bands to come out of Sweden. With that being said, I am making Catapult the Smoke the "New Band To Burn One To". The smoke is rising!!!!


"The Swedes have done it again,this time its a band called "Catapult The Smoke" and you feel like smoking some good shit when you hear this band.Released on Orchestrated Misery Recordings this is one heavy ass CD.The album kicks off with a track called "Travel Thru A Clouded Mind" and from a outset this proves this band has some serious grooves.At first they kind of sound like a cross between "Fu Manchu" and "The Awesome Machine".Fuzz out to the max the band have got the riffs to make even the most dedicated Stoner Rocker stand up and take notice.Picking favorites on this a real hard task because there is no filler at all.Every track rocks in a way that leaves you hooked.While the band has the typical Swedish Stoner groove,they mixed it up quite a lot.Influences range from classic 70's Hard Rock to Sludge to Doom and its all done with sheer class.Strange thing for me is this was recorded back in 2004 so why its taken this long for this band to come to my attention is a pity.The production on this release is excellent and the playing is top notch,vocals suit the music perfectly and it is obvious from listening to this that the band really enjoys what they are doing.The CD comes with 4 bonus tracks recorded 3 years before and they are good but they show how much the band has progressed.A couple of interesting points are the band was formed by Tobias Larsson from "Ocean Chief" who most Stoner/Doom fans out there will already know.This official release is well overdue but the wait has been worth it.This is essential for all lovers of Sludge,Stoner,Doom and for fans who crave 70's Hard Rock grooves.9/10" (Doom Mantia)

You can purchase the band's new CD entitled "Unearthed" from Orchestrated Misery Records

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