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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Album Of The Day-Black Rainbows-"Twilight In The Desert"

The Album Of The Day is "Twilight In The Desert" by BLACK RAINBOWS

BLACK RAINBOWS hail from a country that never had anything to offer to the Stoner scene, Italy! How can someone play such music when he is surrounded by Power Metal or Gothic bands? It is probably the warm environment the Mediterranean people live in.

"Twilight In The Desert" is the band’s first and only release, since it is the only release they mention in their official homepage. The band plays a kind of psychedelic Stoner Rock, that draws influences from acts like NEBULA, the high and mighty BLUE CHEER (hail!) and SLO BURN, as well as the ’must’ KYUSS groovy touches. The low tuned guitar/bass are adding quite some heaviness to the sound, while Fiori’s vocals travel you somewhere in a desert, where you can see the sun setting as you drink your favorite beer and burn everything that troubles your mind.

"Twilight In The Desert" is not the best release in the Stoner/Space Rock scene for 2007, but it is an album that follows the "necessary" rules for groovy and psychedelic moments, in order to offer you approximately 34 minutes of pure and honest Heavy Rock music. Suggested only to those few that can feel the heat of music that is played straight from the heart...(Metal-Temple.com)

Track Listing:

1. Twilight in the Desert
2. Shaman Visions
3. Constellation
4. Comin' Down the Mountain
5. Follow your Pattern
6. Don't Trust
7. Mind Revo
8. This Road

Official Website

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