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Thursday, February 21, 2008


The 2008's edition of the STONED HAND OF DOOM - chapter 4 will be on Friday 16th and Saturday 17th of May, as always, in ROME.

After the greatest success of the past editions, we'll have the "WAR MAP" opening party on Friday 16th of May at the SINISTER NOISE CLUB where there will be 2 bands playing + a DJ set before and after the gigs.

The "real" festival will be on Saturday 17th of May at the INIT club where there will be 9 bands playing + a DJ set until late night!!!

After the release of the new album titled "The Alchemist" we'll have the mighty WITCHCRAFT as headliners!!!
For the first time at SHOD we'll have a band from South America, LA IRA DE DIOS from Perù.
The SHOD festival exist to support the italian scene mostly, this 2008's esition will see the partecipation of the greatest STONER KEBAB (their new album titled "Imber Vulgi" show a mature band in continue evolution), MIDRYASI (as always invited at SHOD, one of the greatest italian bands ever...horns up to the Hypnopriest who's celebrating his rite in the deeper caves!!!) and, of course, EL-THULE that with their new album titled "Green Magic" are getting well known outside Italy too!

On the "WAR MAP" opening party on Friday 16th we'll have on stage two of the best italian bands ever.
ZIPPO and DOOMRAISER will entertain the audience with their huge massive sound!!!

We're waiting to announce more bands. We'll keep you update with all the news, that means tickets prices and many other news!!!

italian doom & heavy psych fest – charter 4

Venerdì 16 maggio/Friday 16th of May 2008

“WAR MAP” Opening Party

DOOMRAISER (www.myspace.com/doomraiser)
ZIPPO (www.myspace.com/zippomusic)
Pre-after show DJ set heavy/doom/psych/70’s
(happy hours tutta la sera)


Sabato 17 maggio/Saturday 17th of May 2008

c/o INIT - Roma

EL-THULE (www.myspace.com/elthule)
LA IRA DE DIOS – Perù (www.myspace.com/lairadedios)
MIDRYASI (www.myspace.com/midryasi)
STONER KEBAB (www.myspace.com/stonerkebab)
WITCHCRAFT – Sweden (www.myspace.com/witchcraftswe)
+ 4 altre band/4 more bands to be announced

After show DJ set heavy/doom/psych/70’s


(Source:Hellride Music)

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