Monday, April 25, 2016

Band Submission: Weed Bug-Stoner Hardcore Punk From Spain

Band Name: Weed Bug
Genre: Stoner Hardcore Punk
Location: Vigo (SPAIN)
Brief Bio/Description: Weed Bug starts in summer of 2013, few months after public his first job "No other way" in Desamparados studios, 7 songs of stoner hcpunk, looking for a wall mass sound.
Semilla Ep appear in January of 2016, 5 songs recorded in Cabral studios. Members come from underground scene of Vigo like, Carcomedhi, Atlantic Valley, Viridiana and Kids Pantera(Barcelona) and Mostros (Mallorca).
Band Members:
Macky- Vocals
Manurro- Drums
Victor- Guitar/Vocals
Goiko- Guitar/Vocals
Aku- Guitar
Links: Facebook | Bandcamp

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