Tuesday, August 21, 2012

New Band To Burn One To: MAETH

HEAVY PLANET  presents... MAETH!


Maeth are four young friends who met as undergraduate students in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Through a shared love of diverse sounds such as progressive rock and doom metal, they've developed a unique musical aesthetic. Maeth eschews genre labels in favor of the adjectives heavy, progressive, and psychedelic.


"The latest five-song EP by these four Minnesotans is quite the impressive feat. The band charges head first into the slow and crushing dirge of "Horse Funeral". Filled with a plethora of different guitar acrobatics, the overall sound is murky and darkened but eventually gets playful with a psychedelic flute/bass interlude which segues into the trippy and meandering instrumental "Ganges". Primarily instrumental with a few shouts and screams scattered about, Maeth engulf the listener in a remarkable journey filled with a very diverse and ear-pleasing EP that keeps you guessing as to what lurks around the corner. The EP is available for FREE on Bandcamp, go listen and see for yourself."

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  1. Holy shit but have you heard their new album? Blowin me away, man.


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