Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Toner Low Releases New Album, Announces Tour Dates

Holland`s psychedelic doomsters Toner Low have released their second album, entitled II. The album is available as a double vinyl with a wonderful, embossed gatefold cover at Freebird Records. It`s also been released on CD, available through Toner Low`s DIY-label Roadkill Rekordz. In December the band will tour in Europe.

Toner Low II Tour December 2008
Wed, Dec 10: Dresden, GER - Puschkin
Thur, Dec 11: Berlin, GER - Wild At Heart
Fri, Dec 12: Halle/Saale, GER - Rockstation
Sat, Dec 13: N├╝rnberg, GER - Kunstverein
Sun, Dec 14: Vienna, AT - Arena
Mon, Dec 15: Zagreb, CRO - Kset
Tue, Dec 16: Rijeka, CRO - Palach
Wed, Dec 17: Graz, AT - Postgarage
Fri, Dec 19: Chemnitz, GER - ReBa84
Sat, Dec 20: Salzwedel, GER - Hanseat

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  1. Wed, Dec 10: Dresden, GER - Puschkin veBeen there. Great live show, one of the best ive been to. Great, very original doom with psychedelia and drone tones, three piece orange saturated band, lots of fuzz n distortion. thanks god and bless the demon for the original sound and unoriginal riff :)) no, really, leasten their first album, its better than anythin in the past couple of years. bob


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