Sunday, February 24, 2008

Classic Stoner Rock Album Of The Week-"Dopethrone" By Electric Wizard

I'm gonna start every week off on the right foot by posting a classic Stoner Rock CD every Sabbath. The first album I have selected to cloud your minds with is "Dopethrone" by British Stoner Rock Gods Electric Wizard. Nothing personifies doom, gloom, darkness and worship of weed more than this remarkable aural work of art. Just the album cover alone suggests what is waiting inside. Electric Wizard are possibly the heaviest band in the universe. Take heed and kneel before the Dopethrone.

Track listing:

1. "Vinum Sabbathi" – 3:06
2. "Funeralopolis" – 8:43
3. "Weird Tales" – 15:04
I. "Electric Frost"
II. "Golgotha"
III. "Altar of Melektaus"
4. "Barbarian" – 6:29
5. "I, The Witchfinder" – 11:04
6. "The Hills Have Eyes" – 0:46
7. "We Hate You" – 5:08
8. "Dopethrone" – 20:48 (10:35 on versions featuring the song "Mind Transferral")
9. "Mind Transferral" – 14:54 (re-release only)



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