Tuesday, January 20, 2015

New Band To Burn One To: Stone Deaf

Longing for the days of dry, hot, dust swept of summer, open road cruising, with nothing but a ripped pair of jeans, a bottle of the good stuff, and an aching story to tell? Let Colorado’s Stone Deaf help you escape these winter blues and whirl you into a desert stoner scene of heavy fuzz dominated riffs, riding shotgun on a Queens Of The Stone Age Mustang hot rod. With heavy references to the classic sounds of Kyuss and Monster Magnet, Stone Deaf are carrying on the stoner/fuzz torch of the Palm Desert Scene into 2015 with as much laid-back urgency as their predecessors. Switching effortlessly between chugging heavy riffs, psychedelic trances, and some bluesy swagger, Stone Deaf are sure to plant themselves firmly in your ears 'till the build up to summer. Let’s open a cold can and start the road trip now!


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