Tuesday, November 20, 2012

New Band To Burn One To: THUNDERBEAR


Band Bio:

Thunderbear is a 3 piece sludge/doom metal band based out of Wilmington, MA. We are heavily influenced by bands such as Black Sabbath, Motörhead, Sleep, Kyuss, High on Fire, Torche, and really any band from the stoner/sludge/doom genre. We formed in 2009 under various different names, and actually started as a classic rock cover band, which changed once we discovered Sleep and decided to start to write songs in C tuning and make them slow and heavy. We have been jamming with heavy riffs and exploring the endless possibilities within the genre. We began listening to bands like High on Fire and the sludge/doom metal scene and began to explore those realms as well. 

Thunderbear consist of:

John Grealish - Bass, Vocals
Peter Ammon - Guitar
Aristide Palm - Drums


I love Thunderbear's BIO. They began as a cover band of classic rock standards until they stumbled across the shadowy underground world of sludge/doom/stoner music. Okay, I've embellished it a bit, but this tells a story familiar to many who frequent our awesome site, or who are purveyors of this wonderful music. We all love rock, and we love it on the heavy side, and once stoner/doom/sludge music is discovered we are hooked for eternity. Thunderbear made the change from covering music to making music, such was their inspiration. And make it they do, very well. They have stayed with one cover on this EP, the assumption being it is their favorite, their most inspiring song, Sleep's "Dragonaut", but the original tunes on this EP are very well constructed and equally as well executed, adept and forceful in delivery. Grealish's vocals are magnificently suited to this style of music. Ammon's guitar, both in solo and in riff refrain are tribal and severe. Palm's drums and Grealish's bass are huge, frenetic, and thoroughly enjoyable. There are hooks, there is melody, there is heart, and there is a fresh, honest, worthy addition to the type of music lovers of Sleep, Black Sabbath . . . Hell, all of Stonerville, Doomasschusetts crave.


  1. I'm also the huge fan of Thunderbear's BIO. They have really attractive performance style.


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