Thursday, November 22, 2012

Mos Generator - Nomads

The slow burn of catalystic doom-drenched tapestries lies within their cheese, as well as their relation to traditional rock cannon. Mos Generator is a perfect example of sensibilities decades past and modern crunchy hard rock.

1. "Cosmic Ark"- A mid-tempo journey to the supposed mystical cosmic ark. This piece evokes The Sword and aspects of contemporaries Grand Magus. A course in vintage psych rock 101.

2."Lonely One Kenobi" - A swamp-draggin southern riff fiesta. Nasty syncopated sounds straight out of Skynyrd's riff vault.

3."Torches"- A mid tempo rocker. The vocals leave some room to be desired as far as unique texture however the guitars are exceptional on this track- the final jam resulting on a REALLY nasty pulsing guitar jam.

4."Step Up"- Another track that alludes to nasty southern feel of the record. A gritty funky groove tune.

5."Solar Angels"- Basically a hair-rock tribute. Hits with a decent melody and a "ratt-on-steriods" kind of direction.

6."For Your Blood"- Reminiscent of recent Iron Maiden and a little bit of Pantera, a galloping curmudgeoning behemoth of a tune. The guitar solos on this track being particularly of interest.

7."Can't Get Where I Belong"- A pulverizing rock track that makes one think of melodic rock masters of old, but has the tone of Cream, or The Who in vocal harmonic quality.

8."Nomads"- The acoustic mellow rock song of the record. Dreamy minor quality with shimmering guitars- kind of filler.

9."This is The gift of Nature"- Pentagram is running through this band's veins. Classic doom riffs a-la-Trouble with low down homegrown riffage.

Mos Generator speaks from the mouthpiece of 90s stoner/psych-rock. The album is solid but suffers a bit from cliches and could use a little more oomph to push it through the cut and dry of regular psych records.
For fans of The Sword, Thin Lizzy, and The Showdown.

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  1. Just an FYI: Solar Angels is a Judas Priest cover song. It was first released on Point of Entry in 1981. You're the 2nd reviewer of this album that I've read who has failed to realize this.

  2. Yes sir. I have the original Judas Priest version on LP. The reviewer may not have been aware of this and I neglected to make him aware, therefore I do apologize. It is a great song! Thanks for pointing this out to our readers.


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