Tuesday, November 11, 2008

MASTODON: Deluxe Vinyl Box Set Due This Month

A collector's edition MASTODON vinyl box set will be released on November 18 via Relapse Records. This box set will be a one-time pressing strictly limited to 1,000 copies and include nine 180-gram LPs encapsulating the legendary band's entire history of recordings.

The box set will be cased in a heavy duty, foil stamped black box and include the following:

* The vinyl pressing of MASTODON's 2006 Reprise debut, "Blood Mountain", on expanded double LP.
* The band's critically acclaimed 2004 release "Leviathan", expanded to double LP.
* MASTODON's covers of "The Bit" (MELVINS), "Emerald" (THIN LIZZY) and "Orion" (METALLICA).
* A live record documenting the band's performance at the Relapse Contamination Festival in 2003. This LP is, and will remain, exclusive to this box set.
* The band's reissue of early recordings, "Call Of The Mastodon".
* The final vinyl pressing of the original "Lifesblood" recording.

The box set will also include an embroidered logo patch, a vinyl sticker set, as well as a custom MASTODON turntable mat. All of these items will be exclusive to this box set, never to appear outside of it.

For more information on this release, including pre-order options, visit this release page.

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  1. I think it's a litte overpriced. Have been tempted as soon i knew of the box set, but than i saw the price...


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