Saturday, June 21, 2008

Updates from Leaf Hound Records

In May of 2007, after appearances as Revelation at Doom or Be Doomed Festival in Baltimore, John Brenner, Steve Branagan, and Bert Hall, Jr. decided to revive Revelation and write new music.
Leaf Hound Records re-released the Never Comes Silence CD in April 2007 and the Salvation`s Answer CD in November 2007, and will also release, on vinyl only, an unreleased LP Revelation recorded in 1988.

Leaf Hound Records also released Ogre`s new album, Plague of the Planet< and Blood Farmers` Blood Farmers, originally released on Hellhound Records in 1995, and now with a unreleased track. They have a plan to re-release Iron Man`s Black Night album on vinyl and Valkyrie`s Man of Two Visions in August 2008.

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